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Glenn Kimball- received his Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University and is heard on many talk shows.  You can also listen to Glenn's interviews on Coast to Coast, the X zone,  The Quest and a variety of other programs. Glenn's appearances on Coast to Coast have all been best sellers! Glenn has published in the Ancient American Magazine and in the After Dark Magazine among others. The show with Hilly Rose was the highest rated show in Art Bell History. "The Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus" sold more books on as a result of a Coast to Coast radio show than any other author in their history. Glenn was the key note address speaker at the UFO conference in Nevada in 1999.  He not only speaks on the history of Jesus and his associates, but King Arthur, archeology, Egyptology, Anthropology and Quantum Physics.

   He is also an author and lecturer on Extra-Biblical manuscripts

A Message From Glenn Kimball:

My first book was entitled "Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus", which was strictly the historical accounts of the childhood of the most famous man who ever lived. This is the greatest non-fiction book for Christmas ever. At the time I always wondered why more people didn't know about the rest of the life of Jesus. I had studied the early life of Jesus after meeting two priests in South America who were in a sort of exile from the Vatican Security Force. They would tell me of manuscripts and histories that lay buried in the seventeen miles of vaults beneath the Vatican around a poker table. The book is the real Christmas Story beginning with the great grandfather of Jesus and ending with the death of Jesus' father Joseph when Jesus was about fourteen years old.

The "Hidden Story of the Childhood of Jesus" comes directly from the records written by Jesus' two brothers. They were included in the body of documents called the "Only Rule of Our Faith", which was the original Bible before the Bible. The first half of the book is a historical explanation of the ancient texts and the second half of the book contains the actual story of the family of Jesus translated from the ancient manuscripts themselves. The book is deliberately very small. At the time I felt one of the reasons more people didn't know about the histories of Jesus' life was because they were buried in huge ponderous anthologies and unintelligible scholarly texts.  The scholarly historians, who have verified the ancient manuscripts, have largely been atheists and therefore not credible to believers. The Believers have shut the doors to Extra-Biblical documents and therefore haven't looked for additional history for themselves. This book is purely historical, and though I am a believer, it allows "the cards to fall where they may".


The ancient Jews from 300 BC began the exclusion of ancient manuscripts. They invented the word "heresy" and from the time of the Macabean movement all the books outside the five books of Moses were banned from synagogues. The Christian Old Testament came in 73 BC when a council of 84 Priests had to travel to the great Library of Alexandria in Egypt to retrieve copies from the 740,000 scrolls that were there before the great fire in 63 BC. Amazingly the Old Testament was located in Palestine at the time. They had to travel to get copies of the Old Testament because of the ban on the rest of history. However, that delegation left the majority of Jewish and Christian history on the table at that time. That is why the Bible refers to some 84 ancient books that are not included in the Bible.

The Christians largely came from the population of Jews who already were accustomed to banning books. There were more fragmented Christian Churches after the crucifixion than there are today. Each little town had their own collection of writings and traditions. The reason for the Nicene Council was to stop the warring factions on the church and vote of the most popular of the documents found among the local churches. Books that were left out include but are not limited to:

The rest of the letters of Paul that were not so popular.

Most of the books written by the brothers of Jesus.

There was a large conflict between the churches of Rome and Greece and the church of Jerusalem where His brothers lived and governed. This included the original Bible called the "Only Rule of Our Faith" and the Gospel of Thomas recently rediscovered.

The second half of the Gospel of Mark.

The three apocalyptic books written by James.

All the books written by women, including the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

The books that contained the birth, life and marriage of Joseph and the Virgin Mary.

All the books written by Jesus, that largely came from societies that were still foreign to early Christianity.

Rome knew of the great Druid University where Jesus lived and taught for a short time. There were many leaders in Rome, including Pontius Pilate, who were educated in England and knew about additional ancient works of Jesus.

Jesus' grandmother "Saint Ann" was born in England where her family (Joseph of Arimathea) owned a large interest in the tin and lead mines.

The writings of the Essene movement, from which we get the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Essenes were communal societies who were far too liberal for the conservative churches after Jesus.

The Gnostic scriptures, which came from a group that by the third century AD of the Bible were in disarray and had fallen from the respect of their peers. The Gnostics left us in the second century AD the magnificent Nag Hammadi Library on the banks of the Nile River.

The Roman stories of Jesus, which came from the converted members of the Roman Army at the time of the death of Jesus. We have great copies of the writings of Nicodemus from these texts.

The Nicene Council was designed to resolve the conflict between great Arius who advocated and investigation of the extensive number of books still left in local churches and libraries, and the second and third generation apostolic fathers who advocated a very conservative position with very few books.

The second book is "Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion", which is the amazing account of the real Pontius Pilate, Caesar, Herod and the three men who were responsible for the actual death of Jesus. This book contains the letters of Pilate to Rome at the death of Jesus, the letters between Herod and Pilate over the death of Jesus and excerpts from the writings of Nicodemus who chronicled the story of Joseph of Arimathea during the events of the crucifixion. Joseph of Arimathea had been the "acting father" of Jesus by Jewish law after the Virgin Mary's husband Joseph had died. These letters will shock the world. They tell the whole world that Rome and Herod knew a great deal more than we have credited them with. This book has not yet been released from the press, but will be in the next 45 days.

My new book will be called the "Hidden King" or the real story of King Arthur. I could spend days telling you BANNER HEADLINES about that one. King Arthur was the first of the Princes of Wales from which we derive European and Asian royal bloodlines. This second King Arthur was a direct descendant of the family of Jesus. He continued the great mining tradition of the family of Jesus from England.

My research has appeared on the Discovery Channel, Arts and Entertainment Channel (Ancient Mysteries of the Bible) and on the Learning Channel. They have even shown the cover of my first book. I have been feeding them research for a couple of years through David Stirland.

I have a new web site ", which will eventually house a portion of the five million ancient manuscripts on this subject. At this moment the site is the home of the Ancient American Magazine, which chronicles the most recent of the archeological discoveries in the country. Most archeology takes 20 years to come to the attention of the public and longer to get into our textbooks. The discoveries of this year are amazing. That is a subject for many completely different shows. That web site is only a month old and is still in the creation phase.

I have been the guest on 50 radio shows around the country in the last year including CBS nationwide with Elliot Stein. I have just begun to get exposure in television with the syndicated program on KUSK out of Arizona with Tanya Mock.

It is important to note that we are really talking about a huge--diverse group of histories and interests of Ancient Manuscripts and myself. The first are the Christmas stories of the childhood of Jesus and His family, contained in my first book "Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus".  The second is the Easter story of the politics surrounding the crucifixion. The third is the great story of King Arthur. The forth are the stories of Archeology in the Americas from the Ancient American Magazine.


How many Extra-Biblical documents exist in the modern world of discovery? (There are millions)

What year was Jesus born and what was the Star of Bethlehem? (seven BC)

Who are the Magi and what was implied by their visit to the birth of Jesus?

Who were the grandparents of Jesus and where were they born? (Saint Anna born in England,
Jesus' great Uncle Joseph of Arimathea born in Marorica Egypt)

Was Jesus really a poor Carpenter? (No. He came from the heirs to the throne of David who
were extremely rich. Later in His life his guardian father, Joseph of Arimathea, was the third
wealthiest man in the ancient world)

Why do we think Jesus' father was a poor carpenter and who was he really?

The Immaculate Conception was really the story of the birth of the Virgin Mary. That story is
incredibly interesting and is included in the book.

Tell us how Joseph and Mary really met?

When and where did Jesus' parents die? (Joseph in Palestine when Jesus was about fourteen or
fifteen and Mary in England in 48 AD.)

Who escaped Jerusalem with the Virgin Mary in the Exodus of the Faithful in 36 AD?

Are there stories about the life of the baby Jesus in Egypt? (Yes and they are in the book)

Who were Jesus' childhood friends?

Are their stories of the child Jesus?

Jesus played with the child Judas who eventually betrayed him.

The baby Jesus met the two thieves who were crucified with him on the cross as a child.

How smart was Jesus? (The stories and accounts of Jesus' education and interaction with the
teachers when he was a child.)

Was are traditional Christmas story accurate, or is there more (There is a lot more)

What happened to Jesus after the death of his father Joseph?

What evidence is there that Jesus did any traveling in his life and where did he go?

Who was Joseph of Arimathea? (a great ending topic which has enormous ramifications)

This should fill two hours with fascinating conversation and not even begin to cover the topic.


These questions come from my new book "Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion"

Who was Pontius Pilate? (A huge story with amazing headlines)

Who was Pilate's wife Claudia Procula?

Did Tiberius Caesar know about Jesus? (Claudia Procula, Tiberius' granddaughter kept him well

Did Pilate want to meet Jesus and why? (Yes, Tiberius had an illness and sent a letter to his
granddaughter to bring Jesus to Rome)

Tell us about the BLACKMAIL in the life of Pontius Pilate. (The biggest banner headline in the
second book)

Did Pontius Pilate ever know Jesus before the crucifixion? (They both attended the same
university and exchanged passwords at the time of the crucifixion from the University Debates. In
addition Jesus' family was famous at the great Druid University because they owned the great
mines in that country.)

Is this one of the reasons why Pilate didn't want to crucify Jesus? (there is a whole story
connected with that answer)

Tell us about the Dream of the wife of Pilate just before the crucifixion? (a well recorded
prophetic dream)

Tell us about Claudia Procula?

Was Claudia Procula a convert prior to the death of Jesus?

What happened during the three days after the death of Jesus? (Huge story about the earthquakes that happened not only in Palestine, but also in Rome that frightened the superstitious
Tiberius out of his mind.)

What did Pilate do just after the crucifixion? (The second banner headline of the book. Pilate takes fifty armed guards out into the streets and meets the resurrected Jesus face to face and speaks with him. The conversation is recorded by scribes in my book)

What happened to Pilate after the death of Jesus? When did he die? (Pilate dies at the hands of Tiberius for killing Jesus before Jesus could be brought to Rome)

Is there any evidence that Pilate converted to Christianity? (An enormous story of early Christian celebrations for Pilate that the eventual sainthood of Pontius Pilate.)

What happened to the powerful Joseph of Arimathea during the crucifixion? (From the writings of Nicodemus Joseph's best friend and eyewitness to the crucifixion events. Nicodemus and Joseph actually took Jesus from the cross and laid him in the family tomb.)

Tell us the story of the arrest of Joseph of Arimathea at the time of the crucifixion.

Where were the apostles at the time of the crucifixion?

What is the real story of Judas?

What happened to the church after the death of Jesus and how were the early ministries financed?

What happened to John Jesus' best friend? (The mysterious story of the travel of John to the Far

Tell us about the trials the night of the crucifixion.(There were four)

Who really killed Christ? (Three men who had the blackmail on Pilate. Annas was angry with the
family long before Jesus reached adulthood)

Was there a difference between the Sadducees and the Pharisees in the crucifixion? (Day and
night difference)

Who was the Sanhedrin and what role did they play in the death of Jesus?

What happened to the faithful followers of Jesus after the crucifixion? (Huge story ending with the Virgin Mary in England and others around the world. The brothers of Jesus stayed in Palestine.)

Tell us about the Forty-Day Ministry of the resurrected Jesus? (Forty is a key number for
Christians because Jesus was actually forty when he died.)

Did the resurrected Jesus appear anywhere else? (Huge story that extends into every culture of the world)

What happened to those who were responsible for the death of Jesus?

Why are our calendars off by seven years? What is the real date today? (We really live in the year 2005 which has implications around the world to this day)

Glenn's Latest Book....    Hidden Politics of the Crucifixion

You're in for the ride of your life! It may broaden your vision more than you anticipate.  Texts are taken from the writings of Jesus' brothers, Mathew and other close friends. Come and find the resources, so you can find them yourself in your library. It tells the rest of the story of the crucifixion including the blackmail behind his death and the letters between Ceasar, Pilate and Herod concerning the death of Jesus. It will be the sensation of the year for those who want to know.


“Hidden Stories of the Childhood of Jesus”

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