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Saturday -- August 31st    *     11:00 am – 8 pm


Interested in connecting with a whole new dimension of your being? Join investigative mythologist and author William Henry for one exciting and informative day in Nashville, Tennessee to discover the Sacred Knowledge of this fascinating and beautiful city. 

Nashville is home to copies of two remarkable healing/teaching temples. The Parthenon in Centennial Park is an exact copy of the original Parthenon, the Shrine of Athena, in Greece. The Tennessee Capitol Mall (not a shopping mall) is a copy of mystic Mount Meru. This antenna-like structure, known as the Pillar of Love, was the home of the immortals of ancient Buddhism because of the energy attracted by its design. In Nashville, this Pillar of Love is replicated in a 2,200 foot long park. It is the sister complex to the National Mall in Washington DC. The Intensive/Tour will focus on the secrets of the Parthenon and the Tennessee Capitol Mall. Both practical and inspirational, Secret Sacred Nashville is a journey of self-discovery and healing based on ancient spiritual traditions.






                Nashville’s Bicentennial Mall (left)  Mount Meru (right)


SATURDAY  *   AUGUST  31  *  11 am – 1 pm.


Informational Discussion by William Henry on the mysteries of the goddess Athena and her consort, Hephaestus, the god of alchemy and healing, and their temple, the Parthenon.


Tour of the Parthenon, including an awe-inspiring visit with the 40-foot tall statue of Athena.


1:30 – 2:30


Lunch at Calypso cafe next to the Parthenon




Informational Discussion by William Henry on the Tennessee Capitol Mall, a “living” temple whose design is a copy of Mount Meru. William leads you step-by-step through the incredible story of how the Pillar of Love came into being and how it connects Heaven and Earth.


The Tennessee Capitol Mall is a perfect model of our chakra system, rendering it a healing temple. As we walk the mall and do ceremony we will be connecting with our inner healing forces. After a tour with William, a Mayan shaman was moved to comment that this site is every bit as powerful as Karnak in Egypt, and Teotihuacan in Mexico. Nashville, he says, is truly the new City of Light.


6:30 – 8:00 pm




Cost of The Intensive/Tour $75


Accommodations, meals additional, and are handled by each person individually. 

Accommodations:  The Hampton Inn near the Parthenon group rate of $94.00 double occupancy, includes free breakfast and free parking.

Weather:  Much of both days tours will be out of doors.  The tour will be held rain or shine.  Please bring appropriate clothing for intense sun or rain.



William Henry is an investigative mythologist and author of nine books on mythology and the spiritual technology of the ancients.


For more information contact William Henry (615) 292-5397.

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