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Imagine yourself making a bigger share of the profit!  With E-Book  you'll even earn profits while you sleep!  You are about to learn how to cash in on:  marketing your Book as a E-Books.

Electronic books is proven to be the quickest and easiest way to make a lot of money using the web. 

We are able to compile html pages that include text, links, photos, graphics, sounds, animations and movies, and convert them into a very portable, compact and attractive E-Book.

We're now able to produce cutting-edge E-Books, booklets, ezines, full-fledged multimedia presentations and instructional media

  1. Unlimited creation of E-Books.  Without ever having to pay again for royalties or ongoing fees! This means more profit for you! 

  2. State of the art software security features!   ...will  protect your entire E-Books or just some pages of them. Easily letting you to sell access to the secured part - a great marketing strategy at your fingertips!

  3. Live internet linkingWe can link your E-Book pages directly to the internet. Imagine the sales you can generate with a link that can integrate your E-Book with our shopping cart? You can also use this feature to drive perpetual traffic to your website!

  4. Burglar-proof E-Books!  Users will not be able to share an E-Book with their friends or post it at their website (unless you allow them to do it). This feature makes your E-Book work in only one computer.

  5. HTML 4 & Plugins.  Using the world-wide standard of html 4,  your E-Books come alive and fully interactive with the latest technology like flash, shockwave, real-audio and quicktime!

  6. Complete portability.  You can distribute your e-books in diskettes, cd-roms, via internet downloads or e-mail attachments. There is no need to install them - they will run from whatever media they are in just by double-clicking on them...

  7. Your E-Book! a completely customizable user interface that lets you choose every single detail of how your e-book will look like. You'll be able to select the colors you want to use, the icons that appear on the navigation bars, the icon of the final product and every major and minor graphic detail of your creation!

  8. Personalized security!  Our secret key generator will let us assign personalized username/passwords with advanced encryption capabilities. These secure serial-number type passwords will keep your information guarded against prying eyes!

  9. Skin windows!   Most E-Books on the internet looks the same... but yours will stand out from the crowd! Our Art Department. can create bitmap skins for each of your E-Books.

  10. Reading ease. You can let your users open their e-book on the last page they read... this is a real time-saver in courses and catalogs composed by hundreds of pages.

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