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ALFRED BIELEK,  Survivor of the Astonishing Philadelphia Experiment and it's successor The Montauk Project.  Al survived time-warping, invisibility and electromagnetic zapping.  He was aboard the USS Eldridge for the final test conducted in the Philadelphia Harbor in 1943.

Angel and Eric Brodsky are the founders of The Universal One Foundation and Universal One Publishers.   The companies provide services and products that transform the Universe with Love.  Angel is a renowned inspirational speaker, trainer, hypnotherapist, mediator and much more.

Art Martin, D.D., M.A.  -Art  is a healer and therapist who, since 1980, has developed Neuro/Cellular Repatterning-a powerful new technique for healing the mind/body/spirit connection.  He is also author of seven books.

BARBARA MARK & TRUDY GRISWOLD  co-authors of the widely acclaimed Angelspeake: How to Talk with Your Angels, The Angelspeake Storybook and The Angelspeake Book of Prayer and Healing, are internationally known teachers, spiritual counselors, and angel experts. Their Angelspeake seminars have been featured on many national television and radio programs including ABC-TV's Good Morning America, CBS-TV's Leeza Show and Entertainment Tonight, and The Cristina Show on Univision, the Spanish speaking network.

CARRIE SHUBERT,  EXPERIENCE ONE OF THE WORLD'S MOST AMAZING PSYCHICS!   Carrie believes that psychic ability is a spiritual gift meant to provoke joy, not fear.  You will laugh with her while being truly amazed at what she "sees" from the other dimensions.

DANNION BRINKLEY -   What's this fool thinking about this week.  You can find what Dannion is thinking in each issue of Streaming News.    -- The complete Allan Handelman Show episode with Dannion is posted on in Hi-Fi and Lo-Fi streaming. Be sure to check out the link to Allan's page where there are pictures of Dannion in the studio.

Darrell G. Yardley, Ph.D., teacher and author of WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit, and over 50 other articles in biology, sociology, spirituality, and counseling.  Darrell is certified in advanced clinical hypnotherapy and energy release (breathwork) therapy.  He teaches meditation (Zen and insight) and has worked with indigenous healers in the United States and Mexico.

DAVE HALL,  from the Center for Cellular Health with his amazing  CELLERCISE program!  CAN THIS MAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY?!   You’ll never look at exercise the same way again. 

DIANNE J. MOORE  -- author of  A MAZE OF GRACE,  Dianne is also a social worker, and spiritual visionary who teaches people how to build on their positive twelve powers.  These inherent strengths include attributes, such as, courage, creativity, faith and intuition.  Embedded in rich autobiographical narrative.

 DONNA MCGRATH, An “Out of this World” Light Experiencer and PsychicIn 1994, Donna McGrath left a successful scientific research and sales career behind to lead the spiritual life of a contemporary mystic

DONNA REIS, ColorVision's™  Founder DONNA REIS, Certified Chromatologist, is  internationally recognized as an expert in the field of Chromatology (the study of color and light on all living things). Donna developed the only non-programmable aura imaging camera on the world-wide market today. She is an author, teacher, and international speaker.  What is an Aura?  By definition the aura is the energy field or "Life Force" that surrounds, encompasses and permeates all living things. 

Dr. Christian de Quincey - Philosopher and award-winning author Christian de Quincey, Ph.D., is an international speaker on consciousness, spirituality, and philosophy of mind at conferences and workshops in the United States and Europe. Dr. de Quincey, explores how mind and matter are related, and he proposes a radical and surprising answer: Consciousness goes all the way down! Not only do animals have minds or souls, but so do plants, even single cells like bacteria . . . all the way down the "great chain of being" as far as molecules, atoms, and beyond.

DR. LEONARD HOROWITZ,  a Harvard graduate and internationally known authority in public health and AIDS education is the Author of the critically acclaimed best seller: Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola-Nature, Accident or Intentional?,  

EAGLE SOARING, Awaken to a new understanding of your relationship to self, Earth Mother, and to all living things. Are you truly listening.  Come and hear this ancient wisdom to remember what you forgot. Transform your life. Eagle Soaring, a  Medicine Wheel artist and creator of custom Power Shields, is a lecturer and teacher of Native American wisdom.

EVELYN RICE,   Presents the "Finding Your Soul Mate™  Workshop Series" - This one and a half and/or two day workshop provides participants with a unique look at what it takes to attract, create and maintain a soul mate relationship in today's world. It will also provide an awareness of the foundational principles and skills necessary to have balance in a relationship.

Halina Kacicki  Her name  is Halina,...  Which means 'The Light to show the way'. Her passion is helping others. Her hope for you is that you will experience greater inner peace and understanding. Her own tough life experiences including three near deaths,... having compassion for others, and visions of unconditional love, attributed toward doing the work she does today. The prophetic visions for and about Humanity.

Jenna Catherine  -- author of   Conversing With The Future!  Not a prophet but a proponent of the future, Jenna Catherine's philosophy that the future should be used as a frame of reference--at least as much as the past--permeates her writings, speaking engagements and classes. Schedule Posted

Jesse Wolf Hardin  is a Contemporary Spiritual Teacher, Environmental Educator & Storyteller.   JESSE WOLF HARDIN (once known as Lone Wolf Circles) is an acclaimed presenter, and the author of numerous books including Full Circle: A Song of Earthen Spirituality (Llewellyn, ‘91) and Kindred Spirits (SwanRaven, 2000). His two decades worth of public appearances and published works have helped define “Deep Ecology” in this country, while influencing the formation of a new ecological ethic. Wolf is well known among the environmental, communitarian, pagan and social activist communities, and is in the process of broadening his message to reach the widest possible audience. 

Judy Collier  is a schoolteacher who works with special-needs children.  Judy's book, Quit Kissing My Ashes is the culmination of a loving son’s determination to comfort not only his family, but also the many friends Kyle left behind.

Kristina Catalina -  Author of Man Woman Relationships Made Easy.  She is a ‘Relationship Humorist’ and deserves this distinction because she uniquely applies humor to a serious and sensitive subject. She hosted her own radio talk show called “Man Woman – The Mastergame” in Southern California, and has been featured several times on local stations. For 18 years Kristina's been teaching men and women how to Communicate and Connect through understanding their unique and powerful differences.

Laurel Savoie -Author of CHILDREN OF THE SUN  Laurel Savoie author / singer / songwriter   This multimedia package includes a book and CD. Children of the Sun is a spiritual journey for children of all ages, teaching universal spiritual truth and principles through the power of written word, story telling, rhyme, music, performance and illustration.   This book is a must read for children of all ages.... ( Mel -LightStream)

Lisa VanderBoom, Author of “Awakenings: A Story of Love for a New Consciousness”  Lisa is a Bay Area Author, co-founder of LightStream Productions, and on staff at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (   Meet the woman who was given psychic guidance about furthering Dannion’s message years before she ever heard of Dannion.  And how a soul group is now coming to life under LightStream to fulfill this important work.  Lisa provides the flip side of Dannion’s message of not fearing death, with a message of hope for how to fully live the life we intended.

Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D. is Director of Research at the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Senior Scientist at the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at the California Pacific Medical Center.  She has published numerous articles on psi research and psychophysiology, cross cultural healing, consciousness studies, and creativity, has conducted research at Stanford University, Science Applications International Corporation, the Institute for Parapsychology, and the Mind Science Foundation, has taught at Trinity University, Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.

PETER HILL is a true professor of martial arts with an extensive knowledge in Tai Chi, Chinese Kenpo, Kung Fu, and Balintawak.  He started training in the martial arts in 1977, and opened his own school in 1981.  He has provided demonstrations and seminars in martial arts and in conflict resolution to people from all walks of life. He has been able to touch and improve the lives of many- young and old.  He continues to give instruction at a local charter school (Kindergarten through 12th grade).

REBEKAH ALEZANDER DUNLAP  is a retired Unity minister and Author of Breakthrough and Rainbow Connection  and contributing writer for Streaming News.  Rebekah's work is recognized in domestic and International directories of religious and metaphysical leaders.

Rev. Dr. Chris Lowe began traveling around the world as a musician with such artists as Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave, Clarence Carter, Percy Sledge, and others for approximately 10 years. After leaving the music business, he entered Paine College graduating in 1979 with a major in religion and philosophy and a minor in psychology, Magma Cum Laude. He then received a fellowship for graduate studies at Ohio State University in the doctoral program.  Dr. Lowe is now LightStream's, Dir. of Strategic Planning

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith - One of the metaphysical movement's most influential visionaries, leaders, and teachers of New Thought-Ancient Wisdom spirituality.  Founder and Senior Minister of the Agape International Spiritual Center, a 7000+ member church and one of the nation's largest multicultural, transdenominational, spiritual communities, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. National Co-Director (with Mary Manin Morrissey and Arun Gandhi) of "A Season for Nonviolence," an international movement to actualize world peace, convened by the Association for Global New Thought, sponsored by the M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence.  Founding Member of the Association for Global New Thought.

ROBERT GHOST WOLF   is a celebrated author of four books and continues a career as an accomplished multi-media artist.  As a Real Life Indiana Jones, Robert enjoys a unique passion for life, possessing many gifts, and talents, which have earned him recognition for his work the world over.   Robert has been a featured guest on many national television shows including NBC's Ancient Prophecies, Fox's Strange Universe, UFOAZ and Arizona Today, and is well known to the Coast to Coast Radio listening audience.

ROBERT PERALA, Author of  THE DIVINE BLUEPRINT Roadmap For The New Millennium.  We are embarking on an awesome journey as we enter the New Millennium.  It is time for us to remember who we are and to follow our Divine Plan.

ROY MILLS, a Southern Baptist from Bainbridge, Georgia is an extraordinary man who throughout his life has been blessed by a special means of comfort: vivid memories of a life  before birth.  He remembers a heavenly home and a loving Father and friends who deeply cared for him there. In his book, The Soul’s Remebance, he details his personal growth as a spirit-in-training for life on Earth.

STEVEN HALPERN Ph.D. is an internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist, sound healer, author and educator whose music is specifically composed to support relaxation, wellness and “sound health”.  He is a passionate advocate for the healing powers of music for spiritual growth, inner peace and world peace

TRICIA McCANNON, is an American mystic and the author of the long awaited book "Dialogues With the Angels". Her new books "Nine Steps to Self-Mastery", "Blue Print of the Soul" and "Beings of Light, Worlds in Transition" are due out in later this year.

WILLIAM HENRY, Investigative Mythologist and Intuitive in Ancient Spiritual Mysteries.  Author of: One Foot In Atlantis, The Secrets of  the Birdtribe - Lost Stargate Artifacts and Spiritual Teachings, and Blue Apples - The Secrets of the Holy Blood, The Holy Grail and the Holy Light, The Peacemaker and the Key of Life, The Secret Occult History of WWII and It's Impact on New Age Politics.

WIND HUGHES Earth-based, Native American & Transcendent Teachings WELCOME, we've been waiting for you. It is no accident that you found this site.  All things are part of the perfection of the spiritual unfolding!   "Beyond all thoughts, beyond all emotions & form, in the stillness of the silence, We discover who we truly are”--Wind

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