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San Francisco What a wonderful show!  We have received so much positive feedback!

 We wish to thank all of the great people who made the S.F. New Age Expo a success!

To name a few, Kenny Kaufman for having the faith to invest again as many other Expo’s have fallen by the way-side and for believing in the lecturers and vendors of ‘The LightStream Network’.  We thank, Lea Walters producing, Larry Savoie for great speaker line-up, giving the show direction, thus ensuring a smooth operation that was enjoyed by all.  We thank Mary Mixon who worked tirelessly with the vendors, and the vendors who came together to network and provide the public quality products. Bruce, you did an excellent job with your security team!  Most of all we wish to thank the many volunteers who serve with Compassion In Action, The Twilight Brigade and the wonderful people who traveled far to see that LightStream was well represented at the Expo!  For without you guys and your faith and support in what we do, we would be another Expo falling by the wayside.  Last but not lease, we would like to thank the many thousands who attended, seeking knowledge and who are working to make this a better world!

 We are please to announce extensive growth at LightStream. Our dominate show presence has attracted new authors and vendors

.  We wish to welcome Art Martin, Robert Wood, Steven Halpern and Suzann Osborne to 'The LightStream Network'.  We will introduce new authors and vendors who are working to educate and provide quality products over the next few weeks.

You'll find more changes in our website and many new additions  soon! 

We are open to your suggestions as to helping improve our quality of service.

 A number of show promoters attended the SFNAE and have asked LightStream to be a part of their shows.  More Expo’s are planned!!  We will be announcing them in time for you to make arrangements to attend.

 Those of you who signed up for Compassion In Action Hospice Volunteer Training….

God Bless You!!!!  We appreciate you joining Dannion Brinkley and his mission ‘that no one need die alone’.

 Love & Light,

Lisa VanderBoom President

Mel Minitor CEO


Rebekah Dunlap is author of  Breakthrough 

and  Rainbow Connection

Why Were You Created?

Rebekah Alezander Dunlap

The Splendor that can Shine!

Have you ever stood on the seashore and looked out across what seemed to be an infinite expanse of ocean and contemplated what wondrous achievements bordered the opposite shore?  The creative imagination might visualize progressive cities bustling with people of every description who are involved in a wide spectrum of adventures.  Did you also perhaps wonder what mysteries might be embraced as part of the vast sea rolling between where you stood and that far distant shore?

Humanity seems poised on another kind of shore--the shore of expanding exploration, new discoveries, and accelerating knowledge.  We stand on an impressive foundation of research and evidence and concepts secured over the last five centuries of accelerated scientific progress.  Our vantage perspective rises like a high cliff.  Before us lies an immense, uncertain ocean of reality from which future knowledge will be obtained.  How large is this ocean?  Where could its exploration take those who will live in the future?  The vista is tremendous, exciting, and humbling in its vastness.

In an attitude of open-minded exploration of possibilities to develop our mind and our spiritual capacity, can we learn more about the Creator's purpose for each of us?  Might we find in the words of Scripture in I Corinthians 2:9-12 the truth of: "Things beyond our seeing, things beyond our hearing, things beyond our imagining, all prepared by God for those who love him?"  Is this the spirit we have received from the Creator that allows us to move and sense and participate in the rich reality that surrounds us?  Is this spirit part of the hidden splendor of every human being, luminous as the stars?  Is this spirit the splendor that shines through every person as unique expressions of divinity?

We live, knowingly or unknowingly, under spiritual principles, or universal laws of life that can reflect the energy of the Creator moving through each person that prompts us to bring forth the highest from within.  As we remain reflective, innovative, and balanced while doing our best every day, can we make wonderful progress toward noble goals?  Can we scatter the clouds that might obscure the light of spiritual discovery so our way forward becomes clearer?  New channels of exploration open for greater expression and fruitfulness.  And the divine idea for our life seems so much greater than we may have previously imagined.  We begin to establish an actual "way of living" with a growing awareness of possible participation with the Creative source.

What could happen if each of us worked for self-improvement through seeking to understand to a greater degree "Why we were created?"


Dianne J. Moore

Life of Respect  

One of the best ways to honor the power of life is through respect--of ourselves and others. The Dalai Lama refers to "respect" as the 3 R's...Respect for self, respect for others, and responsibility for all our actions.

The dictionary defines "respect" as: The act of respecting or noticing with attention; deference or honor; a state of being held in honor or esteem; to show consideration for; regard; courteous expression of respect.

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"We on the physical plane should avoid judging the situations that spirit sets up for its own learning.  Nor should we turn from a brother or sister in need of our help with: "You set it up, so deal with it."  Compassion requires that we help those whose souls have set up challenging lifetimes; it may be our turn next lifetime to need help." --Robert Perala in The DIVINE ARCHITECT







Defenders of the Faith,
As we approach the National Day of Prayer, I ask that everyone support the President's stance of keeping prayer, willful, conscious and intentional.  He has taken a strong lead in returning the open discussion of the role of spirituality and prayer in our daily lives and in healing.  Please support Public Law 100-307.   Please take the time to write your members of the House of Representatives and the Senate, tell them that our legislative leaders they are in our prayers, that you appreciate their willingness to go into public service. 

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Peter Hill - Author of:

Get It to G.E.T. I.T. Together


Warrior Work Week 10

In the last 9 weeks we looked at Musashi’s 9 broad principles of strategy. Every one of those principles employs the concept of looking at both the big picture and the little picture of your life and “researching it deeply”.

He calls it the “ox’s neck and the rat’s head”. Tom Brown who wrote a number of books about his apprenticeship with an apache  shaman and scout uses the  terms “the track and the trail”. Whatever metaphor suits you, the concept is the same; shift your perception and awareness from your large goals and intent to the situation at hand and then back to your intent and work at integrating the two harmoniously as you move forward. Deal with the reality of things and not with the what if’s and could have and should have’s. Learn from defeats and intend to continue to build your knowledge, power and inner harmony. Some of the wisest and most loving people I have had the honor to know have also had the most pain, conflict and tragedy in their lives. Instead of just focusing on their pain, they shift their eyes to see the big picture of their life and how their path is being directed onto a new trail – down that path a ways, they inevitably find it was better then the old trail they were so attached to. You often hear them remark, “I thought it was really bad at the time but now I can see how it really was for the best and I like who I am evolving into. I can’t believe I was so attached to that old world.”

In looking back at the trail of their lives, old people seldom regret what they did – they regret what they didn’t do. What do you want to do on the trail, the path, the tao of your life? Keep an eye on the tracks you make every day – they become the trail. Also go back and look at each principle and see how well you can shift between the rat’s head and ox’s neck.

The Universal Nudge

By, Carrie Shubert


          Whenever I am pursuing something that isn’t in the divine plan, things seem to happen that lead me in another direction.  I call that the Universal Nudge.

           An example was a decision I made to move from Arizona back to California.  Everything seemed to point me in that direction.  The home I was renting sold.  I had three weeks to move.  I located an office in California, worked out an arrangement to keep my office in Arizona, and applied for an apartment at five complexes.  Four of the five places rejected my application and the fifth said they would give it consideration but wouldn’t return my calls.  I sensed that I was trying to force my will.  Five days before the end of the month, the house fell out of escrow and I was told I could stay.  By that point I wanted out even if it wasn’t out of state.  I surrendered and signed a lease on a condominium two blocks from where I lived.  I had no problem getting immediate approval and moved in.  Two days after my move, the fifth California place called to say they would now fax me a lease.

          I cried and cursed God for not letting me move.  Within a week of my move, I received a call informing me that my ex-husband decided to locate me after eleven years.  Had I not moved, I would have had to deal with him.

          A friend of mine came over with her newspaper looking for jobs.  She handed me an add and said, “This is right up your alley.”  It was an audition for the position of Internet radio talk show host.  I was hired and hosted a show for several months. 

          I had talked about completing a book I had started seven years before.  A client, who knew some details of my past, encouraged me to complete ‘my story’ and get it to her daughter at a women’s channel.  After she mentioned it to me several times, I realized the message was to get it done.  I purchased a new computer and utilized my free time writing.  My book was completed by February.

          God, or the Universe, which ever you wish to call it, speaks to us many ways.  Usually it is through another person.  When I feel stagnant, I ask the Universe for clarity in order to continue moving forward in my life.  I ask for my next mission.  When I hear the same thing more than once, I know to pursue it.  Although the timing wasn’t right, it is now obvious to me why I had to move anyway.

          Often clients have asked me if they are on the right path.  There is no wrong path.  Everything you do will come about only if it is meant to be.

          Once again, I learned a valuable lesson.  If something is meant to be, it will happen.  If not, no matter how I try to force my will, it will not occur.  I am responsible for taking actions, but I am not responsible for the outcomes.  If I can somehow remain objective as I move through my life, I can see how beautifully it unfolds.

ORANGE Personalities:

by Donna Reis

Orange is a mixture of yellow’s mental abilities and red’s passion.  With this mixture of color, oranges have the ability to use their minds intellectually with great enthusiasm.  They constantly test the physical with its limitations against the environment.  They are forever challenging the inner dimension of the self.  Oranges like to live in their heads, always planning their next adventure.  Oranges are held in awe by others because of their daringness.  They love the fine quality of items that money can buy.  Oranges see life as a contest.  They have very strong feelings and can either dislike or like a situation with great intensity.  Oranges make wonderful comedians, athletes, psychologists, diplomats, social workers, and politicians.  The orange temperament can be a mixture of opposite emotions e.g. happy and then sad, happy, or mad.

Notes and Thoughts By W. G. Black Ph.D. - Founder of Gakati'yi

“Old Friends…Sat on a Park Bench…”


Simon and Garfunkel…are you young enough to remember?  They became one of the most popular and most listened to musical combos in history, especially if we consider in our evaluation the seriousness and the depth of their work.  There have been bigger hits and larger sales records of more shallow vintage, but Simon and Garfunkel, for our purposes here, were like “pure healing and psychotherapy.”  In the late 60’s and early 70’s I was doing several types of groups for healing, therapy and education.  Neil Diamond, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel were vital parts of the group process.  The music, of course, served numerous functions and purposes – comfort for those who were hurting, integrative support for work already finished, and, sometimes very evocative…leading to new work and new levels of exploration.  I feel eternally grateful to them and for all those years and all those experiences.

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Now rated NO. 1 on MP3

 Dannion Brinkley on

The Allan Handelman Show

"We were skeptical until he started taking your calls and communicating with your dead loved ones. He was incredibly accurate". -Allan Handelman  (April 28, 2002)


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"Walking with your head turned backwards is not the pathway of power.  Tomorrow is created in the action you choose this moment." --Robert Ghost Wolf in Last Cry


Jenna Catherine

author of Conversing With the Future . . . Visions of the Year 2020

takes a look at 2020.  Based on her time travel forward, she reports some pretty way out stuff.

Is it just in her head, or will it be true for you too?


Future Idea #3 – IN THE FUTURE THERE WILL BE NO MONEY.  I believe that by the year 2020 we will not be using money.  This is a radical concept and a radical change.  Now there are a couple ways (at least) to look at things, logically, as in right now, what makes sense, or look at it in the future.  Let’s start with the first.  If you think about how money is losing its value even now, not just in our country but around the world, it should be obvious that it will become a dated commodity.  You can almost smell it, losing its fragrance.  Money is a commodity based on fear, which assures us that we’ll get what we deserve in the future, whether it’s someone  owing us something, or something we’ll need to buy, like food and housing and a car and cable TV. 

Then there are the identities we all have, deeply ingrained monetary identities.  We compare ourselves with others.  We are better, we are worse, based on money.  Dollar bills and coins have found their ways into our blood streams.  Not only do we save them in banks and under mattresses, but we have swallowed them. 

Now look at money in the future.  You do this by not thinking about it -- but feeling it.  It’s not there.  This is a more expanded way of perceiving.  By 2020 people are not exchanging money but exchanging love.  The energy of money is brittle.  It will not last in a highly evolved society, which presides in 2020.  It symbolizes distrust.  How will this affect you?  It need not be terrifying, although I must admit, I feel a bit of a jolt at the thought of it.  How will I protect  myself, right?  How can I profit by knowing this concept?  Hmmm . . . my habitual way of thinking.  We’re in for a big change.  I know it will be to all of our benefits.  The hard part is changing how I think.

Donna McGrath is a licensed Medical Technologist,  and  performed PH.D. level research as a Molecular Biologist at the NIH.  Donna will provide you with the most  accurate and up-to-date information on better health!

Healthful Hints

By Donna McGrath, M.T. (ASCP), M.S., C.H.T., D.D.

Natural Remedies for Cold Sores


             Cold sores are caused a variety of herpes viruses called HSV-1 or Herpes Simplex Type 1. Approximately 20-40 percent of the population experience cold sores caused by HSV-1. 40-60 percent of the population has the virus lying latent in their spinal columns…just waiting to be ignited by stress.

Overexposure to the heat, (sunburn), cold, (windburn), and excessive nervous stress brought on by overtaxing conditions of all sorts including chronic disease states cause the virus to be activated. Once activated, the virus travels the length of the nervous system and causes a nervous burning or tingling on the lips. A skin eruption often follows with the sore filling with a clear, virus-infected fluid. Be careful not to spread the sores by rubbing them. Spreading the infection to the eyes can be particularly dangerous, causing infection or vision loss. Below please find a list of remedies, which may stop cold sores from erupting or may rapidly heal those, which have already formed.

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LightStream Welcomes!!

Suzann Osborne

“Suzann Osborne is a delightful, vibrant, and energized coach whose motto for living is: “For heaven’s sake, give it hell!” She is hell-bent on helping each of us make the most of our lives.”

- Stacey Meyn, Baltimore Resources.


Mastering Authenticity

Practicing what you Preach.

The essence of Authenticity.

There are many ways we relate to each other, physically, emotionally and mentally for the most part.

As a small child growing up in the bush land of my homeland Australia I experienced an event that changed me forever. I accessed through the sacred landscape of nature my essential nature, or my true gift to give, what the Native Australian’s call your Dreaming. My gift was to be able to discern and interpret the underlying waveform or true identify of each individual, his or her essence or essential nature. In reality we really affect each other by interrelating at deep vibratory levels, ultimately identifying and responding to the soul vibrations within each other mostly on unconscious levels.

 Intuitive such as my self are able to feel the subtle vibrations of the soul and define the essential effect on others and the environment. Some individuals have an organizing effect others a calming some a disruptive, the possible variations are enormous.


The Dreaming represents the essential nature of a place or being. It is the underlying waveform that permeates reality. So to dream of something is to connect with a mental vibration or image of what is possible.


Each human has a specific, unique and specific personal vibration. This powerful identity energy can be felt and experienced by others. To truly be authentic in the world, to walk your talk or practice what you preach it is vital that you can identify your personal vibration or essence.

One becomes empowered when they know their essential nature and its vibratory effect on others. When the individual’s emotional, mental and physical systems are all attuned to their core essence then they are considered to be authentic or to be in harmony with their dreaming or in the case of great performances to be soulful.

During this breathtaking workshop series participants will be skillfully guided to recognize their own essence.

·        Through fun filled improve exercises to bring participants joyfully into the now,

·        Through breathtaking guided meditation journeys to dance participants lovingly into their essence and

·         Through the visual delights of a multimedia presentations that will realign all systems through the extraordinary imagery of nature and sacred geometry

·        Drop inn’s welcome





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 A message from

 The voice of God


“Pray without ceasing.” 1 Thess. 5:17. “Continuing instant in prayer.” Rom. 12:12. Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: for every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” Matt. 7:7,8. “Meditate  upon these things; give thyself wholly to them.” 1 Timothy 4:15.


I reflect on this subject, because I am constantly encountering individuals, whether they be religious or not, who present questions in reference to relationship and communication with the POWERS THAT BE. The religious are concerned about prayer, while others are more attuned to meditation.

Regardless of their believe system, the only source for my response would be the WORD OF GOD (the BIBLE). In the Bible, I find the foundational Scriptures quoted in my heading. They lead me to conclude as others have that “Prayer is the key in the hand of faith to unlock heaven’s storehouse, where are treasured the boundless resources of OMNIPOTENCE.” “Prayer is not the overcoming of GOD’S reluctance; it is the taking hold of GOD’S willingness.” “Prayer is the opening of the heart to GOD as to a friend.” For you see, prayer does not change GOD; but it does change us and our relation to GOD. It places us in the channel of blessings, and in that frame of mind in which GOD can consistently and safely grant our requests.

“How shall we pray so as to be heard and to receive help? For one thing, there must be a real desire in our hearts. Forms of words do not make prayer: we must want something, and must realize our dependence upon GOD for it.” (J.R. Miller, D.D.).

Our Scriptural reference, in 1 Thess. 5:17, does not mean that we should be constantly bowed before GOD in prayer, but that we should not neglect prayer, and that we should ever be in a prayerful frame of mind, even when walking by the way or engaged in the duties of life, --ever ready to send up our petitions to heaven for help in time of need.


Meditation, on the other hand, is to the soul what digestion is to the body. It assimilates, appropriates, and makes personal and practical that which has been seen, and heard, or read. Some are very anxious that GOD should hear them when they meditate or pray, but are quite indifferent as to what HE says in reply. Vigilance, as well as meditation and prayer, is necessary if we would escape the evils, delusions, and calamities of the last days.

LORD, what a change within us one short hour

Spent in THY presence will prevail to make!

What heavy burdens from our bosoms take!

What parched grounds refresh, as with a shower!

We kneel, and all around us seems to lower!

We rise, and all, the distant and the near,

Stands forth in sunny outline, brave and clear.

We kneel, how weak! We rise, how full of power!

Why, therefore, should we do ourselves this wrong,

Or others, that we are not always strong,

That we are ever overborne with care,

That we should ever weak or heartless be,

Anxious or troubled, when with us in prayer,

And joy and strength and courage are with thee?




Prayer makes the darkest cloud withdraw;

Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw,

Gives exercise to faith and love,

Brings every blessing from above.


Restraining prayer, we cease to fight;

Prayer makes the Christian’s armor bright;

And Satan trembles when he sees

The weakest saint upon his knees.





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"A "Sacred" way to live, were "miracles" transpire, is found with deep Devotion, and Loving Desire.

View all as God's "children", cease judging anyone, share Love unconditionally, transformation has begun." --Eric M. Brodsky in Poetry of the Angels III


Dannion Brinkley's Thoughts On Memorial Day!!



"Your conscience is the measure of the honesty of your selfishness.  Listen to it carefully." --Richard Bach


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