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Two Valuable Lessons Learned

by Judy Collier


Though it has been 7 years since my son's death in an auto accident, Kyle continues to be involved in my life.

I want to stress that I consider myself to be a "normal" person (Hopefully you don't know anyone who knows me, though!).   I was the only daughter of three children, born in Illinois to parents who have been married for 63 years.

I met my husband while attending the University of Arkansas.  Jim was on a football scholarship and for some reason I was obsessed with football players. I admit that I was the pursuer in our relationship.  Now I often joke that after I "hooked" him (we've been married 42 years) I should have been a little pickier-just think whom I might have landed!

Anyway, after Jim's professional football career, we were blessed with three healthy children, and as a result we have 9 grandchildren whom we get to spoil. 

I earned a degree in education from LSU in Baton Rouge where my husband was an assistant football coach for 16 years.  I am currently a schoolteacher who is blessed to work with special-needs children who teach me every day I am privileged to be with them.

My many experiences soon after Kyle's death are documented in my book, Quit Kissing My Ashes: A Mother's Journey Through Grief.  What a learning endeavor---writing and publishing a book!  My next book, if there is one, will be titled, "Why You Should Never Write a Book!"  In summary, I will NEVER think the same of any book sitting on a bookshelf.

To this day, I still receive "signs" from Kyle and he often gets blamed for more things now than when he was here physically. What has amazed me concerning Kyle's continued presence in my life is his ability to come to my aid.  Just recently John Edward, host of TV's Crossing Over, phoned me.  John told me to keep talking with Kyle and ask for Kyle's help when needed.  John said that Kyle would see that Quit Kissing My Ashes would get into the hands of those who needed to read it.  Shortly after John's words of encouragement, I was able to put Kyle to a test.

I was scheduled to be a morning guest on WWL-TV in New Orleans, Louisiana.  It was a Monday and I was told to arrive at the station by 7:00 am.   The lady host, Sally-Ann, would interview me at 7:15 pronto.  

I made plans to arrive early at the TV station because this was going to be "big time" TV in a big city.  I set my alarm for 4:00 am, which ended up being unnecessary. I was so excited about being on TV the following morning; I was unable to sleep the entire night.  I headed out the door at 5:00 am with my Map Quest map with specific driving instructions.  I knew I had plenty of time to spare.

I was in big trouble, though, after following the directions on my computer printed map.  I was driving on a big bridge over a big river.  The producer at WWL-TV had previously told me that their station was located on "this" side of the Mississippi River. 

I was getting worried.  I had no idea where I was.  I took the first exit after crossing the river, and asked for directions.  I didn't need specifics-just how to get back across the river.  I had to dig for toll money, but this process enabled me to ask the tollbooth lady how to get to WWL-TV.  She didn't have a clue, but she did enable me to get back to the correct side of the Mississippi.

The Monday morning traffic was horrendous.  I prayed for red lights.  I was now looking at my New Orleans City Map.  I was trying to locate N. Rampart Street.  I didn't know whether to drive straight ahead, get in the right lane-turn right, get in the left lane-turn left, or if the WWL-TV station was getting farther behind me.  I was completely lost.  By the time I would locate just one of the streets at each intersection where there was a red light, I'd hear horns honking for me to get moving again.  I was getting more upset by each passing moment.  I started to cry, but then realized my make-up would be all messed up if I did manage to arrive at the studio on time.  It was now approaching 7:00 am and I was getting desperate. 

I remember saying out loud while stopped at another red light, "Kyle, please help me."

Just then I heard a horn honk.  I looked to my left and spotted a while limousine.  The driver rolled his passenger window down, and I rolled my window down.  "It looks like you need help," he said.

I was shocked.  I told the limousine driver that I was trying to find N. Rampart Street-that I was scheduled to be on a TV show at WWL.  He thought for a second, and then said,  "Follow me."

I could not believe what was happening.  I was following a white limousine through downtown New Orleans through all kinds of heavy traffic.   The driver even pulled over and motioned me aside.  He rolled his window down and yelled, "Trust me, I'm not lost, I'm just taking you the back way-the quick way to get there."  As I thanked Kyle out loud, I continued to follow the limousine.

Needless to say, I was more than happy to see the N.  Rampart Street sign and even happier when I spotted WWL.  As I pulled into a parking spot, I thanked Leonard for all his help.  As I rushed into the studio, I was led to the empty chair next to Sally-Ann. 

Not any of the TV viewers had any idea of what had just transpired.  This experience taught me two very important lessons. First, never trust Map Quest, and more importantly, include your loved ones in your life.  Though not here physically, your loved ones are very aware of what is going on in the physical world.  They have not left you.  They are just at a higher level where they can do miraculous things.  There is no doubt that Kyle came to my aid when I asked for his help.  Know that your loved ones can do the same.


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