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LightStream is Proud to provide our readers with a biweekly column by Rebekah Clark Dunlap.  Rebekah is author of Rainbow Connection and Breakthrough

By Rebekah Clark Dunlap


In a moment of deep inner silence, I heard a gentle voice whisper, "Beloved, dare to make the break out of the lonely crowd. There is a wonderful plan for your life. A magnificent purpose resounds through your unfoldment. Release and let go of your old outdated and outworn self! Dare to be reborn in the brilliance of the free Spirit, filled and motivated with universal energy flowing direct from the heart of God!

Fascinated, I listened. "Beloved, dare to loose old patterns of expression, old habits of weakness and death, old memories of destruction.   Dare to witness the activity of divine love expressing through you as perfect life as it restores, rejuvenates, and regenerates every cell of your being! Live in the wholeness of Spirit, and direct your light essence for the healing and uplifting of the world!"

Wow! I wondered. Do I dare?

The voice continued, "Beloved, go beyond your present understanding.   Exceed your now consciousness of Truth. Be fully immersed in your divine blueprint through all good, 'on earth as it is in heaven.' You carry within you the keys to the kingdom. Use them to open all doors of Christ expression and to direct the wonder and effectiveness of the spiritual gifts you possess into your working knowledge."

In expectation, I remained silent, listening.

"Beloved, dedicate yourself to love. Watch as love dissolves undesirable situations, unwanted circumstances, and all thoughts and feelings of a negative nature. Dare to be magnificent! Dare to be a self-renewing temple of the living God! Dare to be beauty, harmony, light, and music as I created you to be! Remember, I have loved you with an everlasting love!"

Joy filled my heart as I asked, "Who are you? Who is saying this to me?"

And from infinity within came the answer, "I AM!"

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The Elegance and Power of Natural Law to Transform and Renew Life

A Message from Neale Donald Walsch,  author of Conversations with God and Friendship with God

Life emerges, when allowed to do so naturally, in a way which always produces magnificence. There is nothing more magnificent than a rose, a snowflake, a star bursting in the heavens, or any natural process that is allowed to express the intelligence of life. These beauties are unspeakable, they are breathtaking. And they can also be part of the human experience. The infinite intelligence at the basis of these natural processes can be applied to the political arena, to our educational systems, our health systems, our energy and agricultural systems, our economics, and our spirituality.

The Natural Law Party excites the human heart through the simple idea that when we apply natural laws to the various processes of life, we can return the simple elegance of natural law to our own lives. Something deep inside each of us knows that it is through this return to the integrity within ourselves that we become capable of greatness, both individually and as a society. The experience and expression of collective greatness is that for which each individual yearns. For it is a natural law that declares the unification, the unity, the oneness of all life. Sadly, it has been our determination over the past several hundred years to pretend that we are not all one at our basis—to live as exclusionary beings, and create exclusionary institutions, exclusionary religions, exclusionary governments, exclusionary nations—that has destroyed the grandest dreams of humankind.

The Natural Law Party stands up in the public arena and announces with utter simplicity, “There is a process which can govern the affairs of human beings as it has governed every other process of life from the beginning of time. This is natural law. We can take these natural laws and apply them to any problem and call forth a solution—a solution which does not create winners and losers, but a solution which allows all people affected by the problem to find a benefit where all of us can win—a ‘win-win’ solution.”

Greatness has not been absent from us individually on this planet, but it has been absent from us collectively. With all too few historical exceptions, when “we the people” have acted together, we have allowed ourselves to drop to the lowest common denominator in our choices and actions. The Natural Law Party calls us to our highest commonly held purpose, and asks the most important question of all: “What would happen if we governed ourselves according to the highest understanding we hold in common?” If this idea doesn't excite and motivate you, nothing will.  

We are facing the most important juncture of our lives, because now forthe first time in human history, we have the ability to annihilate ourselves—unilaterally and completely. I don’t mean simply with weapons of mass destruction. I mean with the sudden and simultaneous dismantling of every system which has supported any kind of life on this planet—from our ecology to our economy, from our politics to our spirituality. And if we are not careful, we will dismantle  this all too soon. Within this reality natural law will still play out its affect, but we may not be around to watch the process.

Now is the crucial time for each of us to step in and work together to re-create the process, to collectively create a new reality. This is the exciting role the Natural Law Party is destined to play in the affairs of the human race—to provide us with a foundation with which to achieve the magnificent possibilities that already exist within us, naturally. This is why the Natural Law Party must—and will—succeed in its efforts, and that is why I will do whatever I can to co-create that.  —Neale Donald Walsch

"Love is the work, for which all other works are but preparation."

Evelyn K. Rice 


"The Universe/Life is constantly giving us signals as to where we have done our work in our relationships and where we still have work to do. As things show up in your relationships and/or life, especially those things that keep reoccurring over and over that you would like to change, a good question to ask yourself is "What choices am I making that keep inviting this experience into my life?"  When we consciously ask this question regarding a particular situation, we are then open to the possibility of change and seeing how we are contributing to an unwanted situation.

As we grow in awareness of a particular change needed, another good question to ask is "What would I do if I weren't afraid"?   This question can assist in helping us examine "new and unexplored possibilities"!

Evelyn Rice, Presents the "Finding Your Soul Mate™ Workshop Series" 

Life Lessons Learned

Often we will say, hear, or see something that will cause us to stop and make us think about who we are and what values that we place upon ourselves and the people around us...  I awoke one night recently and scribbled down the following... 

"Part of the art of forgiveness is to observe the changes made within... The art of forgiving another is the observation of their life and soul changes... These are building blocks in the foundation of life!"  We must ask ourselves what are our building blocks of life based upon?   Often there is great untapped potential that is laid to waste due to pride!  I pray we find forgiveness and not let our pride get in the way of  our growth.   Our fears are our limits!  Dare to Dream and Be Free.....

Amazing the lesson we receive when we allow ourselves to be open to perceive...

             A lesson learned!!      Thanks to a wonderful teacher!!                             

               -Mel Minitor-   Co-Founder of LightStream Productions                          

                     I pray you find peace on your journey!

"Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact."  --William James

  Creations By      ::Alice Ray::

Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi

"I Unconditionally Love and Accept Myself Just the Way I Am."
Louise Hay noted that "all affirmations are lies," meaning of course that they are not yet true or factual, otherwise we would not be in the process  of changing ourselves through affirmations. This statement about loving the Self As Is remains as one of the highest thoughts available to Human Beings.

Arnold Patent used to teach in his workshops that the best thing we can all do in any situation is to determine what the highest possible thought is and use it as the "tone setter," the basis, the premise of operation in that  situation. He also emphasized repeatedly the importance of INTENTION.   People would ask him questions believing that they had already achieved 100% intention concerning some matter, and he was a master at helping them discover the hidden reserves of intention opposed to that change. Eric  Berne, M.D., the Founder of Transactional Analysis, noted that "Why Don't You,...Yes But," was the first game to be discovered and fully analyzed in the history of Transactional Analysis. Even further and deeper, from A  Course in Miracles, "The ego regards the special relationship as its  greatest achievement" in keeping humanity enslaved to the endless frustrations of the ego rather than the joys and abundances of Spirit Itself. Bliss, purity and ecstasy are temporal, finite, limited, and despair is our only destiny, the ego says.

Each moment in time is an opportunity to "choose once again." Let us join together, then, in the perpetual practice of choosing to reach the goal, with 100% intention, of Unconditionally Loving and Accepting Myself Just the  Way I Am. Sondra Ray has said, "Love brings up everything that is unlike itself." Thus, as we choose to love ourselves it will bring up 'everything that is not like that.' Let us learn to be grateful as each judgment surfaces, grateful for the opportunity to grow and expand into greater awareness, greater love and greater consciousness. Then we can truly say,  "Love and Peace are on Earth, and they began with me."

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"Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is."

Children of God

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