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Dr. Christian de Quincey

Kristina Catalina

Rev. Michael Beckwith

Terri Amos

LightStream Media  presents  "AwakeningS" our first book under the LightStream label"  

"Lisa VanderBoom has been a most courageous explorer who is brave enough to take us along with her on the journey in search of true meaning.  In this marvelously insightful book, Lisa helps us to see ourselves more clearly as she travels along the way of earnest discovery"
Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved By The Light 

"This well written, fast-moving, compelling romantic adventure is also a bold, forthright, and very personal journey of "awakening." At an even deeper level, it is a powerful story of opening to a grander, all embracing universal love for all life that completely overshadows and transforms loss into precious gain."
Winston Franklin, President, Institute of Noetic Sciences






Secret Terrorism, Where are our Children ???


To the Defenders of the Faith,

Thank you all very, very much for your overwhelming response to the Elder Justice Bill I wrote of in my last commentary. It makes me so very proud that thousands of you have rallied around this most importance cause for the elderly. I realize that over the past few months, I have dwelled on what appears to be quite depressing subject matter. But if I do not bring these issues to the forefront, who will? So, forgive me yet, here I go again...

In the last two months I have traveled extensively across America lecturing and dealing with end-of-life care. In newspaper articles in city after city, one profoundly disturbing subject kept glaring at me: the absolute failure of the state and federal foster care programs. Four hundred thousand children disappear every year in these programs, right here in the United States of America.

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Cultivating a Heart as Wide as the World

Michael Beckwith


     This is a time for each of to open our hearts in great honesty with ourselves.  Perhaps we are convinced that our abhorrence of violence prevents us form practicing it.  A closer look will reveal that not only do we practice violence on a daily basis, we often escalate it in our personal inner and outer environments.  One may be a mental terrorist, inwardly sending bombs of judgment, anger, animosity or prejudice towards a particular person, race or culture.  Outwardly, it may manifest as spiteful words or actions.  However and wherever violence expresses, it pollutes our environment with toxic vibrations of harm. (Click to continue)

Nature Has a Mind of Its Own

Christian de Quincey, Ph.D.

 What’s the greatest mystery facing every person on the planet? Ultimately, it’s some version of the age-old “Where do I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going?” And these questions, which lie at the heart of all philosophy and religion, can be summed up as: “How do I fit in?” How do we humans (with our rich interior lives of emotions, feelings, imaginations, and ideas) fit into the world around us—a world that is supposed to be made up of physical mindless, soulless atoms and energy? That’s a scientific question. And, so far, no one has produced a satisfactory explanation. (click to continue)

Unveiling Gaia

by Lee Klinger, Ph.D.


            There are many who live close to the earth; who eat the raw foods, drink the natural waters, and breath the pure air; who walk, run, sleep, dream, and pray in the unbridled flows of natural forces and who sense intuitively that the earth is alive.  Include me among these creatures, privileged to live and work in wild and remote places, connecting often and directly with the sustaining flow of the surrounding ecosystem. (Click to continue)

Healthful Hints
Donna McGrath, MT (ASCP), CHT, RM, DD

Natural Remedies for Quitting Smoking

            Smoking is the cause of one third of all cancer deaths and a quarter of all fatal heart attacks in the country. Smoking is linked to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, respiratory ailments and heart disease.

Smoking not only shortens the lifespan 10-15 years, but robs the body of oxygen, causes wrinkles on the skin and directly puts carcinogens in the body. 
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Warrior Work Week 14

 by Peter Hill

Don’t take anything personally. 

I had a student last week ask me, “but what if they are making it personal?”  He is a strong Christian and so I used that paradigm and asked “did Christ take it personally when he was betrayed, whipped, crowned with thorns and crucified?” before he could respond I added, “and all the people that wanted him dead were making it personal; even his students left him high and dry”.   He said, “good point, but that his hard to do”.  (Click to continue)


Age of the Self-Absorbed

  by Rev. Dianne J. Moore

The spiritual and emotional vacuum we see in the world today reminds me of a 1994 film THE NEW AGE. Katherine and Peter Witner, once very successful as a graphics designer and talent agent, suddenly experience economic downturn.

Scene by scene we watch them rise on their skills and talents, fall over their pride, succumb to self-centered rage, distract themselves and others from discovering their emptiness, and unwilling or unable to recognize the needs and feelings of others. (Click to continue)


Robert Perala contends that life is a fantastic cycle that includes a blueprint for who and what you will be while in your Earth life. It happens every 5 seconds or so on planet Earth. A soul incarnates in a new body and begins a new human life, an experience that will last a few seconds to maybe a century. Only the soul and it's spiritual advisors know for sure what that life will accomplish and even then, only the probable outcome. In his lecture presentations Robert explores the 7 Biggest Questions In The Human Experience: Who Are We?  Why Are We Here? Where Do We Come From?  Are There Others Like Us Out In The Universe?  Who We Before We Were Born?  Where Do We Go When We Die?  Will We Meet The Creator? All these questions have not been answered until the last 10 years or so. And, we have only begun to discover the basics. Near-Death Experience studies like that researched at The Noetic Sciences Institute in Petaluma California have found a phenomenal amount of evidence that life is a much vaster cycle than we thought. And that there is not only life after death, but a very long life before we are even born! Prebirth planning, the challenges and lessons of life, inevitable death, and eventual rebirth. Sound Fantastic? The Research Speaks For Itself!  Come and find out more at The New Living Expo April 25-27 at The Concourse Exhibition Center Meet other authors on the same subject like Dannion Brinkley and Lisa VanderBoom and learn more!
Robert Perala author of the Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect.  He will be speaking on Saturday at 3pm in room 5. See you there.....


by Terri Amos

To create a world of peace we must be spiritual soldiers.  Just like the soldiers on the front lines of battle in Iraq, we must be courageous, but vulnerable.  We as individuals must have the courage to face ourselves and look at the judgment, blame, and hate we hold onto in our lives.  Then we must allow ourselves to be vulnerable and feel the pain, for to truly have a world of peace, we must find it first within ourselves. Take this time to see the world's situation and how it reflects the pain in your life.  When you feel anger, judgment or blame, stop, take a breath, and go inside yourself.  Ask the little kid inside of you what is hurting.  Are you afraid?  Do you feel unprotected?  Do you feel attacked?  Ask this little child what it needs from you to feel loved and protected.  Act upon the message.  Have compassion for this child.  Embrace him or her and feel everything.  As you love and honor this child, you heal the pain.  The love overflows.  Peace and freedom are gained. 

Living Without Those We Love

by Linda Hullinger

My grandmother died of a massive heart attack on my birthday last year in June.  Being that she has always been a source of guidance both physically and spiritually in my life, I believe that her crossing over on my birthday was her message to me that she viewed it as a celebration. (Click to continue)


PURPLE/VIOLET Personalities
 by Donna Reis

Purple/violet people take action on their visions.  By using their powers it will bring about the changes they desire.  Purple/Violet need to learn to give up guilt.  The balance of their ego is very important and they need to give up what they perceive as wrong.  If purple/violet people become dictatorial, it will backfire on them.  They need to pay attention to their intuition, for it is very futuristic.  It is there to show purple/violet people their connectedness to their divine source.  Purple/violet people need to not let fear, loneliness or self-doubt be stumbling blocks in taking action in their lives.  The joy of helping others without getting attached, is the aim of the purple/violet person.  The colors, blue and red, which make up purple or violet, are indicative of the intuitive knowledge and activity, respectively.  Purple/violets have the ability to offer service with calmness and sensitivity.  Purple/violet people are very sensitive and intuitive.  They seem to have an understanding of all old teachings and gather strength and ideas from these sources.

Two Valuable Lessons Learned

by Judy Collier

Though it has been 7 years since my son's death in an auto accident, Kyle continues to be involved in my life.

I want to stress that I consider myself to be a "normal" person (Hopefully you don't know anyone who knows me, though!).   I was the only daughter of three children, born in Illinois to parents who have been married for 63 years. 
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by  Dr. John Hagelin

During the past two years, my work has largely focused on bringing peace to America and to the world. My efforts have focused on the following powerful initiatives: (Click to continue)

SARS Quiz: Test Your Level of Intelligence


Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H.
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by Dr. Chris Lowe

The physical form is the instrument through which our souls express. Since our spiritual progression is sometimes limited by the functions of that instrument—the organic illness, psychosomatic upsets, and mental distresses—it behooves us to understand something of its nature. (Click to continue)

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