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Donna McGrath, MT (ASCP), CHT, RM, DD


      Natural Remedies for Quitting Smoking

            Smoking is the cause of one third of all cancer deaths and a quarter of all fatal heart attacks in the country. Smoking is linked to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, respiratory ailments and heart disease. Smoking not only shortens the lifespan 10-15 years, but robs the body of oxygen, causes wrinkles on the skin and directly puts carcinogens in the body.


Examining why you started

           The reason most of my clients give as to why they started is peer pressure. Many of them have come from addictive or dysfunctional backgrounds or ones where there may have been arguments, abuse, and disharmony in the family household. To feel a sense of love and acceptance, they sought out the company of friends and peers. In order to fit into the peer group, they began to smoke, drink or do drugs.

          If the above happened in your case, examine how you feel now. Have you since grown to realize that you have many friends and/or fit into a group at home or work? If so, then you no longer need to smoke.

Mentally clear the need to smoke by repeating the following affirmation: I am now loved and accepted by my friends and society, and love myself enough to realize that I choose to no longer inflict harm on myself by smoking. I am free of smoking and choose to build up my health. I am healthier and healthier every day. I breathe easily and am totally smoke free.

            If you started to smoke because you did not fit in, and now you donít fit in society because people around you are disgusted by your habit, you can say to yourself: I feel and deserve total love and acceptance from my friends and society, when I do not smoke. I clear all causes and feelings of not fitting in society, in this lifetime, past lifetimes, parallel dimensions and future realities. I choose to be smoke-free now.

            If you smoke simply to escape or relax from a stressful situation, identify the stressful situation within yourself truthfully, then choose to alter or eliminate it from your life. Do you smoke in reaction to trying to care for an unruly child or to flee from a stressful work situation? If so, take action. Send the child to a babysitter or choose to get a different job. If you must stay in the situation, take the Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy as many times a day as you need. It is not addictive, is natural and is in a small dropper bottle that easily fits inside your desk drawer or a purse. It calms and centers you and trains you to attain a sense of calm and centeredness in various stressful situations. Also, 2 drops/day of the Bach Flower essence Agrimony will help with breaking the addicitiive habit. Two drops per day of the flower essence Water Violet will help overcome feelings of loneliness.


Physical Cravings

            Once you have stopped, I recommend any one of the following homeopathic remedies to curb cravings:


        Smoke-free Naturally tablets by B & T

        Stop It Smoking by Natra Bio

        Smoking Withdrawal by Natra Bio


Warning: While you taking these products, if you do go back and try to smoke, you may experience intense nausea or vomiting. This is because the product is working. Your body will reject any nicotine products introduced into your system.


Cleansing the Lungs

            After having completely quit, you may want to cleanse your lungs. The following products will help and can be used together:


        Clear Lungs without Ma Huang

        Fenu-thyme by Natureís Way- breaks up mucus in lungs

        Cough and Bronchial Syrup by B& T


Use all three products for 1-2 months until free breathing is restored.


With Heavenly Peace, Love and Many Blessings,     



Donna McGrath

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Copyright 2003 by Donna McGrath

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