Robert's photo album from around the world

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Meet the love of my life Dr. Joanne Lyon. She's the wind behind my sails.

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Here we are Compassion In Action!
With my girfriend, my film agent and manager Deborah Welsh, and Dannion Brinkley.

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Photo's from Egypt

Here I am, with the police again. This time in the middle of the desert at Sacarra.
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Me and my guide ham it up outside the Giza Plateau.

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A gorgeous shot of the Sphinx at dusk.
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This one needs no introduction.
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Here I am sleeping in the sarcophagus again. It's the only place I get any rest!
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A great shot of the Sphinx and pyramid.

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Inside the shaft in the great pyramid you really learn to walk like on Egyptian here.
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Inside the shaft in the great pyramid you really learn to walk like on Egyptian here.
Here I am with two of my guides. Note the stethoscope on the wall. The guides

explained to me that the people who ere here at the time did brain surgery.
Good thing it wasn't you or me! 

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With Sekhmit in Luxor.

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One of the main temples at the temple of Isis. 

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Photo's from England

The fabulous Stonehenge monument. I led a group in 1997 to tour the crop circles,
and other amazing sights with Colin Andrews and Barbara Han Chow.
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Karen, Busty Taylor, and myself in England.
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The crop circles are spun. Nothing in nature is quite like this.
The crop circles are one of the greatest anomalies on Earth. 

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Lying in the crop circles communing with the creator. What fun!
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Louise Harrison (sister of Beatle George Harrison) is one of my best friends.
I brought her to the Whole Life Expo in San Francisco were we paled
around doing book signings and having fun!

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