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Jesse Wolf Hardin 

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 Renowned presenter, author and founder of Animá nature-informed teachings and practice. 

 “Hardin’s voice inspires our passion to take us further— seeing the world whole— even holy.”

            -Terry Tempest Williams,  author of Red

 “...a surprising experience — archaic, fresh, future, wild, refined, all at once.”

            -Gary Snyder, Pulitzer Prize winning author



 Jesse Wolf Hardin is a much lauded author, counselor, conservationist, artist, musician, and inspiring presenter.  Together with his partners, he co-directs the projects of the Animá Center, a wilderness retreat and learning center, women’s sanctuary and wildlife and botanical preserve, located in a stunning river canyon and ancient place of power in the mountains of the enchanted Southwest.  The Center is host to vision quests, student internships and events like the Shaman Path Intensive and Medicine Woman Gathering, as well as the source of the life changing, online Animá Correspondence Courses.

 Hardin is well known among the self-help, back to the land, spirituality, healing, ecofeminist and conservationist communities, as well as with readers of natural history, the history of the West, sociology, primitivism and cuisine, and he’s currently in the process of broadening his message to reach the widest possible audience.  His 600+ published magazine articles meld self-improvement and psychology, primal world-view and new science, aesthetics and art, sensuality and consciousness, sociology and grass-roots activism, ecological restoration and personal healing like never before.  Drawing from his rural experiences and expressing his libertarian side, he has also written over 300 mind and heart opening columns for conservative rural newspapers, covering favorite topics like integrity, self-authority and our place in nature in a way that anyone can hear. 


Hardin’s over a dozen books are equally diverse, including The Way of Animá (Sweet Medicine Press, 2008), Home: Reinhabiting Self, Place & Purpose (Sweet Medicine Press, 2001/9), Old Guns & Whispering Ghosts: Tales & Twists Of  The Old West (Shoot! Pub., 2006), Gaia Eros: Reconnecting To The Spirit Of Nature (New Page, 2004), Kindred Spirits (Granite Pub., 2001) and the moving historical novel The Medicine Bear (Sweet Medicine Press, 2009).  His work has been featured in dozens of diverse collections including the esteemed Encyclopedia Of Nature & Religion (Prof. Bron Taylor, Editor; Continuum 2005), The Soul Unearthed (Cass Adams, Editor; Tarcher/Putnam, 1996) and How Shall I Live My Life? (Derrick Jensen, Editor/Interviewer, PM Press 2008).  Hardin’s latest effort is an empowering children’s book of herbal wisdom and personal empowerment, I’m a Medicine Woman, Too!, introducing young readers to herbal medicine, while encouraging them to believe in themselves and do whatever it takes to live their wildest dreams.


“Jesse Wolf Hardin addresses the need of human beings to search within themselves, and within their bioregions, and to make the connections that may save our sanity, and the planet too.  I know of no-one more thoughtful or articulate or inspiring.”

            -Jerry Mander   author of In The Absence of The Sacred




Hardin is available to speak at a limited number of appropriate venues in the Mountain West region, including conferences, festivals, universities and churches of all kinds.  He can also be heard teaching workshops at the Animá Learning Center in SW New Mexico.  Topics may include: Nature wisdom, Self-Growth, Indigenous Traditions, Natural History & Ecology, Natural Healing & Wildcrafting, Activism & Personal Ethics, Rewilding & Thriving in Troubled Times, Relationship & Community, Art & Writing, the American West & Regional History, Wildlands Restoration & Sense of Place.

 Audiences describe themselves as excited, empowered, motivated, engaged and inspired to affect the world in ever more creative and positive ways.  Hardin can raise the energy level of any venue he’s a part of, with many of his presentations resulting in standing, howling ovations.  Because of this he makes a very effective “wrap-up” or “keynote” speaker, whether the event is primarily professional/academic or for the general public.

 For more information on the Animá Correspondence Courses, or to book Hardin for a presentation, please go to:

 or contact: Kiva Rose

Box 688, Reserve, NM 87830



"Hardin's word and voice is the haunting cry of a wild-voiced wilderness seer... the ecstatic song of an earth lover, a man intoxicated with the beauty and diversity of life.”

            -Prof. Ralph Metzner  author of Green Psychology

 “Such is the power of Hardin’s speaking to and for our wilder, vaster, more noble and joyous selves, that you can expect to see new resolve in anyone fortunate enough to experience him speak.”

            -Jim O’Connor, Director of Kingsley Project

 “Wild is the world.  No one is better than Jesse at  helping us feel that wildness — deeply, experientially, beyond conclusion.  Hombre muy fuerte!”

             -Ed Abbey, author of Abbey's Road and Desert Solitaire

"Hardin doesn’t assume we all hear with the same ears.  So he sings, dances, plays, and chants, as well as instructing through the normal means of narrative. As he suggests, humans are ‘members not managers.’  To gain full membership in Earth’s community of life requires not simply the fostering of survival, but the gaining of true wisdom.  Hardin’s message is that we must learn to celebrate diversity, as we protect  it.”

            -Prof. Ed Grumbine  Univ. Of Ca. Santa Cruz, author of Ghost Bears

 “In terms of his depth, personal commitment and quality of performance, Jesse Wolf Hardin is peerless.  There are few others have all of his primal qualities.... making a most important contribution to a new responsible culture.”

            -Prof. Alan Drengson

  “Jesse sings us Full Circle to the raw, sweet wildness within, and calls us forward.”

            -Joanna Macy   author of World As Self, World As Lover

  “His vision is clear and inclusive and his message can take us into the world we are looking to restore and create.”

            -Sedonia Cahill    coauthor of The Ceremonial Circle



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