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Judy Collier
Author of
Quit Kissing My Ashes

First, I would like to thank Mel Minitor for his interest in my personal journey and subsequently LightStream's invitation to become an affiliate of the LightStream Network. I am honored to be associated with others whose spiritual quest is their focus.

During the night of April 25, 1996, I received the phone call that is every parent's worst nightmare.  I knew my life would be changed forever when the doctor told us that Kyle, our twenty-six-year-old son, had received a mortal injury in an automobile accident.  I loved Kyle more than life itself, and I could not imagine a life without him.

As we all know, our concern for a loved one does not end with his or her death.  On the contrary, our concern often escalates to unimaginable heights.  What we desperately want is assurance regarding our loved one's whereabouts.  Our grief often leads us to search for answers about what really happens when we die.

When something so terrible and painful happens in our life, we have one of two choices.  We can stay in the pain and continue to hurt ourselves and those we love.  Or hopefully we will be able to learn from the experience, and in doing so help not only ourselves but others as well.  Fortunately, I did not have to make this decision concerning which path I would follow after Kyle died.

Kyle wasted little time in coming to my aid. He not only let me know he still existed, but also that he is happy in the spiritual world, saying he would not come back even if he could.  When he told me, "Quit kissing my ashes, I'm not in there!" I knew I had to share my story. 

Whether with the help of world-renowned medium John Edward or by himself, Kyle has made his presence known in hundreds of undeniable and mind-boggling escapades from the spirit world.  Quit Kissing My Ashes is the culmination of my son's determination to comfort not only his family and friends, but you as well.

Kyle has opened me up to a world I would never have thought possible. I will forever be grateful for all he has taught me, and I feel blessed and more at peace than ever in my life.  I look forward to being a part of the LightStream family and the opportunity for continued spiritual growth.

Antoinette Moltzan
Author of
 Open To Light

Linda Hullinger
Author of,  A Puzzle Without A Box

Facing Fear

Have you ever walked into an emergency room without feeling fearful?  Try it.  You will soon discover that regardless of how you felt when you entered you will notice a change in your emotions by the time you leave.  You will find yourself wondering why the other people are there.  You will notice the concern on the faces of those in the waiting room.  You will then begin subconsciously recalling a time when you were there for an emergency whether for yourself or accompanying a loved one.  The old fears will begin to surface. Suddenly you will find yourself feeling uneasy and not having a valid reason for doing so.  Why?  You have entered group consciousness.
Recently, while teaching a class, I was shown a simple analogy of group consciousness: a comic book conversation.  Remember the balloons above the heads of the characters?  Those signified either the thoughts or words of the person below them.  Imagine having that in our daily lifestyle.  What if we could actually see those thought balloons above one another's heads?  On a spiritual level we do. 
During group consciousness, those thought balloons begin to blend together and form as one universal thought.  So when fear is the dominant thought, we then resort to reacting instead of responding.
Fear causes irrational thoughts, careless actions, and disturbing mental images of outcomes that rarely occur.  And with the constant threat of terrorists, children being kidnapped, and serial killers lurking about, it is no surprise that fear has become a dominant thought in our current group consciousness.
In order to stay fearless, we must pull back from the hold that fear has taken on us by not reacting.
Instead, take a moment to breathe, relax, recollect our own feelings and then respond in a more appropriate manner.
Staying focused in your own thought balloon allows you to respond to circumstances without fear.   So
when you suddenly find yourself becoming fearful or excessively worrying over petty things, take a moment to reflect on what has placed you there.  When fear creeps in, faith seeps out.  And when faith is gone, so is the trust that everything happens the way it is supposed to: for a higher good.

(\O/) Angelspeake(\O/)
By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

When you listen to people who are afraid, you will become afraid.
When you listen to people who love, you will be more loving.
When you listen to your heart, you will understand that everything is as it should be.
…..The Angels

Thank you for replaying the message you got last year about September 11.  I wonder what the angels would say today about what has happened?

So, we asked…
Dearest Angels, it has been over a year now since September 11, 2001 and all that happened.  What can you tell us now about that day and what has happened since?

We love you, we love you, we love you!  There are no words to express how heaven is singing because of the love you who survived showed each other that day and since.  When we look at earth we see light and color.  We see patches of color that illuminates areas of your planet.  Some, are dark and blotchy.  Others are light, but dim.  Still others are like rainbows of every color imaginable.  And yes, we can even see colors that you do not know exist.

When a soul makes a transition to this side, there is a trail of energy that goes with it.  There are beautiful streamers of light that lead the way and there are other lights that accompany the one who is coming to this side.  These are the lights of the loved ones that have come to greet and congratulate the one who is transcending the earth plane.

On September 11, there were an unbelievable number of angels, masters, loved ones, friends, relatives, and musical beings who gathered to welcome them here.  Never have the colors been so intense, bright, and abundant.  Grand alleluias were sung and joy abounded in great depth of feeling.  There is no way to explain it that you could understand.  It was a grand day. 

That so many were left to grieve is part of the whole of the glory.  For not one soul who died that day is ungrieved, unloved, or unremembered.  Every soul that day was part of a huge network who chose this event to make a majestic exit which drew attention to the way the world has been going for a long time. 

Every soul who ever came to earth has come to learn lessons and to teach others what they have learned.  The fact that those who died on September 11 were vibrant, active, young, and connected to each other on a soul level, increases the impact of the sacrifice they made that day.  They taught a grand lesson in a grand way.  That love will prevail.    Love WILL prevail. 

Remember that no one dies without choice.  No one makes their crossing alone.  And no one is ever forgotten.  The records here will show this grand day as being perfect.  For no matter what the sacrifices of those who came here or those who stayed to do more work, God has noticed, and he is pleased.
Trudy Griswold and Barbara Mark are sisters and authors of the best selling books Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing (Simon & Schuster).  Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels.  Their website is

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To All True Believers,

         As I write this, it is September the 17, 2002, in the early evening, twenty-seven years since that fateful day of my youth. And oddly enough things are much the same; the temperature is around 78 degrees with scattered light rain, and yes of course...the THUNDERSTORMS!

I always find myself, in these particular days, reflecting back upon the distance traveled from then until now. I find myself often thinking of the worlds I have seen both in this earthly realm and realms far beyond this one. How both fortunate and unfortunate this has been for me. Fortunately, I know without any question that there is a life after this one. Yet, unfortunately, not enough people understand the ways to use that knowledge as a means of improving their quality of life, each and everyday.

The personal pain involved from growing up tough, being struck by lightning twice, open-heart surgery, brain surgery, and the medical complications resulting from it all has had an ingenious way of helping me remember how magnificent and ever unfolding life truly is. But what the hell...everybody's got to be busy doing something!

In light of all this, as our country faces the potential of charging into another war, much like the final vision I received on the other side in 1975 (see, I realize how drastically the definition of certain words in my life have changed since 1975.  For example: terrorism. As a result of spending the past 25 years working as a volunteer in end-of-life care, my present definition of terrorism is not just based on what happened to us on September 11, 2001.

 The dictionary defines terrorism as:

 A.     The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons.
B.      The act of terrorizing, or state of being terrorized; a mode of government by terror or intimidation, and
C.      The systematic use of violence as a means to intimidate or coerce societies or governments.

It is my conviction that true terrorism has been waged against our most vulnerable population on a daily basis..  It is happening in our hospitals and nursing homes across the country each and everyday. These are the very places we are putting our parents and grandparents for safe keeping.

    The hundreds of thousands of reported and unreported cases of violent abuse and inhumane neglect of our elderly represent a display of terrorism at its ultimate despicability.

  •  The mistreatment of our senior citizens.

  •  The neglect of our veterans.

  •  The prohibitively high cost of prescription drugs.

  • The global presence of slavery and death by starvation.

  • Child abuse and domestic violence towards women, and

  •  The seeming lack of the drug industry's concern for humanity at large.

 These are all examples of despicable acts of terrorism in its truest form.

So, Who is a Terrorist?

 A terrorist is any person in power, such as our elected officials, who have been entrusted with the responsibility to protect the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of those who elected them and does not live up to that responsibility. Anyone who researches the Federal Register for all of the hearings and information brought forth by experts on the issues of elder abuse and neglect, as well as domestic violence, will be shocked at what they find. The knowledge that has been amassed and the lack of quality legislation  introduced and actually signed into law to remedy these situations is completely inadequate. In other words, those in power know the truth yet, they do next to nothing to stop it. That is my definition of a terrorist!  And allow me to add to this list. The CEO's, CFO's, bank officials, and stockbrokers who all conspired to destroy the lives of the small investors participated in the near-collapse of the American economy, they're terrorists, too!

 As voting members of this great republic, you and I can be considered co-conspirators in this terrorism if in knowing the truth we do not take an immediate and proactive stand against it!

Now, Let's Take a Look at Homeland Security.

 When you realize how many people are murdered in hospitals and nursing homes as a result of medical procedures gone wrong, obvious misdiagnosis, and improper drug administration, along with the lack of the integration of alternative and complementary therapies, it is all too clear that Homeland Security should be defined as the guardian of the rights of these citizens as well.

 Since the year 2000, more than 100,000 people (children and adults) have died in hospitals due to the lack of proper hygiene and sanitation. In my opinion this is the presence of a modern day deadly and evil scourge threatening the innocent and helpless. The reason behind this appalling statistic is that these institutions have a bottom-line based on the profitability of their stock instead of the health and well being of their patients. The lack of concern for these patients, in both federally and privately funded institutions, is now equally in need of Homeland Security by anyone's definition.

A Weapon Of Mass Destruction


My final concern is my current definition of a weapon of mass destruction. In my opinion, starving children, the collapse of the family institution, a lack of a spiritual basis of our existence are all
examples of weapons of mass destruction. Recently, we were all confronted with the constitutionality of a Pledge of Allegiance that includes the words “under God”.  We have also been confronted with whether a moment of silence can be observed before the onset of any sporting event.  The rights of all Americans to observe deity-appreciation in public places, such as prayer in school, the power of special interests groups, and their control over the agenda and legislature of our local, state and federal governments must be labeled as  weapons of mass destruction. For they serve  to undermine our most cherished American values (In God We Trust).

I realize that you may or may not agree. However, before I will agree to attack a country, once called Babylon, over dubious, and yet unfounded claims, I would rather spend the estimated 60 billion dollars it will cost to fight this war on my definition of the issues of terrorism, homeland security, and weapons of mass destruction.

 Much of my understanding of  the issues - terrorism, American values, homeland security, and war -  has come from 25 years at the bedside of veterans. To broaden your understanding of these things, please visit a veteran today

With purpose, 



Blue Personalities

by Donna Reis


Blues have the qualities of care taking and nurturing.  Blues like to be of service to individuals.  They want to be able to anticipate the needs of others; this makes them feel fulfilled and valued.  When blues know what they need for their own happiness they ask for it.  Blues live in the realm of emotions and feelings; therefore, it is important for them to put boundaries on their emotional, physical and spiritual resources.  Blues need to learn to nurture themselves before they nurture others.  Blues are very intuitive, however they are not always able to translate this to others.  Blues have difficulty because they get bogged down in detail.  Blues help to balance aggressiveness in others.  Blues have a sense of inner peace.  Blues have a sense of the divine, a feeling, an experience, a knowing, rather than intellectualizing about the concept of the divine.  Blues are strong willed.  Blues have a melancholy temperament.  Blues are loyal, truthful, polite, honest, modest, patient, idealistic, authoritative, reserved, conservative, diplomatic and tactful.  Blues make wonderful lawyers, actors, aestheticians/stylists, musicians, public speakers, and writers. 


Notes and Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi


Focusing on Abundance and Blessings 


What we focus on expands."  I speak of this law of the Mind and write about it frequently. 



To say that it is one of my favorites is understatement.  I attribute my awareness of it and the beginning of my constant use of it to Arnold Patent, Attorney-at-Law, Spiritual Teacher and Counselor.  I first heard him in a workshop in Dallas in 1986.  He did such a beautiful job of teaching and demonstrating how the principle works.  So many blessings have been pouring out upon me recently I presume that I am "doing something right" with reference to the focusing process.  As I thought about what to write this month I thought about the stock market and the economy and how seemingly endless "negative thought forms" are swirling in many people's minds and are being presented in the press and on television.  So, as is often the case, the minds of Lightworkers need to "go against the grain" or "uphill" to offset the enormous power which goes with focusing on negative thoughts.  

So, for awhile, let us consider the power of focusing on abundance and blessings.  Since 1913 in America the populace has been led to focus more and more on debt and taxes when it comes to the world of assets and money.  Some estimates of the national debt now go as high as 6 Trillion Dollars.  We are bombarded with news about Enron and Worldcom and many others now as they have lost track of "billions of dollars."  Arnold Patent taught that focusing on debt will expand debt!  As always, note how simple the truth is and how complicated the ego's secrecy and dark projects are. "What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive."  It was Eustace Mullins in The Secrets of the Federal Reserve who first helped me perceive that we are forced by law in America to focus on debt rather than real money and genuine assets. 

It seems wise for us to show interest in this matter since it is these laws which make the charging of interest possible.  Arnold Patent had a wonderful way of teaching us to focus on what we have that is real, such as an infinite supply of love, rather than the voices of inner critics which constantly and naggingly point to "what is missing," and, "what is wrong." 

Since 911 there has been a barrage of pressure for us to focus on "the horrible future of the world if we don't destroy the terrible terrorists."  Now we are to focus on horrible corporate debt and a recession which is apparently becoming a depression. 

Meanwhile, there is the same amount of land on earth as usual.  The same amount of gold is on earth even though there are questions about who really owns it and where all of it is stored.  We have energy, energy, energy.  The struggles are over ownership, control and ego styles.  I request that we focus on all the fabulous, real assets we have and that we cease to focus on debt, loss, scarcity and negativity.  Thank you, Arnold Patent, for your original and powerful way of teaching this principle.  It is the nature of love to extend itself, and there is no known limit...only the limit of how much we are willing to focus upon it!

[email responses and requests for additional information to: gakati’

Jenna Catherine

author of
Conversing With the Future . . . Visions of the Year 2020

takes a look at 2020.  Based on her time travel forward, she reports some pretty way out stuff.

Is it just in her head, or will it be true for you too?

Future Idea #5 – IN THE FUTURE THERE WILL BE MULTI-ANGULAR THINKING.  This means that as we evolve, we will be able to view something from more than one angle, sensing much like an ultra sound machine.  We will not have to move our bodies to get a new angle; we’ll just move our minds.  And it will be much like a mother hugging her child, making our experiences much more grandiose and encompassing.   Our perceptions will be more expansive and so will our ability to experience meaning, which will be done by  feel.  This instantaneous “knowing” will be the new “thinking.”  Right now we experience our world, mostly with our eyes, through a pinhole, largely in front of us – and then reference that thin slice to some beliefs we’ve memorized.   We’ve hardly started!

 As an example, right now I am looking out my window in Center City Philadelphia.  I can see some cars, some people walking, some trees.  But I can’t see the other side of all of these things, only that which faces me, nor can I see underneath or from above.  I am a typical 2002 human being, just like you.  Later, however, we will be able to do all this. And while we’re at it, we’ll be able to experience the insides of our bodies in this way too.

It will take an introducing of this idea before it will happen, however, or at least recognized.  The reason for this is simple.  If it were to happen now – and it is beginning to – what would flash through one’s mind would have no meaning.  But if one were to realize this possibility, then a view from a new angle would make sense.  I am starting to recognize quick glimpses of my insides in passing thoughts.  Oh, wow, I was shocked myself even though I had seen this happening in the future.  I am starting to truly believe.



The Allan Handelman Show is a nationally acclaimed Alternative Talk Radio program dealing with a wide range of subjects ranging from Rock 'n Roll to Alien Visitation to Government Conspiracy. Always informative, always entertaining, Allan's guests are experts in their fields. Whether that's Aerosmith or The Monroe Institute or Dannion Brinkley.

Warm up with The "X" files to get in the mood, and check out the show, every Sunday evening from 10PM to 1am  EST.

The Allan Handelman Show is hard to define on paper. Sometimes the term "Rock-Talk" is used to describe a show which is essentially a talk show for Rock Radio. It's not filler or a boring public affairs program!!! It's not another syndicated interview show that talks only to bands each week.

The most requested topics involve dozens of subjects including the Underground Movement, UFOs, cover-ups, the Paranormal and lots more. Allan tracks down the hard to find guests and somehow always seems to get them to reveal fascinating things they thought they would never say. (Rumor has it Allan is using a Shaman's potion more reliable than Sodium Pentathol.... don't drink the coffee). Guests enjoy the experience so much they often appear on the show during periods they stop doing all other interviews. Past examples include Zappa, Letterman, The Stones, and AC/DC.... to name a few..(Click on Image to listen)


Where Is Donna Reed?

By Carrie Shubert

                     Once upon a time women remained virgins and looked forward to the Honeymoon ritual.  Men were proud to take a mate and life long vows.  They were proud to be the breadwinner and were looked at as the ‘King’ of the household.  Where are the Donna Reed days I long for?  Are the days of ‘Family Values’ gone?

          My parents celebrated fifty years of marriage.  They had the advantage of growing up in the same community as friends, becoming high-school sweethearts, and eventually man and wife.

          Every night at 6 pm dad came through the door, kissed mom hello, marched upstairs to change from business suit to casual clothing and came back down to slice the roast.  Dinner was promptly at 6:30.

I hated sitting around the table with the family.  Yes, I admit I was one of those 1960’s rebels who longed for emancipation from the traditional female role.  Now the tables have turned.  Many of today’s men are boys looking for a female mate to do it all.  They don’t want to contribute to a relationship—but would rather have an independent woman who can be breadwinner, housewife, mother, lover, and therapist.

          The ‘traditional family’ is almost as extinct as the Dinosaur.  ‘Family’ is now comprised of single moms and dads and singles—period.  It seems sad and weird to me.  We are all a bunch of independent souls afraid to trust one another. 

          We have become a self-indulgent society that has a low threshold for discomfort.  The meaning of commitment seems completely lost.  People would rather be alone then work at something long term.  We were not taught to be responsible for our relationships by creating value rather than quitting them.  Our heads have been filled with a couple of decades of media promoting wealth, sex, self-indulgence, and ease.  We are the lazy society.

There is good news.  Everything comes full circle.  Eventually all of us will look for something deeper and more fulfilling.  Working together in partnership and community will become important again.  People will reassess their priorities.  I believe we will see a shift in the consciousness of the planet once we hit our bottoms.  When people hit bottom they turn inward for answers.  It usually takes misery in order for change to occur.

Few people listen to their body, or their mind, for that matter.  If they did, we would not have so many deranged, dysfunctional, or sick people in our world.  If people were aware of what their behavior causes, we would not have so many abused children, crimes and wars.  -Art Martin   'Your Body Is Talking; Are You Listening?''

Peter Hill - Author of:

Get It to G.E.T. I.T. Together


Warrior Work Week 13

 In the next 4 weeks we will explore the 4 agreements of Miguel Ruiz’s book, “The Four Agreements”. Although I was not one of the fans of this immensely popular book, I do like the 4 agreements themselves and even though the agreements are the same, the insights and work here will look at them from a different point of view. Miguel Ruiz follows a line of toltec shaman/warriors but the 4 agreements are basic principles that can be found in all warrior traditions and even in modern business courses in various forms. One of the goals of warrior work is to take the principles of various warrior traditions and apply or adapt them to whatever roles or worlds you are navigating through. The warrior’s way is a philosophical, pragmatic paradigm. Contemplate, meditate, utilize and test the material and see what you create in yourself and around you on a daily basis. Use the pressure of your worlds to build your knowledge, power and center and to bring out the gifts inside of you.


Agreement 1: Be Impeccable with your words

 The word impeccable means “without sin, without flaw”. The word sin is a Greek archery term meaning “to miss the mark”. An archer shooting towards a target or goal misses or “sins” by various degrees. Christians use the term sin quite frequently but the funny or sad thing is that when an archer misses the target he refocuses on the goal and reshoots whereas “christians” often stay focused on the miss. To focus on how much you miss the various marks or goals of your life is an indulgent action and the word indulge means “to make weak”. All religions have love as their primary goal and yet how impeccable are the various leaders with their words and how well do they hit the target of promoting love as their primary goal? What are your goals or the goal of your company and how well do you or your company use words to share and move towards those goals? Our words are like arrows, our self talk is like arrows – the pictogram for knowing or knowledge is an arrow and a mouth. This week contemplate where your words are shooting those around you and yourself. What goals are your words shooting towards? Contemplate the words of the people around you. Don’t judge their words but ask them what the goals of their words are? What target or goal are they shooting towards? A person may be “honest” and say something that is “true” and use, “I was just being honest”  to justify what they say but their intent may be mean spirited, “to shoot that other person down with their words” and create an advantage for themselves. Be soft as you ask “what was/is your goal in saying that?” so they don’t become defensive or offensive (they may anyway). I have had numerous students who have used this technique and were amazed at the change the other person chose to make in their words or behavior after “light” was shed on their intent.

One other important point; you can’t hit a goal or target you don’t have so set some goals to shoot towards with your words. Also be aware that a lot of people use words to fill space – work on listening to what their words are telling you but also listen to their body language, tone of voice, proximity and all the non verbal cues. Even though we want to be impeccable with our words, a lot of people use words to deceive and confuse. Listen to what they do and not only what they say.

 “when all is said and done, there is more said than done”

(denotes that power lies in action)

 “what is your word worth?”

 “I know that’s what I said but that’s not what I meant”

(a word can paint a number of pictures which we often interpret the way we want it to be)

 “The white man speaks with a forked tongue”

(says one thing but means another – paints one picture but actually intends another – deceptive tool)

 “when you miss the target, do you get back on task or focus on the miss?”

 “be impeccable with your actions”


McGrath is a licensed Medical Technologist,  and  performed PH.D. level research as a Molecular Biologist at the NIH.  Donna will provide you with the most  accurate and up-to-date information on better health!

Healthful Hints

By Donna McGrath, M.T. (ASCP), M.S., C.H.T., D.D.


Natural Remedies for Hypothyroidism


            The thyroid gland is located below the larynx and secretes hormones, which regulate metabolism. Hypothyroidism is the term used to describe the condition where insufficient amounts of thyroid hormone is produced. According to some estimates, approximately 11 million Americans suffer from hypothyroidism. Symptoms include fatigue, loss of appetite, intolerance to cold, a slow heart rate, difficulty concentrating, depression, constipation, weight gain, difficulty losing weight, painful premenstrual periods, and sluggishness.


            Measurement of T4 and T3 (thyroid hormones) can determine whether the thryroid is working properly. These laboratory tests are costly and evidence indicates that these blood tests are not sensitive enough to detect the milder, more common form of hypothyroidism.

            A thyroid self-test can be done by testing the basal body temperature under the armpit upon waking in the morning. A temperature that is 97.6 or lower is indicative of low thyroid function. If readings are consistently very low, contact your physician.




·        Kelp, 2,000-3000 mg per day…..Contains iodine, the building block of thyroid hormone

·        L-tyrosine, 500 mg, 2x/day or Thyroid/Tyrosine Complex by Enzymatic Therapy, taken as directed.

·        Extra B-complex 100mg, 3x/day

·        Essential Fatty Acids for optimal glandular function.


Emotionally Speaking


            The emotions behind a sluggish metabolism are remedied by the Bach flower essence, Water Violet. Rub the essence on the front of the throat and back of the neck area to open up the fifth chakra for more truthful, willful expression of the speaking or singing voice. This essence also changes the emotions of one who is normally sociable but recently overwhelmed by people and “just wants to be left alone”. It softens rigid thinking patterns and allows one to travel from the thinking head to the feeling heart.

            I sincerely hope that you have had a safe and restful Labor Day holiday. Peace and Many Heart-felt Blessings,  




Donna McGrath

 For Comments, Consultations, Questions, E-mail me at Copyright ã 2002 by Donna McGrath.




A message from

The voice of God
By: Rev. Christopher E. Lowe, Sr.,DD

 As a follow-up to my discussion on last month, I was lead to share with you my latest personal encounter with “Angels” interacting in my life. This that I share with you now is an excerpt from the introduction to my forthcoming book “I Remember Everything.” It is prayerful that others may be moved to trust their personal encounters with their own “Angel” experiences.

 The Beginning of the End

I realize that the standard format of writing is to start at the beginning and then work toward the end of a story. However, this story has to begin in the present and then move forward (to the true beginning). For you see, the motivation to undertake this monumental task of putting into words the events that have highlighted my life and experiences came about by reading some of the stories and experiences of other Angels and their interaction with Angels who have been sent to oversee their mission here on earth. Therefore, I need to relate to the readers an experience that I recently had while going through one of the most terrifying events of my life.

While in the hospital for the first time in my entire life, I had an encounter that not only has motivated me to undertake the mission which shall occupy the rest of my life, but  also to tackle this task at hand of putting into words my story. This is not the first experience with Angels in my life or with the MASTERS who have overseen my growth and development. Yet, it was the most intense and life-changing experience that I have ever undergone in the fifty-four years of my present incarnation on this plane of existence.

 The difficult part of this last encounter is how to start the story or to put the encounter  into words. Therefore, I will have to depend on the aid and guidance of my guiding and Guardian Angels to direct me in this endeavor. For they are the inspiration to verbalize this story. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that I would be moving forward on this joyful task if it were not for their explaining the necessity of sharing these experiences with others. It is simply for the purpose of allowing them to feel free to report or share their personal experiences and Angelic encounters.

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 Dianne J. Moore
Powerful Crazymakers
Helpless Victims
So How Do We Change?
The Powers Go To Prison...Hooray!

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Wind Hughes
The Sacred Wheel

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Antoinette Moltzan
Planetary Light Healing

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William Henry
SADDAM HUSSEIN, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND THE RETURN OF PLANET X (due to the size of this article, it is in Adobe PDF format.)

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A Message from Art Martin

Jesus often said, "come and follow me", he requested not the walking, but this Conscious way to be.  This knowledge of "One Family", the Master Jesus spread, it can be found inside yourSelf, awakened from the "dead".  -Eric M. Brodsky 'Poetry of the Angels III'

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