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Rebekah Dunlap is author of  Breakthrough  and  Rainbow Connection

Establishing A Strong Spiritual Foundation.

Rebekah Alezander Dunlap


    The spiritual quest is classically likened to a venture, a pathway, an adventure, or a journey.  And the process of earthly living does not appear to be an aimless wandering, but rather a directional process.  Each step forward can bring new joys and an expanding movement in consciousness.
Every shining new day can present both opportunities and challenges along a new stretch of "road" to be traveled.  If we so choose, our individual life can represent the enthusiastic, stimulating, beautiful, and fruitful
accomplishment of a magnificent soul reaching for, and expressing, the highest values of human nature.  Can seeking to bring these higher values into demonstration in daily living represent a powerful way to experience and express beyond our presently perceived limits of individual experience?

    What would you consider as a possible pinnacle reaching toward greater spiritual growth?  Could it be a new direction through which you learn to bring greater depths of joy, harmony, and clarity to each day of your life?
Could it be uplifting ordinary, everyday activities with spiritual inspiration?  What about considering noble purposes and true values as a basis for decision making?  Is not every situation filled with value content?  How can we find the ultimate value in each situation?  Could our supreme values be like a mighty river flowing to the infinite ocean of
creativity and the Creator's unlimited love?  In the process of seeking and finding our personal connection with the divine, do we locate an absolute value guide?  How may we touch the living reality of any moment with wisdom and understanding?

    Does our spiritual evolution occur, in part, as a result of eliminating obstacles as well as acquiring new knowledge and wisdom?  Does our commitment to evolving consciousness enable us to surrender the vanities of the ego and cherished mental illusions so the mind becomes clearer and more open to the light of discovery?

    Just some things to think about!







Defenders of the Faith,

William Shakespeare said, "It is a wise father than knows his own child." 

And Anne Sexton said, "It doesn't matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was."

My Dad is a disabled World War II veteran and without any doubt one of the greatest men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Being my father has not exactly been an easy task - I wasn't just a handful growing up - I was TWO handfuls.  As a young man I redefined "jack ass" and then decided that I wouldn't listen to my mother's advice and talked on the telephone during a thunderstorm and ended up dead.  And that was just the first quarter century of my life.  I'm sure I am responsible for everyone of the gray hairs on my Dad's head.  For the last 27 years, my Dad has seen me through one death experience and two-near death experiences, the recovery from lightning injury when I couldn't walk or feed myself, open-heart surgery, and brain surgery.  He has been on "death watch" so many times with me, that we've lost count.  

One of the great lessons of being my father's son is learning first hand what love is...My father has always loved me - as a punk kid, as a rebellous teenager, as a  tough ass marine, as a back from the dead-guy trying to understand visions from Beings of light, as a world famous author, government consultant, motivational speaker, and as a hospice volunteer.  He loves me for the spiritual being that I am, not for the tags society gives me for what I have (or have not) accomplished.

This week, as I am dashing off once again to give lectures and strengthen Compassion in Action, I'm thinking about my Dad and how much he means to me.  I love him, I respect him, I appreciate him - as a veteran who fought to protect our freedoms, as a good example on how to live a good life, but mostly as my Dad.

Too many kids in this country are growing up without fathers.  I have so many friends who are single mothers struggling to be mother AND father to their kids - not just because their marriage or relationship may have ended, but because their children's father hasn't remained an active part of his children's lives.  All too often this is both financial desertion and emotional/relationship desertion.   The fact that our government is having to step in to help men learn to be better fathers is a strong indication that as a gender, we need to wake up spiritually and fulfill our obligations. 

I hope you take time to remember your Dad this week and let him know how much you love him.  Our VA hospitals and nursing homes are full of fathers whose children don't visit, don't call, and don't on a regular basis show their love and attention.  You can brighten their day by volunteering and being there for someone who is lonely.  Many of our veterans, especially those coming home from Vietnam, came back with emotional scars that pushed them away from their families.  Many suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder which went undiagnosed, and many many used alcohol and drugs to try to take away their nightmarish memories of the carnage of war.  Let's remember these fathers as well as those fathers who are now in harms way - defending our right to live free.



by Donna Reis

Yellows have thoughts of joy and happiness.  They have an uplifting effect on others, because of the sunshine in their hearts.  Yellows intellect is in tact.  They use their mental body.  Yellows need to think about the signals their body gives them, and then act on those signals.  Usually yellows are sensitive to non-verbal communication, although they may have difficulty in explaining this to others.  Yellows live through their physical body.  To sit still for any length of time, can be uncomfortable for yellows.  Yellows are considered to be leaders and like to exhibit their talents by doing.  They see spirit in a simplified form, such as a beautiful sunrise.  At times yellows enjoy being the center of attention, much as the sun is considered the center of our universe.  The yellow temperament is uplifting.  Yellows make wonderful mentors, teachers, CEO’s, managers, activists, entrepreneurs and politicians.

Notes and Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi

“Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin with Me.”

Unity Churches often close their services by holding hands and singing the song with the above title.  I am grateful for Unity’s gift to me through this wonderful ritual.  The affirmation, confirmation and generation of self-responsibility through participating in this process is awesome.  It is very, very self empowering to affirm that each one of us makes a difference in the creation of peace on Earth.  I hold unique appreciations for the Unity Church on Forest Avenue in Dallas and the Unity Church in Boulder, Colorado. where Jack Groverland has been leading and presiding, “forever,” it seems.  I have heard that Mariannne Williamson assumed the minister’s position at the Today Church in Detroit.  Oprah Winfrey regards her as one of her greatest teachers.  Oprah says that Marianne taught her the principle from A Course in Miracles that “the ego would rather be right than happy,” and that truth has changed her life for the better more than any single truth or teaching.  Marianne has been presenting a theme entitled “The Healing of America.”  I heard her speak on this theme in Boulder at the University of Colorado before she moved to Detroit. 

 In this article I take all of the above and propose the following theme. 

“Let there be total Healing of Self on Earth, and let it begin with me.”

Now, my audience and I are already doing this process to some degree and have been doing so for who knows how long.  I may only be propo-sing a slightly new label and proposing a cliché’ or slogan for something long in motion and well established.  Nonetheless, the world of advertising has taught us that catch phrases and repetition are powerful tools of communication.  I have never seen or heard this particular statement before in exactly this form.  My first ‘official’ psychoanalytic, psychotherapy session of my own was in January of 1963.  I spent 5 weeks in seminars with Dr. Carl Rogers in Japan in 1961.  So, I know I have been at it for quite awhile, and I am right in the depth of some of it now…so it is no doubt for countless ones.  The intuition I have is that the phrases and the ideas in this particular sentence can help accelerate and stimulate more growth, healing and therefore peace as well as healing and growth on Earth. 

 I request, therefore, that you read it, see if it feels right for you, and, if it does, add it to your repertoire of thoughts for meditation, daily consideration and ‘assimilation.’  Now, one step further is proposed.  Let us all request that this idea, this personal commitment to growth and ongoing spiritual development, be also adopted and assimilated by all the persons on Earth who are currently devoted to hyper-control, freedom reduction, fear and anger as a way of life, war perpetuation and all destructiveness in general.  Hmm. 

What if our requests were all granted?  Too good to be true?  It’s worth a try, isn’t it? 

 To be very practical and specific, a rare event in American History took place on Monday, June 10, from 2–5 P.M., a meeting in the “sacred hall” of the media, the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.   The purpose of the meeting was to present unanswered questions about the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and launch a  movement to acquire the answers.  Congress was invited. 

Have we grown up a bit in 60 years?  As Mother Teresa said so often, “Come and see.” 

 However this project turns out, each of us can do our part by  asserting and affirming, “Let there be Healing of Self on Earth…It Began with ME! 

 [email responses and requests for additional information to: gakati’


The Allan Handelman Show is a nationally acclaimed Alternative Talk Radio program dealing with a wide range of subjects ranging from Rock 'n Roll to Alien Visitation to Government Conspiracy. Always informative, always entertaining, Allan's guests are experts in their fields. Whether that's Aerosmith or The Monroe Institute or Dannion Brinkley.

Warm up with The "X" files to get in the mood, and check out the show, every Sunday evening from 10PM to 1am  EST.

The Allan Handelman Show is hard to define on paper. Sometimes the term "Rock-Talk" is used to describe a show which is essentially a talk show for Rock Radio. It's not filler or a boring public affairs program!!! It's not another syndicated interview show that talks only to bands each week.

The most requested topics involve dozens of subjects including the Underground Movement, UFOs, cover-ups, the Paranormal and lots more. Allan tracks down the hard to find guests and somehow always seems to get them to reveal fascinating things they thought they would never say. (Rumor has it Allan is using a Shaman's potion more reliable than Sodium Pentathol.... don't drink the coffee). Guests enjoy the experience so much they often appear on the show during periods they stop doing all other interviews. Past examples include Zappa, Letterman, The Stones, and AC/DC.... to name a few.e!.  (Click on Image to listen)




Living In An Instant Gratification Society

By, Carrie Shubert

           At ten pm on a Friday night, I received a telephone call from the local police.  The policeman asked me to pick up my son at a location he frequented near the movie theaters.  When I asked what the problem was, I was told my son had smoked pot.

          I was shocked.  Not my fourteen year old!  Did he have a problem with drugs, or was this normal experimentation.  I tried to remain calm.

          When I arrived on the scene, the policeman showed me a homemade pipe with a little residue.  He told me he would release my son to me with a warning, next time, jail.

          Controlling my anger, I asked my son how often he had smoked pot.  He informed me, it was three times and all in that same day.

          “Why did you do it?” I asked.

          “Mom,” he replied, “I’m under a lot of pressure.  I feel stressed out.”

          I am ashamed to say I gave an immature reaction.  I decided to shut up until I could view this from an objective perspective.  When we got home, I went into my bedroom and sought solace through the Sci-Fi channel.

          After a few minutes I called to my son.  “I want you to write down what some consequences of pot smoking might be and on a separate piece of paper, some ways you can handle stress without having to take drugs.”  I then dropped the subject.

          The next morning while doing my daily run, I thought about my son and his need to dowse the uncomfortable feelings he was experiencing.  I had used drugs all through my teenage years and into my mid-twenties.  I thought about what that had cost me, all the time I had missed out on.

          When he woke up, I asked him to sit down beside me.  I shared my experience with him.

          I wasn’t sure where to begin.  I started with, “When I was twelve or thirteen, I smoked pot for my first time.  It made me feel like I was smart, confident, and pretty.  I continued to use pot until it stopped blocking out the feelings.  Then I began to experiment with other things.  I needed something stronger to make me feel good.  Soon, the most important thing in my life was the pursuit of happiness.  There was no more joy in my life.  Feeling no pain took precedence over all the big plans I’d had for myself.  My friends dropped by the wayside and were replaced by people who also did drugs.  I got talked into doing things that I wouldn’t have done if the ‘stuff’ hadn’t numbed my conscience or ability to say no and walk away.  Thank God with sobriety, I got to catch up and accomplish some of the goals I had set for myself long ago.”

          I stroked my son’s hair and continued.  “Really think about the path you want to take.  It’s your life.  Think about ways to feel the feelings, productive ways.  I run in the morning, I write, and I talk to people.  Those are some of the ways I eliminate stress.  There is no happy pill.  If getting high, drinking, or prescription drugs really did it, there wouldn’t be millions of people in twelve step programs or rehabilitation facilities.”

          When our conversation ended, I thought about the type of society we live in.  Many other cultures that we consider primitive use daily prayer and ritual.  In our society, we are bombarded with anti-depressant commercials showing a person alone in the dark with a voice over encouraging the person to get into life, to ask his doctor for the latest anti-depressant.  We are taught to believe that accumulating material things or even new mates will fill whatever void we may be feeling.

            There is nothing wrong with feeling our feelings.  No one is happy all the time.  This is something that we must learn and pass on to our children, despite our existence in a society that implies we must feel only one emotion.  It is important we teach positive coping skills to our children as well as ourselves.

Peter Hill - Author of:

Get It to G.E.T. I.T. Together


Warrior Work Week 11

This week we are going to challenge you to be mindful of the 9 precepts of Musashi and to look at each of the principles from different points of view. 

  1. Seek the truth. Do not be dishonest in your thinking.

  What is your goal in regards to a relationship or your work?

 What is the goal from their POV (point of view) and does it integrate or harmonize with yours? 

  1. The way is in training.

What are you doing to train your body, mind and spirit?

How does that integrate with your long term goals in regards to relationships, work and life goals? 

  1. Become acquainted with every art.

What new arts are you acquainting yourself with? The great thing about new arts is that they can be used to reawaken the child within us and to help revitalize and humble us simultaneously.

How can you use that art to look anew at yourself and the world around you? 

  1. Know the ways of all professions.

Are you doing any new networking and developing different POV’s and seeing new truths? Remember you can validate other’s truths and not agree with them as being your truth.

How is that reshaping your larger world view and the integration/interrelatedness of fields of knowledge? 

  1. Distinguish between gain and loss.

Look at this week’s gain’s and losses on physical, mental and emotional levels.

Look at the same pattern of the last 12 months to 6 years.

What wisdom have you gained? How open is your heart? Is it better to look at relationships as a tally sheet or as an open account that never needs to be paid?

  1. Develop intuitive judgement and understanding for everything.

What is your intuition and understanding telling you as you look at your body, mind and spirit? Do you like who you are? What is it telling you about your work and relationships? Do you like where they are going? 

  1. Perceive those things which cannot be seen.

How is you ability to look beyond the form of people and things coming along?

How is your ability to see the energetic effect of how the form of people and things affects others around you? 

  1. Pay attention to trifles.

How is your ability to pay attention and see the small things that are out of sync in your body, mind or spirit? What about the trifles that are insync?

How is your ability to see the trifles that are out of sync in your relationships or work? What about the trifles that are insync and make both a better space to be in? 

  1. Do nothing which is of no use.

How are you doing at applying this one?

What effect is it or will it have on your path 3-8 months or 3-6 years from now if you continue as you are? What will you create within and around you?

 Remember to love yourself and to serve those around you. Be gentle with the process of becoming and evolving. Warrior work can be revitalizing or draining based on your POV.


McGrath is a licensed Medical Technologist,  and  performed PH.D. level research as a Molecular Biologist at the NIH.  Donna will provide you with the most  accurate and up-to-date information on better health!

Healthful Hints

By Donna McGrath, M.T. (ASCP), M.S., C.H.T., D.D.

Natural Remedies for Sciatica Relief

             Severe intermittent or constant back pain, radiating from the lumbar region of the back, pressing on the spinal nerves, causes a condition called sciatica.  The sciatic nerves are the longest nerves in the body. They begin in the lumbar region and extend across the lower back, around the front of the hip and continue down to the ankle and foot. A misaligned disk or herniated disk may press on the sciatic nerve causing severe pain and a debilitating numbness, which renders some people incapable of walking. Sometimes, the lower spinal column is inflamed, causing pain either on the left or right sides of the lower back, hips and legs.

Physical Checkup

            If you are suffering from sciatica, the first recommendation I  have is to get a check-up by a licensed chiropractor or orthopedic doctor. The chiropactor can usually

perform a quick diagnosis after he reviews your x-rays. A few spinal manipulations and ice application may be all that is necessary to put you back in shape.  An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test can be prescribed by an orthopedic physician. These tests will rule out a herniated disk.

Psychological Causes

            Most cases of back pain have an important emotional/psychological component. First it is important to do a self-evaluation to understand how to approach the problem. Ask yourself and isolate when the problem occurred. What emotions were surrounding the attack? Sciatica usually has its root in the small of the lower back The emotions here are confusion about direction in life and repressed emotional feelings regarding sex and sexuality. The Bach flower essence Wild Oat can be rubbed on this area topically 4-5 times per day. If the pain emanates from a point higher up on spine, Star of Bethlehem  should be rubbed on externally. This indicates that a severe present or past life trauma is being emotionally processed.

            Secondly, is the pain radiating to the left and down the leg? If so, the emotion is “I can’t stand _______ for another second or I will explode”. Think about what situation or whom you can’t stand in your life and change it. There may be many things which “you can’t stand”. Worrying about bad financial conditions may be one. Also working beneath your capabilities may be another. Work through each issue and then apply the essence Cherry Plum to the area across the left of the lower back. This will relieve pain and process the emotion.

            If the pain is across the right side of the back, bitter anger and resentment is present. Rub the flower essence Willow across the right side of the hip several times a day for pain relief. Release the anger by talking to a friend or professional therapist about your true feelings.

If pain radiates into the buttocks causing muscle spasms, the flower essence Sweet Chestnut is needed. Again rub this into the muscle thinking of ridding yourself of the mental anguish caused by your problems. Also 1500 mg. Of Calcium to 750 mg. Of Magnesium may soothe the muscle spasm. In addition, a good multimineral supplement or 100 mg. Of  B-complex will soothe jagged nerves. St. Johns Wort is very helpful in healing nerve injury as well.

            1000 mg. Of MSM will aid in cutting down on inflammation as well as Cura-zyme by Enzymatic Therapy. Always ice the area instead of heating it. Mineral Ice or Biofreeze are good analgesic salves for the area or Arnica gel.

            Exercise by wading in a swimming pool, then gradually start a walking program. Avoid long periods of sitting on the inflamed area. Massage therapy is excellent for relaxation as well as a long soak in an Epsom salts bath with lavender essential oil. Also Bath Therapy by Queen Helene is a helpful soak.

            The homeopathic remedy I most highly recommend is Sciatic aideÔ by Boericke and Tafel. Ingest 3-4 of the pellets under your tongue 3-4 times per day.

            Meditate, calm your mind, and nerves and release the pain. And let faith, peace, love, and light fill your entire being.

 May you be richly Blessed with the abundance of the Earth, Health and Peaceful Times,


Donna McGrath

Comments or Questions?? E-mail me at Copyright ã 2002 by Donna McGrath.





A message from

The voice of God


"And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up." (Deuteronomy 6: 6,7)

In an article by J.R. Miller, DD, he stated, "Religion is love, and a religious home is one in which love reigns. There must be love in action, love that flows out in all the home intercourse, showing itself in a thousand little expressions of thoughtfulness, kindness, unselfishness, and gentle courtesy." In these trying times in the lives of our families today, I can think of no more important words than these to express what is absolutely necessary for the survival of the family unit.

No man ever said that he began the service of GOD too young. No parent ever regretted bringing up his children to love, fear, honor, and obey GOD. That is why Proverb 22:6 tells us, "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Timothy's father was a Greek, and his mother a Jewess. From a child he had been taught the Scriptures. The faith of his mother and of his grandmother in the WORD of GOD had early been implanted in him through their faithful instruction (2 Tim. 1:5). The piety he saw in his life at home had a molding influence upon his own life. This, with his knowledge of the Scriptures, qualified him to bear responsibilities and to render faithful service later in the cause of CHRIST. His home instructors had cooperated with GOD in preparing him for a life of usefulness. Thus it should be in every home.

The manner in which the family worship is conducted is very important. It should be made so pleasant as to be looked forward to with gladness even by the youngest children. Too often it is made tedious, monotonous, or burdensome. To make it dull and irksome is treason to true religion. A few minutes given every day to preparation for family worship will serve to make it, as it should be, the most pleasant and attractive incident of the day.

As a rule, children will reflect the life and principles manifested in their parents. The reason why so many children are irreverent, irreligious, and disobedient today is because their parents are so. Like parent like child. If parents would see a different state of things, they must themselves reform. They must bring GOD into their homes, and make HIS WORD their counselor and guide. They must teach their children the fear of GOD, and that HIS is the VOICE OF GOD addressed to them, and that it is to be implicitly obeyed. In an article in Christian Education it is stated, "In too many households prayer is neglected...If ever there was a time when every house should be a house of prayer, it is now. Fathers and mothers should often lift up their hearts to GOD in humble supplication for themselves and their children. Let the father, as priest of the household, lay upon the altar of GOD the morning and evening sacrifice, while the wife and children unite in prayer and praise. IN SUCH A HOUSEHOLD JESUS WILL LOVE TO TARRY.


Universally Yours,
Rev, Dr. Chris Lowe, Sr.

email Dr. Lowe

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    It is the nature of the Universe to give us what we are able to take.  It cannot give us more.  It has given all, we have not yet accepted the greater gift.  -Ernest Holmes




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