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LightStream is Proud to provide our readers with a biweekly column by Rebekah Clark Dunlap.  Rebekah is author of Rainbow Connection and Breakthrough

Mighty Drops of Water!

By Rebekah Clark Dunlap

The following ideas are offered as food for thought in planning your day.
Each expression can be a drop of the "living water of life" if you use the essence of the truth contained therein.

The greatest sin is fear.
The best day of your life is today.
The most agreeable companion is one who would receive you as you are.
The greatest deceiver is one who deceives himself.
The greatest production secret is eliminate waste; be concise.
The best recreation is soul work!
The greatest comfort is the knowledge that you did your work well.
The greatest mistake is giving up.
The most expensive indulgence is hate. (Hate takes its toll in all aspects of your being.)
The cheapest, easiest, and most destructive thing is finding fault.
The greatest stumbling block is an inflated ego.
The most severe bankruptcy is the soul that has lost enthusiasm.
The most clever person is the one who follows his inner guidance.
The most dangerous person is the liar.
The greatest need is common sense.
The greatest puzzle is life, but it can be solved!
The greatest thought is God.
The greatest thing in the world is love.
The truest solace is prayer.
The greatest inspiration is a divine idea whose time has come.
The most glorious miracle is YOU.

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Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy. --Kahlil Gibran

Notes & Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi

"What We Focus On Expands."

Is it not amazing that life's power is often so obvious and simple? This  basic law of basic mind is just that, very obvious and very simple. Yet, to discover it, to know it, and, especially to apply it with discipline, has been for the human race apparently very challenging and difficult. Conflict in the Middle East, for example, has been happening for how long?  Persons there have focused for centuries on hurts, wounds, insults, competitions and revenge. Currently we must say that it has expanded. Attempts are being made to switch the focus to peace, understanding, resolution and cooperation, but the patterns of the centuries seem so strong. The hurt ego would rather be right, get even or even withdraw than love and cooperate and communicate. Mistrust, defensiveness and protection are the locus of the focus, and that is what expands.

Dr. Daniel Amen of Fairfield, California, ia a pioneer in brain research and creative solutions to mental problems.   He experienced a profound lesson in focusing upon the negative and the positive. He took his seven year old son to see Fat Freddie the Penguin. Freddie was amazing, remarkable and well trained. Dr. Amen described what happened that changed his life so much.  "I went up to the trainer afterward and asked, 'How did you get Freddie to  do all these really neat things?' The trainer looked at my son, and then she looked at me and said, 'Unlike parents, whenever Freddie does anything like what I want him to do, I notice him! I give him a hug, and I give him a fish.'  The light went on in my head.  Whenever my son did what I wanted him to do, I paid little attention to him, because I was a busy guy, like my own father. However, when he didn't do what I wanted him to do, I gave him a lot of attention because I didn't want to raise a bad kid. I was inadvertently teaching him to be a little monster in order to get my attention." Dr. Amen described how he changed his behavior that day so that he would notice and pay attention to his son's positive performances and achievements and would downplay his negative ones. Apparently his son has expanded his positive side enormously since then. Dr. Amen became a collector of penguin based, penguin related items to assist him in staying forever focused on love, praise, the positive, the things that are right and OK. He has over six hundred penguin based items in his collection.  He gives his patients the following verbal prescription, "Focus on what you like a lot more than what you don't like."

Let us begin now to apply this simple and remarkable principle toward the expansion and elevation of our consciousness. Let us notice the history of ourselves, our minds, our patterns. Select something that has been negative, focused upon and therefore expanded. Choose now to forgive, release and exchange for a positive. Choose once again to see Self, Other, a Situation, the World, "through positive lenses" rather than negative lenses. "Desire determines perception." Joel Goldsmith, the Founder of the Infinite Way, used to say, "Have only one desire, to know God aright."  As all of us do more and more of that, THAT is what will expand. The processes of judgment are so treacherous... such processes expand what is "wrong" rather than shifting us to what is "right" or OK. Let this thought be our resolve: "In the Great Now, I choose to perceive myself and all else based upon love and desires permeated by love. I transform all my judgments by laying them to rest and focusing upon them no more. I perceive joy, happiness, bliss, peace and constructiveness everywhere. I am so grateful that I have forgiven everyone for anything and everything.   The Source within is expressing Itself as All That Is, as I/You/Me." Jesus said, "Greater works than I do, shall you do."

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Not everyone can win all the time; obsessing about winning adds an unnecessary layer of pressure that constricts body and spirit and, ultimately, robs you of the freedom to do your best.  --Phil Jackson

Allan Handleman Thanks for the Great Job you do on the radio... supporting American Rights and the children!!  With the Help of Allan's listeners Thomas Navarro is now getting help!!  Thanks!

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Confused by any relationships? Stressed by the increasing demands, pressure and expectations of others? Unsure of your life's path or purpose?  Peter Hill gives you the simple yet powerful tools to bring light into your life, relationships and world through a series of meditations and contemplations to discover what you are creating and what you want to create in yourself, your relationships and world.  Intelligence is defined as the ability to take complex situations or blocks of information and reduce them to their fundamentals. Whether those complex blocks of information are conflicts within yourself, with your work or with another person or group, G.E.T.I.T. provides you with the tools to "see" them with clarity and to help you move forward with a loving heart and with sharp or soft, verbal or physical techniques to achieve your goals. Praised by the Southwest Gestalt Institute and professional mediators, g.e.t.i.t. can be an invaluable resource as you navigate the roles and worlds of your life.

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" Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm." --Benjamin Disraeli

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Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken- winged bird that cannot fly.


"CHICAGO -- There are 24 million unused wireless telephones that are sitting around gathering dust in homes and offices. The wire-less industry is urging people to donate these phones to help victims of domestic violence through CALL to PROTECT, which pro-vides people in danger with instant access to help. With a phone "help is just a (key) punch away," Mary Carla Grube, executive director of Freedom House, a domestic violence shelter in Princeton, Ill., tells UPI. "It's incredibly empowering for victims to know that they can access help at any time.  The victim is no longer isolated." Under the program, old wireless phones are specially programmed for emergency service and equipped with free airtime, which is donated by wireless carrier members of the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association. The phones are programmed so that no outgoing or incoming calls can be made or received.  Radio Shack has agreed to support program by opening collection sites at its 7,100 stores nationwide during October, which is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. "Since its introduction, Donate a Phone has resulted in 100,000 phones collected in drives by businesses, civic groups, and grass roots organizations," said Joe Della Posta, spokesman for CALL to PROTECT.   CALL to PROTECT is sponsored by the Wireless Foundation, the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Motorola. The Wireless Foundation is distributing the wireless phones to domestic violence shelters nationwide, according to Rita Smith, executive director of NCLAV, a Denver-based organization that serves as a national referral center on domestic violence. 
Several companies are joining with sponsoring carriers to support major donation events during October. SBC Wireless/Cellular One will help sponsor a drive Oct. 19 in Chicago, while Verizon Wireless supported a collection effort in Los Angeles last Wednesday.  Other markets planning events include San Francisco, New York, Phoenix, Detroit, Dallas and Atlanta. For additional information on the Wireless Foundation, visit For more information on CALL to PROTECT, visit  (Thanks to UPI Science Writer Alex Cukan)

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Ebola Advice for two African Presidents

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 Dr. Leonard Horowitz

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." --Albert Einstein

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