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An exceptional composer and performer, Richard Shulman creates music which exudes a joyful and heartfelt energy. Drawing on jazz and classical roots, Shulman has forged a piano and keyboard style which goes beyond established genres, embracing and uplifting the listener.

At the Eastman School of Music, Shulman studied jazz improvisation with Chuck Mangione and Marian McPartland, and continued studies with Frank Foster while getting his Masters in music composition at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

Richard Shulman's Jazz performance and recording credits include work with Thad Jones, Jerry Dodgion, Pepper Adams, Eddie Gomez, Robert Previte, Lenny Pickett, Bob Moses, Steve Swallow, "Mr. Spats," "Crossing Point," The Richard Reiter Swing Band, "Providence," Grady Tate, and Ron Carter.

Shulman has performed at Carnegie Hall, Art Park, the United Nations, the Kool Jazz Festival, The Amenia Peace Festival, and numerous venues throughout North America and Europe. He has presented his music at, and created background music for, many conferences including the American Holistic Nurses Association '98, Healing Touch International '97, '98, & '99, Wesak in Mt. Shasta '96 & '97, and The Conclave of Michael. He has played for spiritual leaders including Norma Milanovich, Hilda Charlton and Stylianos Atteshlis(Daskalos) and many churches and synagogues. He has also provided background music for spoken audio tapes, videos, television, and healing environments.

The Buffalo News says: "Tracing down Shulman's roots could take much more space than these columns allow. His chamber jazz qualities betray a host of European classical giants. Closer to home, the Bill Evans harmonic approach is undeniable. So too is his debt to Keith Jarrett, both for his melodic solos and perhaps even more for that folksy outdoor quality.... There's also that airiness that's often associated with George Winston."

Hugh Wyatt of the New York Daily News calls Shulman " most enticing... a new find... in the Keith Jarrett tradition who cleverly and interestingly weaves a number of different cultures into his music." Don Slepian, writing in New Age Digest, lists Shulman's "A Simple Gift" as his favorite Jazz/New Age album. The Richard Shulman Group's third album, "Open Spaces" was released in 1997.

In addition to his Jazz work, Shulman has since 1984 created music for meditation and inspiration, which expresses the rewards of his own inner quest. In his solo concerts, he often creates a Musical Soul Portrait of the audience which serves to musically connect people with their highest vision, and also takes people on a musical journey to sacred sites, such as Assisi, Italy, the birthplace of St. Francis. One collaborative effort in this sacred style, "Ascension Harmonics" has been heralded as "an absolute feast of divine sound" by Karin Johnson in Heartsong Review.

Mr. Shulman works with the power of music as a medium of positive transformation. To this end he has recorded solo albums "World Peace," " A Higher Dimension," "Light From Assisi," "Transformation at Assisi," "First Rites" (for Healing Touch), "Light Music", and more recently "Ascension Harmonics" and "Keeper of the Holy Grail" with the collaboration of Samuel Welsh. His latest release "Music to Walk the Labyrinth", enhances reflection, introspection, and walking meditation.

Music for Meditation & Inspiration


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"Keeper of the Holy Grail, Sacred Attunements Through Music"
Cassette: $11.00  (Order No. RS01)
CD: $16.00 (Order No. RS02)

Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Piano and Synthesizers; Twelve orchestral musicians plus choir enhance Shulman's exquisite keyboards and spiritual attunements by Samuel Welsh expressing love, joy, and Divine grace. Three years in the making, Keeper of the Holy Grail resonates with and amplifies divine qualities inherent in each one of us.


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"Ascension Harmonics, Sacred Attunements Through Music"
Cassette: $11.00 (Order No. RS03)

CD: $16.00 (Order No. RS04)
Over 72 minutes of dynamic, orchestral synthesizers. Designed to give the listener an experience of Heaven on Earth. Great forstress release, meditation, alignment with soul's purpose. Spiritual attunements by Samuel Welsh.
"An absolute feast of divine sound....Magnificent!" Karin J. Johnson, Heartsong Review

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"Light From Assisi"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS05)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS06)

Orchestral Synthesizers; A deeply moving album for meditation, healing and spiritual transformation, created at the birthplace of St. Francis.
"I hear hundreds of recordings each year, but few touch me as deeply as this one." Ken Gruen, music reviewer for New Frontier Magazine.

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"Transformation At Assisi"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS07)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS08)

Orchestral Synthesizers; The companion album to "Light From Assisi," "Transformation At Assisi" takes the listener on a very personal sacred journey in the footsteps of St. Francis.

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"Music to Walk the Labyrinth" Synthesizer music for the inner journey. New
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS09)

Created and recorded at a labyrinth walk, this improvisation is recommended for reflection, introspection and walkingmeditation.

Music for Healing and Alignment

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"Light Music" Music to clear and align the chakras. (CD New )
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS10)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS11)

Orchestral Synthesizers; "Light Music" presents two programs of music beginning in the key of C (Red/Root chakra) and moving up the scale (spectrum and spine) to the key of B (Crown chakra). Recommended for personal and group meditations, healing sessions, and as background music for relaxation.

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Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS12)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS13)

Orchestral Synthesizers; Excellent for massage and healing work. This sweet, gentle music carries the vibration of Kwan Yin, known in the Orient as the Goddess of mercy and healing.

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"First Rites" Music for Healing Touch
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS14)
CD: $15.00  (Order No. RS15)

Orchestral Synthesizers; Spontaneously composed for healing work in cooperation with Healing Touch practitioners. One sixty - two minute piece helps the listener to gradually open the heart and receive blessings of healing and inspiration.

Play Sample (357K)

volume 2 Play Sample (280K)

"Sacred Music for Healing Hands" Volumes 1 & 2
CD-Volume #1: $15.00 (Order No. RS16)
CD-Volume #2: $15.00 (Order No. RS17)

Ambient music in tune with and timed to assist healing clients and practitioners in the transmission of subtle energies. This music can be used with any healing practice or for self healing. Volume 1 offers a "deeper" experience, while Volume 2 takes one "higher", touching the Divine.

Music for Enjoyment and Inspiration


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"A Higher Dimension"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS18)

Solo Piano; Tranquil and inspiring music for meditation, healing and relaxation.

"If I were going to sit in the middle of a pine forest and wished to hear some perfect music for the surrounds, I would...choose A HIGHER DIMENSION." Don Slepian, Starlight Times.

"World Peace" Cassette, LP $10.00 (Order No. RS19) Out of stock
Solo Piano; A powerful musical statement of and for peace. Symphonic in scope.
"Richard's playing is deeply expressive, deeply hopeful, technically sure but spontaneous and lovely." Heartsong Review, May 1990

"Solo Flight"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS20)

Solo Piano; A beautiful tape of many melodies and moods. Gentle Jazz piano.


Play Sample (594K)

"Open Spaces"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS21)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS22)

The Richard Shulman Group with Tim Moran, Greg Cohen, John Clay, Ted Moore
A masterpiece of inspired writing and creative playing. Side 2 is a journey of warm and exquisite beauty.
"A Simple Gift" Cassette, LP (Currently in preproduction for re-release)
The Richard Shulman Group with Tim Moran, Lenny Pickett, Dean Johnson, Bobby Previte.
Vital, cathartic and uplifting Jazz.


"Awake, Arise, Ascend"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS23)

Voices, Piano, Viola, and Synthesizers; Features the angelic, heartfelt voice of Connie Stardancer singing songs of spiritual awakening and ascension.

"Gratitude" Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS24)  Out of stock

Elizabeth Hepburn. Vocals, keyboards and guitar. Featuring John Lennon's Imagine, Jacques Brel's If We Only Have Love and Ron Young's Children of Light, Elizabeth's crystalline voice opens the heart of the listener.

"Messengers Of Light" Songs of a Higher Love
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS25)

Shelley Koffler. Deeply healing, transformative songs to inspire and remind you of who you really are. Bursting with love, light and joy; Folk country and reggae arrangements.

"I Become The Eagle"
Cassette: $10.00 (Order No. RS26)
CD: $15.00 (Order No. RS27)

Shelley Koffler. Vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, mandolin, flute, keyboards. Soul triggering songs about 21st century Lemuria, the dignity of animals, Peace Pilgrim, the wisdom of nature and more.

Audio with music for re - creation


Play Sample (670K)

"Roots & Wings"
Cassette: $12.00 (Order No. RS28)
CD: $16.00  (Order No. RS29)

Guided imagery & meditations to transform your life. A journey deep within your own life story with the clear resonant voice of Puja Thomson and Richard Shulman's inspired music. For more about Puja and her new Roots & Wings workbook, click here:

Play Sample (531K)

"Sounds of Healing" New
Cassette: $11.00 (Order No. RS30)
CD: $16.00 (Order No. RS31)

Mitchell L. Gaynor, M.D. and Friends. Music and guided meditations to promote healing and transformation. With Tibetan and crystal bowls, harmonic and overtone singing, shakuhachi, gongs,. voices, flutes, piano and synthesizers.

"Reiki, the Gentle Art"
Cassette: $11.00 (Order No. RS32)
CD: $16.00 (Order No. RS33)

Guided Reiki self-healing session; The gentle voice of Reiki master Pat Cyr leads a beautiful, guided self-healing session with background music by Shulman holding the Reiki vibration.

"Healing Depression the Natural Way"
Cassette: $12.00 (Order No. RS34)
A powerful tape featuring information, methods, and a meditation to lift depression by Elizabeth Joyce. Music by Richard Shulman.

"Beautiful Dreamer Awake"
Cassette: $10.00  (Order No. RS35)  Out of stock

Elizabeth Hepburn with music by Richard Shulman.
Side A: The lullaby for adults! Lehar's Merry Widow Waltz sung as a lullaby with guided visualizations to release the mind and body into renewing sleep.
Side B: Elizabeth's bright, up-beat wake up song with visualizations to energize and empower your new day.

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