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  Rebekah is author of  Breakthrough  and  Rainbow Connection

 Love Is the Pathway Home!

Excerpt from Story of A Clam

Rebekah Alezander Dunlap and John M. Templeton

Love is the unifying, harmonizing power of the universe--the spiritual glue that holds everything together.  The unlimited love of the Great Creator gives freedom to his creation for trial and error and innovation around the foundation of principle and consistency.  This unlimited love may be the basic reality from which all else is only fleeting perception by transient creatures.  And there is no situation that love cannot help or heal.

Love accents the completeness of life.  It is the everpresent potential through which we can find fulfilling action or a harmonious attitude.  Through unlimited love, we can enter the dimension of spiritual unity, wholeness, and maturity, where we can be united more closely with the Great Creator and those around us.  The universe is not isolated from us, nor are we from it!  God's love is expressed through all phases of creation.

One of the foremost qualities of the Great Creator's nature is his all-encompassing love.  Can bringing the two sides of our nature together (the physical and the spiritual)  be an ongoing creative endeavor that continually moves us in beneficial directions?  If we neglect either the heights or the depths of our experiences in life, we may only stagnate.  Bringing the two together by attending to the practical details of everyday life, our love can gather power and momentum.

I can now more fully understand my wonderful companion along this journey, Agape.  Agape represents that unselfish love that gives unceasingly and expects nothing in return.  It is the love that grows as you give it away!  Agape is that holy, unconditional love the Great Creator provides for us regardless of our appearance, our social status, our financial assets, our level of intelligence, and even regardless of how unloving our actions may be sometimes.  I shudder when I recall my obstinacy and egotism during my early association with Agape.

When we practice unlimited love, it becomes easier to love our enemies, to tolerate those who may annoy us, and to find something to appreciate in every being, place, and experience.  The great paradox of unlimited love may be that it calls on us to be fully ourselves and honor our individual truth, while releasing self-centeredness and giving with nothing held back.  Love, as with any other spiritual virtue, doesn't simply fall into our life as manna from heaven.  Like an inquiring mind, it needs to be cultivated.

Have you ever experienced the feeling that you wanted to go home?  Of course, when we travel on a vacation or a business trip, we may enjoy every moment of our travels and still anticipate the moment we will return home.  What is "home" and the attraction that beckons us?  Home is sometimes described as a dwelling place, the habitat that is our natural environment, and the place where something is, or has been, originated.

All of the above descriptions are attractive, for I have learned my true home is not restricted to a physical location.  My true home is in the heart of the Great Creator.  Love is the transport vehicle on the pathway to home.  And it is impossible to give too much love!

It is one thing to talk about love and quite another to feel its impact at work in body, mind, and spirit! I would like to ask you some questions that have been in my like to ask you some questions that have been in my thoughts from the moment of meeting with The Keys of Opportunity.

Would you like to improve all levels of your being and all aspects of our life?  How would it feel to know you were making a real contribution to your world?  Would you like to feel that because of you and your work someone's life was blessed?  Or that the whole universe was positively amplified because you were a part of it?

Just think, octillions of atoms are ready and waiting for your direction!  Are you willing to grow to meet your good and, in the growing, to be open to give and to receive?

Character is that force that enables an individual to carry out a resolution once the mood in which that resolution was born has died.



Growing up in a military family, I discovered early in life that there are certain advantages to moving every two or three years.  Each time we moved to a new place, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself.  In addition to leaving behind worn-out toys and outgrown clothes, I could also leave behind some of the baggage that inevitably accumulates as we live and learn and grow – regrets, guilt, unhappy relationships, and deserved or undeserved reputations.  Each move was a mini-death and rebirth experience.

            The first day in a new school, I could be whatever I wanted to be.  No one knew me and no one had any idea what kind of person I was.  It was exciting and exhilarating to discover who I would be among the strangers in each new place.  I could choose what I wanted to keep or leave behind.  No one knew where I had been or who I was, except what I chose to tell or show.

            I just finished the first nine days of school as a new teacher in a new school.  On registration day my class list was posted at the door of the classroom.  As students came in to register, they eagerly checked out the list to see who would be in our class.  Many of them pointed to names on the list and said, “He’s bad!” or “She’s bad!”  Even other teachers were checking out my list and warning me to watch out for certain students.

            I reflected on what it might be like to be labeled “bad” and never be able to just move away and start over.  How do you give a child the chance to leave behind the baggage of the past and start fresh?  Being a new teacher helps.  On the first day of school, I held up a clean piece of paper and told my students:  “You don’t know me and I don’t know you.  No matter what kind of a year you had last year or the year before, every person in this class starts with a clean piece of paper.  Each of you will decide what you are going to write on your paper, and together we will write the story of our class.  I don’t have any “bad” students in my class, only students who might have some bad habits that need to be changed.”

            I’m glad that I learned early in life that it is possible to travel light – to leave behind the baggage of outgrown ways and habits that no longer serve us.  I’m glad that I learned how to recreate, reinvent and rebirth myself.  I hope I can help my students realize that they, too, have the ability to change and grow and become new and unique individuals as they move through the circles and cycles of life.  I hope I can teach my students that every day is a clean piece of paper and that each of us is the author of our own life story.



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"There are those among us who possess the courage to own themselves,
their deeds and their thoughts.

"Those who take the responsibility for being Divine Human...
These are the ones we call Otipemsiwack...
They are the New Alchemists, the Prophets,
Healers and Seers walking silently amongst you...

..... They are Tomorrow's Masters .....

The Messengers Have Arrived

Notes and Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder and Director of Gakati'yi


There have been a lot of "s's" in my life in the last few weeks. I feel very enriched by them. To share my journey with you seems worthwhile, so here is how it unfolded. On June 15, my daughter, Cathy Black, introduced me to the new man and spiritual partner in her life, Keith Spear. Some time later, I was surveying books on the library shelves in the house, and I saw a book entitled, The Spear of Destiny. I thought of Keith Spear and decided to read it. I discovered that it was one of the best and most insightful pieces of literature I had ever known for understanding World War II. Author Trevor Ravenscroft, obviously an amazing researcher, focuses on the relationship of the Nazis to the Occult with special emphasis upon Hitler's interest in confiscating and storing in Nuremburg the spear which was used to pierce the side of Jesus between the fourth and fifth rib. As you would know immediately, the book was also full of information and references to the infamous "SS." Perhaps it really meant "Super Sadists," but we recall them as the dreaded ones who served as 'protective guards' for Hitler and his associates plus all the other functions they served in the regime. In America the "SS" has developed a generally quite positive meaning as the "Secret Service," an agency with responsibility for protecting the President of the United States. The positives and the negatives of history are associated with them...generally we regard them as heroic persons willing to give all in the line of duty to their President and their Nation.
In the most recent weeks, I have been again drawn to the work of Karen Danrich and the SS o A, i.e., The Spiritual School of Ascension. "Spiritual School" seems to me a very positive connotation for "SS."
One goal of mine is to direct as many persons as possible to study the Spiritual School of Ascension. This writing itself is a reflection of that goal, and I hope to be successful with you. []  Continuing with the important "s's" now, I am especially impressed with her work entitled, "Transcending the Seven Types of Seduction." This version of an "SS," [Seven Seductions] is based on the system of thought which says we have seven chakras (seven schakras for this presentation of N & T), and each chakra has the potential for expressing a predatory, seductive energy as well as the potential for being seduced--the 'underdog' side of the coin to use Gestalt therapy theory. For those people who are accustomed to thinking of seduction as being primarily or only related to sex, Karen Danrich is "stretching or pushing the envelope." She is including all human energy and activity as potentially related to the processes of seduction and being seduced. Here is how she introduces the first chakra and issues about survival.  "The seduction of survival causes one to believe that they 'need' another or something in order to survive.  In the seduction, the seducer programs the one who is seduced with the fantasy of 'need' and each time the seduced feels 'needy.' they call upon the seducer to fill the 'need.' Each time the seduced calls upon the seducer or enters the fantasy of 'neediness,' the seducer accesses their field taking another segment of information, chi, records, or moving energy systems and transfers karma to the seduced." I find this approach clear, understandable and most helpful. Decisions can be made to prevent and avoid seduction. One hundred percent intention can switch us from seductive, unconscious, manipulative processes to love. Another profoundly important note she makes is this one.
"We would like to point out that seduction is not love. Love is the result of communion. Communion is an act in which soul enters the form and blesses the form with its love. The act of communion also allows the soul to dance with the Earth Mother extending its blessings to Earth. Two in communion share the love of each of their souls together with each other and with Earth. And this is what love is. In the act of love through communion, no information is moved from one person to the other, no chi is moved from one field to the other, and no act of harmfulness occurs.
In the act of love through communion, the two souls dance together through form enhancing the overall vibration of the two who come together."
Two S's can mean a lot of things and lead to much thought, reflection, redecision and happiness. I propose that we close with Sacred Sanity as the meaning of SS. The world of insanity is filled with seduction, and the world of sanity is filled with love. It is a safe world, the Creator's World, the One World He had in Mind that would be our Home, our Super Sanctuary.

Please study Karen Danrich's article on transcending the Seven Seductions and send your feedback to"

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim.  Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself." --Harvey Fierstein



By, Carrie Shubert

 Over the past three years some one or something has put the squeeze on us.  Some call it ‘planetary activity’ and to other’s, the raising of our consciousness.  It is all of the above and more.  If we become too ‘attached' to things, the threat of their removal causes us to panic and to act out.

Some of our attachments include; health, relationships, finances and our children.  If attachment means being attached or fastened to, then the very thought of losing control makes one try to hang on more.

            An example for me was the letting go of a love relationship.  I had been involved for a little more than four years.  Once I began to love this man, I adjusted my thinking to accommodate our relationship. I knew from the beginning that it couldn’t last because I wanted a committed relationship and he didn’t.  I hung on trying to make him change his thinking.  The lesson I finally learned was to follow my path and if he was to be on it, his behavior would need to change. I asked my higher power to continue to reveal to me if I should end the relationship.  Although I always got answered in some way, I didn’t want to see it, because it was to move on.  When I finally did end it, I started to get clarity.  I began to see how insane those years were.  If I had had faith, the moment I saw the first red flag (which was in the first three minutes of meeting him) I would have walked away and trusted that my higher power had something better in mind for me.

            Review your life. Notice how things have unfolded.  Hasn’t it always worked out?  What’s up for all of us is to let go and trust in a power greater than ourselves.  The more you hold on to something or someone, the more pain you will have.

            Letting go is a process in which you want something, but you just trust that everything will work out for the better and quit focusing on the outcome.  You will find more peace, less struggle.  It’s going to get even more intense, so strap on your seat belt, a positive attitude, and go with the flow.  An old proverb: “It’s better to ride the horse in the direction it’s going!”

Email:  Carrie

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conscience is

the measure of the

honesty of your selfishness

Listen to it


--Richard Bach, Illusions

Donna McGrath is a licensed Medical Technologist,  and  performed PH.D. level research as a Molecular Biologist at the NIH.  Donna will provide you with the most  accurate and up-to-date information on better health!

Healthful Hints

By Donna McGrath, M.T. (ASCP), M.S., C.H.T., D.D.

Healthy Back-To-School Choices


            As I sit here in contemplation, I can almost hear school buses revving up their engines in the distance and little feet getting ready to scamper off to school once again. Below please find some healthy choices for products to send kids back to school with this fall.



            To make sure your children have an adequate daily intake of their essential vitamins, I recommend the following for preschoolers and elementary ages: Animal Parade chewable vitamins by Nature’s Plus. These chewables come in three delicious flavors; cherry, orange and grape. Also by Nature’s Plus, Lovebites  heart-shaped multi-mineral and multi-vitamin supplements are also very popular. For those Gummy Bear lovers, Rhino Chewy Vits are also very tasty and easy to get your child to take.

            For active teens, I highly recommend Doctor’s Choice for Teens by Enzymatic Therapy. And for adults, who must have extra energy available to pack lunches and go to work, I highly recommend Source of Life tablets by Nature’s Plus.


Boost the Immune System

            It is always wise to give the immune system a boost at the first sign of sniffles or at the onset of a cold. I recommend Echinacea with Goldenseal by Reliance Vitamins, especially when you know a bacterial infection is probably the culprit. To simply boost the immune system, another excellent product is Echinacea with Astragalus by Nature’s Way. 

            In the case of a severely compromised immune system in need of a strong boost, try Transfer Factor Plus by 4-Life Research. This highly effective, multifaceted immune-booster has been known to increase the effectiveness of the immune system by 250% in some cases. For more information on it, contact Michael Ciletti at or call 215-416-0054, referencing this article.


For Stress and Anxiety

            There is no question that along with the start of school in the fall comes a variety of jitters ranging from fear of meeting new classmates and “fitting in” socially to “pre-test” anxiety. One of my favorite products for treating anxiety is a homeopathic mixture by Enzymatic Therapy called Anti-Anxiety. 10 to 20 drops taken in water or juice will stop an anxiety attack in its tracks. I have received many thank you letters in the past for recommending this fine product.

            As you all know, I am a big fan of flower essences for healing the emotional body. Rescue Remedy by Bach works wonders under a wide variety of stressful situations, bringing you back to center. I often say that if Rescue Remedy was poured over the face of the whole planet, we would reach instant enlightenment…well, at least we would slow down long enough to breathe!!!


Teen Acne

Although the cause of acne has not yet been identified scientifically, my daughter and her friend have found Nelson’s Acne Gel to be quite effective for small breakouts.

For more difficult cases of severe acne, AKNE ZYME Klear by Enzymatic Therapy is fantastic. It is taken internally and contains sublimed sulfur, bromelain, thymus glandular, and burdock root for internal cleansing. Mud Therapy Mask by Queen Helene is also useful to draw out blemishes and to dry up oily patches of skin. Finish your facial by re-moisturizing with Cellular Therapy by Aubrey to replenish a healthy glow to the skin.


Lunch Box Treats

            For the child who is allergic to dairy products, Imagine makes a milk substitute called Rice Dream, which comes in convenient snack box containers. Gingko Biloba Rings by Robert’s Gourmet Foods is a crunchy snack, which contains gingko biloba…an herb which aids in holding mental focus and concentration. Throw in a Kid’s Nutrition Bar in peanut butter and jelly by Nature’s Plus to make sure your child gets his/her daily vitamin allotment.


            I am personally excited to be kicking off the fall with a speaking engagement at the Fall Equinox Natural Life Approach Expo…a celebration of health and wellness to be held at the Garden State Exhibit Center in Somerset, N.J., where I will be lecturing on my first book, Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality on Sept 22,23. For more info, contact . I hope to meet you there or on the road….

Please see my biography and fall calendar of events under the speaker section of for additional information regarding my fall lectures and classes.


 With Love, Light, and Creating from the eternal moment of the Isness of Now,

 Donna McGrath

  Please send any specific questions or comments to me via e-mail at

 Copyright 2001 by Donna McGrath 

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Warrior Work Week 2

 Principle 2: The Way is in training.

 In week one we worked on “seek the truth, do not be dishonest in your thinking”.  Often we think that the truth is “out there” when in fact, the truth we should be most concerned with is the one reading this. Look at the “truth” your body exudes.  Carlos Castaneda tells a story in “The Awakened Warrior”, a collection of essays on warriorship, about a man who goes on and on about the rainforest and what needs to be done to save it. Afterwards, Carlos says to his mentor, Juan Matus, that this guy really loves the rainforest. Juan replies that he doesn’t believe him because how can he love the rainforest when he has such disregard for his own body. He is grossly overweight and he smokes the entire time he speaks. He will be dead long before the rainforest and yet he uses the rainforest issues to avoid dealing with the “truth” that is in his own being. Ram Dass in his new book, “Still Here” talks about how after his stroke he realized that he had not loved his body; he had “spiritualized” it away and ignored it. The WAY is in TRAINING emphasizes the importance of loving your body, building it’s flexibility and strength while cultivating the space within it through movement and breath.  Look at how much time you spend working on your computer, your car, your “relationships” and then compare it to how much time you spend on/with your body. What are you training on a daily basis to build within you and around you? Are you training the mind too much? Are you overtraining your body? Are you training your spirit through building inner skills like detachment (not taking things personally) and patience.

 This week examine what you are training to become and each day reflect on your training. Use each moment of the day to train your body, your mind and/or spirit. Set simple goals that are achievable. Even 30 seconds or a minute of expanding and contracting the chest and back muscles can greatly reduce stress. Movement classes or tapes can help you in all 3 areas since it stimulates the mind and body while showing you what your limitations are thus helping you to nurture your inner skills as well.

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"My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love." -Chief Dan George

My friends, how desperately do we need to be loved and to love.  When Christ said that man does not live by bread alone, he spoke of a hunger.  This hunger was not the hunger of the body.  It was not the hunger for bread.  He spoke of a hunger that begins deep down in the very depths of our being.  He spoke of a need as vital as breath.  He spoke of our hunger for love.

Love is something you and I must have.  We must have it because our spirit feeds upon it. We must have it because without it we become weak and faint.  Without love, our self-esteem weakens.  Without it our courage fails.  Without love we can no longer look out confidently at the world. We turn inward and begin to feed upon our own personalities, and little by little we destroy ourselves.

With it we are creative. With it we march tirelessly.  With it, and with it alone, we are able to sacrifice for others.  -Chief Dan George


My heart is filled with joy, when I see you here, as the brooks fill with water when the snows melt in the spring, and I feel glad, as the ponies are when the fresh grass starts in the beginning of the year.  I heard of your coming, when I was many sleeps away, and I made but few camps before I met you.  I knew that you had come to do good to me and to my people.  I look for the benefits, which would last forever, and so my face shines with joy, as I look upon you. -Ten Bear


"The Wisdom of the Native Americans"
Compiled and edited by  Kent Nerburn

Message from Dr. Len Horowitz

 Dear Friend, Concerned Citizen, Political Activist, or Media Representative:

We draw your attention to the URGENT western wildfire investigation report posted on:

These devastating wildfires may be the result of white collar arson involving the U.S. Department of Energy, the Atomic Energy Commission, and allied energy industrialists. Photographs and intelligence supporting this theory, advanced by public health authority, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, is provided on the above website, as are political action recommendations with legislative links.

We feel immediate investigations by the U.S. General Accounting Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Congressional healings committees, are in order.

We kindly request your assistance in bringing this issue to the floor of congress, and to the attention of every American. Thus, please copy and relay this message to everyone in your network.

Sincerely yours,

Contessa Morton Public Relations Associate
Tetrahedron Publishing Group


There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift, that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go from the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.  Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!  Banish the word 'struggle' from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

~Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona~
via Dr. Louise Rosen

In order to be utterly happy the only thing necessary is to refrain from comparing this moment with other moments in the past, which I often did not fully enjoy because I was comparing them with other moments of the future. --Andre Gide (1869-1951)


By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

QUOTES: From Cartoons:
Family Circus: (Two little ones talking at bedtime, "Grandma says we don't hear back from Granddad 'cause he's havin' too much fun with those angels."

Ziggy: "Friends are kisses blown to us by angels."

THIS WEEK'S ANGELSPEAKE COLUMN: "Naming" (The final entry in this E-Letter)

POETRY: The angels love poetry as many of you have found when you wrote.  AND we love the poems. BUT this newsletter is unable to accept any poems over 10 lines or so. (boo-hoo) Perhaps someone could start a poetry page on The Forum? (which is our information system on Here is one Barbara's son wrote during a moment with his angels.

There is a group of people that travel into the great unknown.
Into the chaos, into the void they roam.
Forming something out of the great nothingness.
They never truly know where they are going, only where they are headed.
In their wake travels the rest of the world.
Following the guideposts laid down by the few.
Upon these men and women the world is defined.
Upon their dreams the world is made.
I will be one of them.

Michael. Mark, Stafford, VA

(c) Copyright 2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold
Syndicated by ParadigmTSA

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What's This Fool Thinking of This Week    A CALL FOR A GLOBAL FESTIVAL FOR SEPTEMBER 17, 2001 from Dannion Brinkley

"Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 - 1986)

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