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Computers help keep kids off the streets. 

Memorial Day we are reminded of the Americans who fought bravely so that we might enjoy the freedoms we as Americans share.  It appears by this writer that many of the youth of today, have lost a couple of words that Memorial Day, reminds some of us older Baby Boomers.  The words "Honor" and "Respect". 

 Through groups like "The Good Knight Campaign" and programs like "Computer's for Youth" and it's many volunteers,  we can help teach those two words. The first week of the Computer's for Youth program, 22 computer system went to community centers and churches. We have received a number of request to join the program by groups in various towns and cities.  Through the corporate entities donations this week another 34 systems will be available.  That will bring our current total nearly 100 and growing!

We wish to thank, Savannah River Site (DOE), Avondale Mills in Graniteville SC and Music For A Song in Atlanta, Ga. for their support.  We appreciate you our readers, giving them your support!!

Americans helping Americans grow!!

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LightStream is Proud to provide our readers with a column by Rebekah Dunlap.

  Rebekah is author of  Breakthrough  and  Rainbow Connection


Excerpt from Story of A Clam

Rebekah Alezander Dunlap and John M. Templeton

Is life visible to humans as a random accident, or is the universe in some way designed to produce life? Are there infinite worlds both like and unlike this world of ours? Given an abundance of matter and the uniformity of nature, could the same physical processes that led to the formation of the Earth and its solar system be repeated elsewhere? These are questions that have circulated among the great minds of the sciences, philosophies, theologies, and governments of our world. No thoroughly verified answer has been forthcoming. The part of the universe that appears infinite in all directions, not only above in the larger cosmos, but also below in the most minute aspect of creation. In addition, in various ways, we realize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Our universe is progressing toward increasingly elaborate states of matter, energy, and forces more highly integrated than we may presently comprehend.  That which is possible in nature tends to become realized. There is an orderliness of progression, endowed with an assurance of development but with a certain openness to its possible forms....

The new horizons include not only the universe without, but also the universe within each of us. A study of our spiritual nature may well open up an infinity of discovery beyond our wildest expectations. Why is nature intelligible to us? When we observe nature, do we see the material phenomena rather than underlying laws of physics? Why does the physical world seem to be a rational arrangement of things? How do we account for the layer upon layer of order lying hidden beneath the surface of everyday phenomena? Look at the example of expanding consciousness that transpired within my small world! My story began with one very egotistical clam who thought he was the ultimate in his existing world. Now, I consider my body and mind to be sacred and ever-changing configurations of energy waves and particles designed by the Great Creator as a temporary habitat for one most appreciative clam!

My experiences confirmed that I was not alone. Nor are you alone. Open your consciousness and look around! See what is before you!

Notes and Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi

Whitley's Guest: Enlightenment by Surprise

A few days ago a book was presented to me, and today, May 23, I was privileged to read it. The virtues of the book are not in length or is 105 pages in length, but there is more than enough between its covers to expand consciousness, to assist in awakening, to grow quickly and profoundly and to deal with issues and questions which we do not always find easy or our favorite matters to ponder. 
Whitley Strieber is calling it simply the Key. I agree. It can be "the key" to many things which may be on the Main Menu which we typically call "the future." 
"At three o'clock in the morning of June 6, 1998, Whitley Strieber was awakened by somebody knocking on his hotel room door. A man came in, and everything he said was new."
The long conversation which followed is now in book form. I think it holds much transformative potential for us as individuals, as a race and as a planet. It holds so much potential that I hope to interest you in becoming involved in studying it and sharing it with others. So, what is the excitement all about since we have so many "New Age Operator's Manuals" already? 
Dr. Jose' Stevens of Santa Fe, New Mexico, once said in his newsletter: "It is time for the Old Souls to gather if we are to avoid the police state into which we are now going." How true that is! So part of the excitement is that Whitley's Guest stated some truths in Old Soul form which are so clear, so cogent and so relevant that it's refreshing and very stimulating. 
He had wonderful ways of expressing the Oneness of Mankind. For example, Whitley says,

The transformation of our world into a place of compassion is at the core of the Key. Compassion would appear to be the essential ingredient in forming a completely new form of society. But, it is not obvious that the conventional definition of compassion--that it is a sort of vague acceptance of the ill-will and mistakes of others--will work. Instead, the master demands a much more rigorous sort of compassion. This compassion is not passive at all. It proactively seeks what others need the most and gives it to them. The personal morality he advocates--'each of you is entirely responsible for all the others'--translates into a beautiful vision of a new social order.

"In such a world, it is everybody's duty and delight to find what every other they come into contact with needs most from them, and give it to them." 

The operative word is 'delight.' There is extraordinary joy in living like this. 
Putting off the chains of judgment and blame is an amazing feeling. And it isn't as if one must give gold to the thief. Rather give him what will raise him from his habit of thievery.
[We are about to go through the effects of deep and serious 'gold thievery' as the consequences of the last several years' activity in gold futures becomes known and fully conscious.]

Whitley asks, "How would we be compassionate toward--say--Hitler?
His Guest replies. "In a culture of compassion, Hitler would never have emerged as a leader. Those around him would have seen his suffering and alleviated it when he was still young. Compassion emerges out of love of one for all. It is active and has the courage to intervene. A culture of blame is passive. It waits, then slaps. When the culture of blame punished the Germans for World War One, it evoked the monster that has kept you bound to the earth at a time when you need to be born into the higher world. All you need to know of compassion was laid down in the Christian gospels.  Now you have evolved to the point that you can enact this teaching." 

What is the most important thing that Christ said?  Do unto others?
That was first said in the western traditions by Rabbi Hillel. The most important thing that Christ said was 'be as the lilies of the field.' It is the message for the next millennium. You are going to return to the wild bearing the wisdom of history in your memories. Your surrender to earth will be your ascension to heaven.

On page 69 the subject of despair and the future is entered into with much depth.  The Guest states that there is within humans "a powerful death-urge." Whitley asks, "What is this death-wish? How does it work?" 
People give up on themselves. They do it deep down inside, in places that the elemental mind, that is contained in the brain, cannot access, places that remember all lives. They do this when they see themselves committing the same errors that they have returned to correct. When they give up on ascension, they devote themselves to the acquisition of material. But what does this really mean--that they can be near coveted objects while they are in the physical? The obsession with material is a symptom of despair. 
The rich are in despair of themselves? 
But they run the world. 
Which is why so many human institutions are so destructive. Remember the Eye of the Needle? A rich man may pass through the Eye of the Needle if he uses his wealth to enrich the world. Those who cling to their wealth are dying souls. 

I hope that these passages are sufficient to stimulate you to seek "the rest of the story." So many important areas relevant to our time now are discussed with very positive, relevant and believable solutions. For example, the Guest indicates the importance of Mass Prayer, a "lost science of communication," for our future and for changing the destructive aspects of our world. John Randolph Price, Oprah Winfrey and Art Bell have all conducted experiments in the power of mass prayer. He is relentless in saying that we must know that the Kingdom of Heaven is WITHIN us...that we must find it, discover it, acknowledge it and express it. The Guest has much to say about secrecy, how destructive it is, that it must be changed, and he discusses solutions for secrecy. There is much interesting, fascinating material about communication with what we call , 'the dead.' The life and work of John Edward can be seen as the "wave of the future," and it will become more and more average and normal for us to communicate in that way. 
I hope that you follow the path of growth that Whitley Strieber, the Courageous Veil
Lifter, is providing through his latest publication, the Key.

[It is not available in stores. To order call 1-800-898-0284. We welcome your responses and feedback. Please email:

Donna McGrath is a licensed Medical Technologist,  and  performed PH.D. level research as a Molecular Biologist at the NIH.  Donna will provide you with the most  accurate and up-to-date information on better health!

Healthful Hints

By Donna McGrath, M.T. (ASCP), M.S., C.H.T., D.D.

Alternative Treatments to Ritalin for Attention Deficit Disorder 

            Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is the name given to a set of symptoms which effects an astounding 9-10 % of all school aged children in this country. This behavioral “syndrome” can be associated with hyperactivity symptoms (ADHD) or without hyper-actively (ADD).

ADD is said to possibly be caused by a number of reasons including reactions to preservatives, dyes and salicylates in food. These substances may throw off the brain chemistry producing undesirable mood changes. A low-protein diet may also cause the problem, as well as, unseen/unknown psychological factors which may be occurring in the home, such as lack of attention by the parents or various psychological fears that the child may be experiencing. My point is that there is not a single identifiable “cause” of ADD.

Other professionals contend that ADD is simply a diagnosis aimed at forcing children to behave in a narrowly defined manner so that they can be easily managed at school. In his book, Myth of the ADD Child, Thomas Armstrong, PH.D. claims that the condition has been radically over-diagnosed and over-treated. I tend to agree with him wholeheartedly. A similar viewpoint is held by Peter Braggin, M.D., author of Toxic Psychiatry and the War against Children.

If your child has recently been diagnosed with ADD, I encourage you to research the subject fully before allowing your child to be subjected to any type of drug or therapy

which is not natural. Possibly a combination of counseling and/or homeopathic or nutritional/ environmental changes  will be effective in handling the symptoms.

Symptoms of ADD

                       Major identifying symptoms of ADD include lack of concentration, lack of attentiveness, continuous brain chatter, difficulty in managing time and completing tasks, and procrastination. Although the child is “labeled” as having a learning disability, the child is often of above-average intelligence and is also highly creative.

Symptoms of ADHD

             Symptoms of attention deficit hyperactive disorder, (ADHD), are more obvious than ADD. Temper tantrums, a tendency to disturb other children, hyperactive, impulsive, daring, unpredictable behavior, and disruptiveness in the classroom are obvious signs of ADHD.

Conventional Therapy - Ritalin

             For being a “syndrome” with unknown origin, ADD and ADHD are being diagnosed in epidemic proportions. Stimulant medications such as Ritalin, Dexedrine and Cylert are the standard recommended amphetamine-like medications given and their prescription rate has quadrupled since 1988. The number of children diagnosed with ADD is now 4 million and rising. The company that manufactures Ritalin attributes the surge in ADD to “heightened public awareness”. However, it should be noted that the company’s own marketing departments have done much to create this “heightened public awareness” in order to increase drug sales.

            Although Ritalin helps decrease some of the symptoms of non-attentiveness and helps some children to focus, be aware that 25-40% do not respond. Commonly seen side effects include loss of appetite, nervousness, insomnia, nervous facial tics, and short-term growth retardation. Some patients also report stomachaches, high blood pressure, headaches, and involuntary muscle movements.

Flower Essence Therapy

           Flower essences work by affecting the emotional root cause of the dis-ease. In the case of ADD, the main area of concern is that the child is not focusing on his/her  school work. The child is often very creative and intelligent. Could it be that the child is simply bored by school and a daydreamer ?. Could the child simply be using his/her right brain more than the left brain and be a talented artist. Could she/he not be strong or interested in the left-brain analytical studies which are stressed in our highly technological schools of today?

            The Bach flower essence Clematis helps the dreamer, intuitive, artistic types to be more grounded, in their body, and focused. 1-2 drops in water or juice in the morning helps tremendously. Also combining this with the essence with 1-2 drops of Aspen to overcome fear of the unknown has helped.

            In one case, a highly creative boy of seven was being treated with Ritalin. His mother, a naturopathic physician, weened him off of the drug, while slowly treating him with the two above essences for a period of 15 days. The problem was that his family was planning to move to a new location. He was afraid of the unknown (Aspen) and trying to escape the situation by being out of his body (Clematis). The boy’s mother continued to use the remedies after the move for about a month. He is now focused and doing well in his new school.

Natural Remedies

           Herbs which are effective against the hyperactive effects of ADHD are catnip, skullcap, hops, valerian root, (causes drowsiness), and kava kava (increases sociability and decreases anxiety). Gingko biloba helps to increase mental focus and clarity.

            An excellent product from Nature’s Plus is Pedi-Active A.D.D. This product contains phosphatidylserine and phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolimine, as well as DMAE. These ingredients help aid transmission of nerve impulses in the brain. Another great product is EFA Attention Formula from Health from the Sun. This contains essential fatty acids vitamins and minerals and ayervedic herbs which support normal brain and nerve function.


            Two additional references that I would like to cite here are Prescriptional for Nutritional Healing by the Balches and Ritalin Free Kids by the Ullmans. The latter is an excellent guide for treating ADD using a traditional homeopathic approach. Each person is treated in a holistic way and the specific symptoms of each individual are taken into account during a lengthy case history.  A specific remedy is then administered. This book contains many excellent case histories and miraculous recoveries of very hyperactive children and adults with ADD.

             Many thanks again to Mel and Alice Ray Minitor for hosting an unexpected “Healing the Healer” retreat. The trip to “The Promised Land” was a well-needed rest for me.

 Much Love, Light and Blessings to all as you explore your respective healing paths.

Donna McGrath

 It has seems incredible that I have only received a few questions since I have been writing this column. Please send any specific questions or comments to me via e-mail at Thanks very much and I hope to hear from you soon.

 Copyright 2001 by Donna McGrath

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What's This Fool Thinking of This Week by Dannion Brinkley 

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I am winding up my first year of teaching and it is a bittersweet moment.  I look forward to the end of school as eagerly as the students, and yet I am already feeling   pangs of separation from “my” third graders.  I love the way they swarm around me every morning eager to share the exciting bits and pieces of their lives.  “Missuz Ryan, Missuz Ryan…Oh, Oh…Missuz Ryan!” 

They call me “teacher” then they take my hand and share their world with me, opening windows of wonder.  We have shared laughter, tears, and hugs.  We have talked about everything you can imagine…and some things you might not imagine!  We have worked and played… together.  We have solved problems…together.  We have grown by leaps and bounds…together.  We have created a community.  Friendships are everything in third grade!

I came to teaching in the middle of my life…after thirty years as a nurse caring for the sick and elderly and dying.  Perhaps that is why I am overcome with the sheer joy of being surrounded by children who are so vibrantly alive!   After spending most of my life caring, attending and sharing the end of the journey…helping people die, I now have the incredible privilege of helping children begin their journey…the awesome task of helping our young ones learn to live!

I believe that education changes lives.  Nelson Mandela wrote in his autobiography, “When I was seven, my father decided to give me something he had never enjoyed – an education.  Ever since then, I have been able to appreciate the value of reading and lifelong learning.” 

I believe that one person can make a difference.  If there is just one child that needs the particular gifts that I bring to teaching, then all of the preparation, all of the energy and all of the time that I have devoted to becoming a teacher will be worth the effort.  Who knows, perhaps one of my students will someday become the leader that the world needs.

In the meantime, I share the joy of Anne Sullivan who wrote, “My heart is singing for joy this morning.  A miracle has happened!  The light of understanding has shone upon my little pupil’s mind, and behold, all things are changed.”


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Once St. Augustine was asked, "What does love look like?"  He answered:  "It has hands to help others.  It has feet to hasten to the poor and needy.  It has eyes to see misery and want.  It has ears to hear the sighs and sorrow of the men.  That is what love looks like." --St. Augustine

July 29 — Aug 5 

Women of all ages are invited to explore and celebrate their sacred wildness in a true place of power, during the second annual full-moon gathering in New Mexico’s enchanted Gila mountains. Activities will include meaningful rituals, mindful walks, awareness exercises, grieving and celebrating, sacred sexuality, medicine sweats, wildcrafting, incredible feasts, and ecstatic riverside dancing!   Participants will have opportunities to connect deeper with their own true natures, with the inspirited natural world— and with each other. For more information contact Loba, at: The Earthen Spirituality Project, Box 516, Reserve, NM 87830, <>



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By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

Bits 'n Pieces

Every reading we have ever received has includes some sort of wisdom that makes us think. Here are some we have received over the years that are short and sweet.

§ All the experiences of your life that went before laid the spiritual groundwork for the present. As it unfolds, you will become refreshed and enthusiastic to do work you thought was over or that would not happen. The timing is right now, that is all. But the timing would NOT be right if the past efforts had not been made.

§ Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends. Take time to refresh yourself every day. Ask us for what help you need and we will take care of many details which will lighten your load. 

§ Yes, you are impatient to begin your work. It is the same impatient qualities you are feeling now are the same ones that will help you on your way.

§ Test us for a while if you want to. We are always there for you. We can do a whole lot more than get you parking places.

§ You are being taken care of on a level you cannot fathom. But in this lifetime you have been taught independence at the same time you are being taught dependence. However you are not being DEPENDENT when you talk to us. 

§ Our pact, if you will, is to help you further the mission of your life.  It may or may not be our mission too. Sometimes it is. But few souls have just one path to follow. The bottom line may be love, but most people have many ways to do that.

§ Do not ever feel you are not important. Every soul is important. Every person in every event is crucial. The more souls to work for the greater common good, the better it is. It is like an orchestra. The music would be beautiful with one or two or three fewer instruments, but which one would YOU remove? Any omitted would distract from the whole.

§ Judge nothing! The feelings you get of not wanting to be around someone else or in some place is true. Some places or people are draining. Notice that and avoid them. You can still LOVE THEM. It is only to protect your own energy. Not all energies fit together. Just trust your feelings.

§ This is the message for today: crawl into your femininity. Having a lot of male energy around you can be a burden when you are in a creative stage. Action energy is male energy and will be needed later. Creative energy is softer and female.

§ PURE LOVE is different than unconditional love. Pure Love just IS. It is like air. It is like sunshine, except never polluted. We are trying to give you a way to think of the enormity of it. Pure love is the space between the atoms. Pure Love is God.

§ Tear up your credit cards and return them. An enormous burden will be lifted. Credit is like bad karma. A credit card says, "God did not give me enough today. I need more!"

§ No life choice is wrong. It is just that some choices are better than others.

§ Why would anyone be interested in following only ONE philosophy? You are 
a "free agent," so to speak. You do not just have one job, one church, or one belief. You have a smattering of a lot of knowledge. That is the best thing about you. You have freedom of thought and are not judgmental.

§ Yes you are happy! You are seeing us begin to work more in your life. 
You are going to feel better and better all the time. There is a lot to be done and though it won't be easy, the job you have chosen in your lifetime will not be a terribly hard struggle, either. The struggling comes from another place. You are here to help the world from the spiritual end. 

§ We love you so much. Our purpose is to help you with your purpose. When you finally realize that the worries you carry are not yours, but from the energy of other people around you, you will not be afraid again--ever. You will only wonder what is going to happen next.

Faith Builder: Read your past angel messages. Find the vignettes of wisdom they have sent you.
Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three best-selling "Angelspeake" books. Ordering information for copies of their latest, "Heaven and Beyond," is available on their website,

(c) Copyright 2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold
Syndicated by ParadigmTSA

Memorial Day In Memory Plaque Project Update -- 

Vietnam War In Memory Memorial, Inc.
808 Charlotte Street 
Fredericksburg, VA 22401 

On April 26, the National Capital Memorials Commission voted to place the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque near the Three Servicemen statuary, one of several options offered in a site study presented to the panel by the American Battle Monuments Commission.

The Congressionally approved commemorative plaque, to be funded by private donations, will honorably acknowledge the sacrifice of those Vietnam veterans whose postwar deaths are due to their wartime service, but whose names are not eligible to be added to the Wall. 

James Cummings, architect for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc., has announced that preliminary work is underway, subject to consultation with George Dickie, architect for the Vietnam Women's Memorial, Inc., for a design submission to the ABMC. 

While the In Memory plaque's design, location and inscription progresses through the approvals process, donations are being accepted by the ABMC from those who wish to share in the creation of this unique symbol of recognition and honor for Vietnam Veterans

You may wish to donate to the ABMC plaque fund in memory of a Vietnam veteran you knew personally who died prematurely due to their service. All donors are invited to notify to the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial, Inc., ( with information to be placed on our Vietnam War In Memory Plaque Project Donors and Dedications web page. Please do not tell us the amount of your contribution. All are equally welcome.

Thank you,

Ruth Coder Fitzgerald
Vietnam War In Memory Memorial, Inc

Visit the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque Project web page at:

Visit the American Battle Monuments Commission Vietnam Plaque web page at:

Please make your memorial contribution (check or money order made out to 

Col. Anthony Corea
Director of Operations and Finance
Courthouse Plaza II, Suite 500
Attn: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaque
2300 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Col. Corea,

Please apply my/our enclosed donation of $___________ toward the Vietnam War In Memory Memorial Plaque.

Thank you
, _____________


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