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AND RECOVERY   by Dr. Chris Lowe


Introduction:   The physical form is the instrument through which our souls express. Since our spiritual progression is sometimes limited by the functions of that instrument—the organic illness, psychosomatic upsets, and mental distresses—it behooves us to understand something of its nature.

First we must refer to the composition of our physical form. The body we wear is composed of seven degrees of matter or substance. These seven substances vary in density or vibration. So far as earth’s scientists are concerned our form is composed of only three of these substances: solids, liquids, and gases.

However, interpenetrating this form is a shadow form we call the etheric double, since it is an exact duplicate of the physical form but composed of four higher physical substances we call ethers. The etheric body is the body of life force, of vitality, of energy. Without it the physical form is devoid of life. This etheric form is the mold or pattern upon which the dense physical form is built. It is the battery that recharges the physical form with life force.

The etheric body possesses force centers for assimilating and digesting spiritual forces just as the physical form possesses organs to assimilate and digest food. These vital force centers are called chakras. This etheric double is at all times in-drawing tremendous psychic and spiritual forces through its various chakras, and sending them through the glands of the physical body (as well as via the blood stream).

This etheric double interpenetrates every cell of the physical form. It must at all times be able to properly discharge its duties of operation—that of properly assimilating and distributing the life forces of the universe through its own centers. And it must at all times be properly attuned to the dense physical form in order for perfect health to manifest.

The chakras or force centers of the etheric body superimpose and interpenetrate the glands of the dense pranic and life forces of the atmosphere and pour them into the physical form via their counterparts, the physical glands. The chakras are the “sockets” into which the glands are “plugged” in order for the life forces to flow into the physical form.


Why does illness occur? It is impossible to explain without the insight given by true spiritual understanding. To provide you with that understanding is one of the objects of this lesson.

Your body becomes ill—what has happened? The physical and the etheric forms have somehow become disconnected. The physical is cut off from its source of life force. Some connecting “wire” between the two forms has been either severed or damaged and just as your electric light goes out when not plugged into the source of its power, so does your inner light go out---your body is filled with darkness. The cells starve for the life force, vitality, energy, and slowly die if the connection is not repaired.


There are six basic causes for disease:


      First, our physical reaction to certain foods, water, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and impure air.

       Second, psychological causes which are born within the mind, rising out of the emotional nature: desire for possessions, resulting in hate, jealousy, greed, reaction to the stress of life caused by worry, irritation; frustration arising from unfulfilled or unattainable goals; negative mental attributes such as expecting failure, surrender to discouragement, fear of the future, insecurity; extreme fanaticism often arising from religious convictions or political failures, though it is found in every area of human endeavor.  

       Third, unbalanced energies in the etheric body, such as over-stimulated or under active psychic centers resulting in over-stimulated or under-active glands; excessive habits which break down the physical cells and tissues faster that the etheric forces can rebuild.

        Fourth, group karma, or the inherited diseases of humanity as a whole, rising from the debt to be paid because of causal forces set in action by mass consciousness. These manifest as: widespread epidemics, natural catastrophes, and war that blight the entire planet.

        Fifth, personal karmic liabilities which manifest as: limited glandular functions, limited mental functions, and vulnerability to infectious diseases—all of which result from weaknesses inherited from other incarnations; reactions to actions set in force in this present life.

         Sixth, soul intent. As the reverse side of this coin we might list soul intent…a deliberate incarnation in the midst of disorder (whether physical, emotional or mental) for the purpose of exercising previously acquired abilities or developing new ones.


I.                    PHYSICAL

A.     Food: The physical form needs proper nourishment…and our ideas of “proper” nourishment sometimes differ from those of the physician. This is not the lesson in which to enlarge upon it but, for instance, we believe in scientific fasting in some cases. The orthodox medical world probably would not call this “nourishment”…but remember we use the word “proper.” There are times when the proper nourishment is only water or juices taken during a brief fast, so that the body might eliminate accumulated toxins in the blood stream.

 B.     Water: Water is extremely important to both the physical form and the etheric double. City water is diffused with germ-killing chemicals. These chemicals serve a worthy purpose but you could be allergic to them. If so, they could affect the blood stream which carries the life force throughout the physical form. If possible, most city dwellers should purchase bottled spring water.

 C.     Tobacco and Alcohol: The use of tobacco or excessive intoxicating drink is completely out of the question for a disciple who would attain physical wholeness. The hold of the tobacco habit is vicious and deadly. The effects upon the physical vehicle are too obvious for us to dwell upon: heart disease, cancer, toxins in the blood. However, there are other injuries of which the disciple cannot be fully aware until after his transition, for it is upon the astral body that the principal harm is committed, and it is upon that plane that the “deadly” influence is truly felt.

Many victims of tobacco have become so as a result of “nerves.” It is their belief that tobacco “soothes” the nerves. But the soothing process is a deadening process. The tobacco habit deadens the astral body to any of the vibrations of the higher planes. Therefore, while the victim yet dwells in the physical form, it is difficult indeed for influences from a higher realm to reach the consciousness due to the deadened faculties of the astral vehicle which must of necessity act as a bridge between the physical and the mental realm.


     Alcohol and drugs not only deadens the astral body but the physical consciousness also. A man under the influence of alcohol or drugs undergoes a bestial transformation. His physical form and consciousness are momentarily at the mercy of the lower self—the animal self. Entities from the lowest astral plane can be drawn to him through the law of attraction. His physical, as well as his higher, vehicles become polluted; thus his spiritual progress is considerably delayed.

     Impure air: Humanity as a whole is caught in this pollution and is the unwilling victim of “the terms of the times.” To escape the effects of this poison is well nigh impossible for most of us.


II.                 PSYCHOLOGICAL

A great share of the medical profession is firmly convinced that a major percent of human ailments find their causes within the psyche of the individual. It is within the psyche that man’s emotional disturbances are recorded. Lest confusion result from such a statement it should be clarified. The psyche possesses two aspects: (1) that which is cradled within the “over-soul” and which is divine; (2) that which is a lower element and which is involved considerably more closely with man’s physical conditions. This lower aspect of the psyche is involved in his lower mental, his physiological, his physical, psychical and his neurological constitution. It is the home of man’s delusions, his dark foreboding. Here dwell the “bat creatures” of his mind. Here burn the inner, consuming fires of man’s anxieties, hatreds, jealousies, intolerance, injustices.

It is from these stresses that man’s physical ailments often rise. A great portion can be traced to smoldering emotions up-welling from some deep-seated corner within the psyche…a secret hatred, a burning anger or jealousy, an unfulfilled desire, frustrations or resentments. These are the ailments within man’s secret self, which cannot be eliminated with pill or needle. Although drugs can bring about a chemical change within the physical body, the effect wears off because the cause remains festering within. Therefore, to effect a permanent healing, there must be an emotional change within the psyche.

Disease generally is the result of the war that is continually fought between the soul and the body. The soul is conditioned by laws of the higher spheres while the body is victim of the forces of desire pouring through the lower aspect of mind. The body is a victim of the subconscious mind operating through the sympathetic nervous system that works automatically through the etheric vehicle.

Most faith healing occurs in psychosomatic areas---that is, diseases of the body caused by emotional tensions within the mind. These emotionally created illnesses are just as painful, just as terminal, and oftentimes even more distressing than illnesses the doctor call organic.

We believe that most illnesses are caused by the mind. Nevertheless we concede that some seem more directly connected with physical than with emotional disturbances. These physical disorders---the organic kind---are frequently recognized as being rooted in karma brought into incarnation from past lives, whereas the psychosomatic disorders—the emotional kind---are usually created in the present life as a result of the mind’s inability to adjust to present problems.

In this emotional area the faith healer experiences his greatest triumphs. For although he cannot inject a wonder drug into the blood stream of his patient, he can inject the white light into the patient’s psyche, into the dungeons of the subconscious mind.

Often his methods can heal hatreds and overcome the darkness of despair. It is his part to heal the psyche, to convince the subconscious part of the psyche to release its guilt, its fears, and to flood the recesses of the darkness with the white light.

Herein lies the alchemy of the mystic’s healing method, for in cleansing the lower psyche he directs his patient toward harmony within. His magical alchemy reaches and stirs the whole man which, cleansed and purified, manifests a healed and perfected physical form. There are requisites for his success:


1.      The one who needs healing help should ask for healing prayers.

2.      He must want to be healed.

3.      He should have unwavering faith in the healer to whom he turns for prayers.                         


III.               MENTAL

A.      Subconscious

In the human brain, thought is the action of consciousness upon substance by means of the vibration of energy. Every thought produces a corresponding physical change in the structure and substance of the brain cells. Thus thoughts, born first of mental substance, clothe themselves in the substance of matter and become things, causing an action and reaction upon and within the physical form.                

In man, who is indeed a procreator along with his Father-Mother GOD, the cerebrospinal nervous system becomes a predominantly positive-masculine system, the agent of the conscious mind. The sympathetic nervous system becomes the predominantly negative-feminine system, operating under the subconscious mind.

Every thought that man thinks ultimately enters the feminine subconscious field. Man first clothes the thought with energy. Then the great Mother within, the subconscious mind, receives the energized thought as sperm, conceives and brings forth as her child into physical form manifestation that which man has thought and desired.

Thoughts are indeed things. Wise should man be in the production of his thoughts, especially those endowed with tremendous energy. For once he directs it into the womb of the subconscious, the feminine forces set out to work to give it form. This is the entire purpose of the feminine forces in action---to give form to substance---just as the female physical form holds the power to bring into being the form of the babe. Man’s desires, entering the womb of the feminine subconscious mind, come into manifestation in outer form.


B.      Conscious

      As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. This ancient adage is no longer  doubted by man. He sees the working of this law in his daily life. He can no longer doubt that he creates conditions and shapes his own destiny through his creative power. He is becoming increasingly convinced that according to the way he thinks, he changes the electromagnetic polarity of his aura. He is becoming increasingly aware that he is surrounded by millions of wave vibrations, and that if he would tune in upon GOD’S cosmic wave length he must balance the pure negative with the pure positive within his auric field.

This auric field of vibrating ethers radiates outward from your body. Its polarity is constantly changing, according to the way you are momentarily thinking. As the wave- lengths change, so do the colors within the vibrating mist assume various hues. It is the electromagnetic character of this encompassing vibratory shield, surrounding your body like an egg, which protects you from undesirable wave lengths and allows the more divine ethers to penetrate your being.

If one accepts the idea that there are divine wave- lengths swirling about him in space, then he must also accept the premise that they originate from some source. Belief in this assumption is called faith. Holding to this thought, and bathing your conscious mind with the idea that constant divine ethers are being broadcast to you from an Upper Source, will gradually impress your subconscious mind until it becomes completely absorbed in its faith in a contact with Divinity.

There are various ways to train the subconscious mind until it automatically accepts the outer faith of the conscious. Repeating affirmations is one of the steadfast ways to attainment. The affirmation we use is most excellent: I am surrounded by the pure White Light of the living CHRIST. Nothing but good can come to me; nothing but good shall go from me. I give thanks! Repeating this over and over and mentally surrounding yourself with a bubble of White Light is one of the surest ways to keep your aura filled with the White Ethers from the Higher Planes.


IV.              EMOTIONAL

A.      The Power of LOVE

Love is life itself. Is love, then, an art, an institution, a gift, a legacy, a force, or an energy? What is love? For it to be so vital a part of life, it is of all things the least studied and understood. Man knows least about it than any of his sciences, his arts, or his cultures.

Of all man’s efforts, his greatest failure is at love. What a paradox! That which should bring man his greatest happiness brings instead his greatest frustrations, his greatest miseries, his greatest sufferings, and his greatest pain.

Perhaps man has not yet learned what love really is. Perhaps we have miscalled it “love,” for it is only when we have found a real deep love that we truly find life. Year after year, life after life, the real goal of man’s frenzied searching is for true love. A transient in the web of time, man again and again finds himself caught in subtly woven traps that lead anywhere but to happiness.

Yet man cannot live life without love, for that is what life is all about. Life on earth becomes truly tragic only when there is no love. And life on earth becomes truly magic only when there is deep love.

Love is that tenuous, intangible essence that makes that makes the world go ‘round. It is a WISE GOD who made love the most important thing in life, for—though love often brings pain and frustration—it is only through love that man can advance. When man has no challenge against which to pit his strength, he becomes indolent, insensitive, and selfish. Races and nations surge forward in all manners of ways during times of crisis, upheaval and war for the energies of innate love (as well as hate) pour from the earth like uprising mists.

In this aborning age of light, man is beginning to experience the raising of his individual spiritual status. Within every being there are three different ‘worlds’ of vibration: first, the frequency of matter which issues from the body of flesh; second, the frequency of the astral-emotional form, and last, the frequency of our spiritual-love form.

We are familiar with light rays, wireless, infrared and ultraviolet rays, but you know little of the emotional, mental and soul wavelengths. We seldom think of our bodies as electric batteries or wireless sets, and the fact that we continuously radiate invisible rays of color and light. Around our form, constantly contracting and expanding is a miniature aurora borealis, completely dominated by the expression of our emotions and thoughts. Never does it blaze in such brilliance as when evoked by love.

In all moments of deep emotion, whether of love, grief, joy, anger, the lights and colors project from us like radiating waves. These are the frequency wavelengths of the soul, the physical body being only the magnetic pole, the focal point of attraction. The purer the emotions, the thoughts, the more radiant the wavelengths of our personal aurora borealis.

Within us is the ‘on’ button to be pressed to release the ‘happiness atoms.’ Once they are released within, they billow outward like a radiant balloon gathering other happiness atoms from surrounding ethers. Thus truly the kingdom of heaven is within, but we must push the blessing button if you would experience the ‘showers of blessing’ we seek.

How do we press the bliss button? One method is through the expression of true love. The other is through study or meditation, thereby stimulating the GOD CENTER in the brain.

Problems begin when we regard ourselves as physical bodies only. When we consider the physical body to be our only instrument of expression therein lies the beginning of the death of love. Love is not of the body, or emotions, or even of the soul. Love is of the SPIRIT. When passion functions exclusively through the body or the emotions it is purely an animalistic expression. It requires the force of the soul and the spirit to express true love.    


V.                 SPIRITUAL

A.      Practicing the Love of GOD in the world for healing and recovery

This last---APPLICATION, PRACTICE, USE---that is the test of the worth     of KNOWLEDGE. For if knowledge alone is the goal, then we can achieve illumination by reading books --- for certainly, of knowledge there is no lack.  But if we attempt to PRACTICE what of love we know, we find there is a great gulf between the THEORY which comprises intellectual “knowing” and the PRACTICE by which our knowledge is tested.              Therefore, the task set before us, the task of practicing, as best we know how, THE LOVE OF GOD in the world of man, is not an easy one. But we  will be well repaid if we attempt this practice of love---regardless of how  well or how poorly we succeed. For we will not be judged by our results, but by the sincerity of our effort.  Why do I say that we will be well repaid for our effort? For the reason that such is the law. When we begin to practice love and to release that energy which is love, we set in effect constructive causes from which we must inevitably benefit. We can no more escape the benefits of our good causes than we can elude the evil effects of our negative and destructive acts.


When our Master JESUS said, as recorded in John 13:34: “A new commandment I give unto you. That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another”—HE did not ask those who were of him to love others solely for the benefit of the others, the recipients of that love. Rather that practice of love is almost a completely selfish act, which benefits those who do the loving as much, and usually more, than it benefits the receiver. That is what is meant when it is said: It is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:35)

JESUS asked HIS own followers to practice love, first, in order that they, HIS own, might benefit from the bestowed practice of love; and secondly, in order that those who were the recipients of love might be moved to follow the same high example, and begin also to practice upon others the love which had been practiced upon them, thus expanding and enlarging the amount of inner good being done, not  only to those being loved but more particularly to those doing the loving! Remember, you are asked to love your neighbor, not only for his good, but also because it is a selfish necessity for yourself.


That statement is likely to surprise, perhaps almost shock you. But it is true. I ask you to give your love to your neighbor;  in order that the LOVE of GOD may enter your being and circulate and flow through you in an endless stream, so that your channels of love shall be always clear and clean, and fit vessels for that which they transmit. I warn you not to try to hold on to GOD’S LOVE selfishly as if you feared the supply is limited and may not last. If you do that, you may show by your actions that you do not understand the purpose of GOD’S LOVE, nor the fact of the relationship of yourself to that great DIVINE energy of LOVE, HEALING, and RECOVERY!


In other words, do not become a stagnant reservoir of GOD’S LOVE, but an ever-living, ever-enlarging channel for its wider distribution in its purest possible form. Freely have ye received; freely give. (Matthew 10:8)

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