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by  Dr. John Hagelin

During the past two years, my work has largely focused on bringing peace to America and to the world. My efforts have focused on the following powerful initiatives:

* Research on the Fundamentals of Peace. How to access the Unified Field -- the fundamental, universal field of peace that lies deep within the consciousness of everyone -- in order to generate a global influence of harmony and coherence through collective meditation and
other peace-creating technologies.

* Creating a new, knowledge-based Peace Government for the U.S., composed of Cabinet-level scientists, educators, health professionals, and other experts in all 50 states. These are leading citizens who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the public good, and who possess the deep knowledge and practical competence to lead society in a peaceful and evolutionary direction. They will advise the current U.S. administration, consult with elected leaders, and promote deep scientific principles for a new paradigm of governance based on Natural Law -- thus helping to achieve prevention-oriented, problem-free administration.

The establishment of this knowledge-based Peace Government is, in part, to replace our corrupt, money-driven system (in which elected leaders have no expertise apart from raising special interest money) with the principle of a "meritocracy" -- leadership by the competent.

Our call for a new Peace Government is already receiving national media coverage. To read the excellent March 17 Washington Times article "Hagelin Proposes New U.S. Government," please click here:
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User Link</a>

* Spearheading a major international peace initiative that has already raised over $100 million to establish a University of Peace. Designed to counterbalance the global proliferation of military academies and graduate war colleges dedicated to advancing the science of war, the University of Peace is dedicated solely to the prevention of war and the promotion of peace. It will create a new profession in the world -- that of professional peacemaker.

The Natural Law Party has been dynamically supporting me in these initiatives. You can help me tremendously by making a contribution to the Natural Law Party. Please give generously! (To contribute, please click here:
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Many of you have been asking about my plans to run for elected office in 2004. Here are my current thoughts on this issue.

As most of you know, my friend and colleague, U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), has just declared his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2004.

Rep. Kucinich and I have worked very closely together on many important initiatives during the last few years, including

* Legislation to create a Cabinet-level U.S. Department of Peace

* Legislation to provide governmental support for the establishment of groups of peace-creating experts in the U.S.

* Legislation requiring labeling and safety testing of genetically engineered foods

Rep. Kucinich also supports crucial foreign policy and domestic changes. (For a list of these initiatives, please visit

I strongly support Rep. Kucinich in his bid for the presidency. America urgently needs a powerful peace candidate today -- one who can unite the nation for peace. I believe that Rep. Kucinich can achieve this crucial goal. He and I stand together in our opposition to the Iraq war and our commitment to proven peaceful alternatives, and I feel he deserves our dynamic support. For more information about the Kucinich campaign, or to make a donation, please visit

The Natural Law Party dynamically supports Rep. Kucinich and his peace candidacy. I urge you to support us in these efforts. Pease contribute generously!
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The Natural Law Party remains our most powerful political organization dedicated to creating peace on earth.

The Natural Law Party is gearing up for a massive national campaign in 2004, including

Natural Law Party candidates and supporters at a recent NLP political rally.

Continuing to build powerful coalitions for peace and prevention-oriented, problem-free administration. This includes our alliance with Democratic Presidential peace candidate Dennis Kucinich.

Running more than 500 "peace candidates" in 2004 for federal, state, and local offices, with a unified message of peace and prevention-oriented administration through Natural Law.

Helping to establish the U.S. Department of Peace, which will Scientifically evaluate and promote innovative, prevention-oriented solutions to the epidemic of violent crime, terrorism, and war

Create a new University of Peace with branch campuses throughout the world to promote proven, peaceful alternatives to war, and to train professional peacemakers in every country

Adding power to peace efforts through out the world by Supporting frontline peace activism that is helping to turn the tide against war.

Supporting the fundraising efforts of 501(c)3 organizations to create peace.

Most important, generating a powerful, physical influence of peace. We are helping to organize thousands of peace-creating experts in critical hotspots to diffuse the acute ethnic, religious, and political tensions that fuel terrorism and war. The influence of these rapidly expanding meditating groups underlies and supports the global upsurge of peace activism, and the resistance to war by governments worldwide. (For excellent in-depth news coverage of these efforts, please read the
March 18 Providence Journal article "A Plan for Permanent World Peace" by clicking here):<a
href="">AOL User Link</a>

These Natural Law Party initiatives provide a powerful, integrated national drive toward peace. I urge you to support our efforts. Your support for the Natural Law Party at this time will have an immediate and immense national impact. Please give generously! (To contribute, please click here:
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To transform America and bring peace to the world, your participation is vital. We must act now, and act decisively. Here's what you can do:

Join the U.S. Peace Government. If you are a scientist, educator, health professional, etc., and would like to represent proven Natural Law-based principles and programs as a member of the Peace Cabinet, please contact me at my Institute at 1-877-Hagelin (1-877-424-3546), by
email at or via my website at

 Become a Natural Law Party peace candidate. As an NLP standard bearer for peace, you will create a profound transformation in your own life and for all your constituents. For more information, please contact Valerie Barnard, NLP director of party building, by phone at 1-800-332-0000 or by email at Or fill out a candidate application online at

Make a financial contribution today. The Natural Law Party needs your support -- now more than ever. Please give generously. You can donate online at
<a href="">AOL User Link</a>

by mail (please make checks payable to "Natural Law Party") at

Natural Law Party
P.O. Box 1900
Fairfield, IA 52556

or by phone at 1-800-332-0000.

We have an exhilarating campaign ahead of us. I look forward to meeting with you and working with you in the coming months. I send you my deepest, heartfelt appreciation for your continuing support.

With all best wishes,

John Hagelin

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