William Henry, Investigative Mythologist and Intuitive, Henry's primary expertise is discovering and interpreting ancient spiritual mysteries, illuminating fascinating connections from mythological and archaeological fragments long scattered down the corridors of human memory.



SADDAM HUSSEIN, THE STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN AND THE RETURN OF PLANET X (due to the size of this article, it is in Adobe PDF format.)


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He is the author of several critically acclaimed books: One Foot In Atlantis, The Secret Occult History of WWII and It's Impact on New Age Politics. 

After fifteen years of research, Henry offers conclusive evidence that WWII was a Holy War between two competing religions.  His controversial book  The Peacemaker and the Key of Life, explore and challenges the ideas surrounding the end of the present age.  Through careful research, and a new perspective, the author describes the religion, philosophy and archeology of the end times.  His lecture is titled Ancient Mystery Teachings of the Secret Societies, The Grail Mysteries,  Atlantis, Jesus, Magdalene, Stargate Mythology and its relation to millennium prophecy and the Nostradamus prophecy. 



Along his journey, he has written a number of books that expand and develop these themes, as he searches back across the hidden past, treading in the footsteps of modern occult searchers like Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolph Hitler.


Ark of the Christos
by William Henry


The Mythology, Symbolism and Prophecy of the Return of Planet X and the Age of Terror.

One of the great mystical thinkers of our era addresses the symbolism and hidden meaning of "Planet X" and its significance for our age. In this riveting volume, William Henry reveals that Planet X has been a part of the mythology of every culture since ancient Sumeria.

Is it really out there? If so, what has it done to us in the past, and what will the future bring? Find out in this amazing volume. EXCLUSIVELY WITH US.


The Crystal Halls of Christ's Court
by William Henry


William Henry is one of the world's greatest interpreters of hidden knowledge, and the Crystal Halls of Christ's Court is among the most important books of its kind ever published. The 'crystal halls' of Christ's Court is a reference to the Book of Revelation: 'Her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal...and the city lieth foursquare...' The book reveals an ancient technology of enlightenment, and how to use it right now. Special Sale-- $24.95. That's $5.00 off regular price!


The Healing Sun Code
by William Henry


William Henry has written a remarkable new book that researches the scientific meaning behind ancient creation myths and prophecies, and interprets them in terms of coming changes in our world. Henry's interpretation of Mayan astronomical calculations, for example, is completely original and fascinating. Henry's books are the output of a rare and remarkable man, almost totally ignored by all but a few cognoscenti, but well worth careful study by everybody with an open mind and a willingness to learn something really new, and really valuable.


God Making
by William Henry


In Godmaking, William Henry reveals the relationship between modern DNA discoveries and ancient knowledge. Drawing on unseen correlations between such things as the Egyptian Tower of Min and the Druid Maypole, he uncovers lost knowledge of DNA from the distant past, and along with it a whole new way of looking at the human future. He explains the previously unknown healing power of what he describes as our 'mystic anatomy' in this truly revolutionary book.
The Secret Healing Codes of Our Mystic
Anatomy and DNA


The A-Tomic Christ
by William Henry


The A-Tomic Christ continues the theme established in One Foot In Atlantis, of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's search for the world's hidden occult secrets. This time, he documents Roosevelt's search for the Grail, assisted by occult master Nicholas Roerich and Roosevelt adviser Henry Wallace. He delves into areas that have been all but buried, documenting, for example, the occult knowledge of the scientists who built the atomic bomb, and relates it in a very surprising way to ancient hidden knowledge of the spiritual powers of Christ. A unique journey into hidden esoteric history.


Blue Apples
by William Henry


Was there a lost technology associated with the powers displayed by Jesus Christ in his life and resurrection? What is the real secret of the Holy Shroud. Given that it is an artifact of the moment of resurrection, what energy left the image of Christ so mysteriously imprinted on the linen. In Blue Apples, William Henry explores the idea of stargates--holes in space that might enable travel across vast distances and through time. But he does this in the context of the secret history of occult shrines like Rennes le Chateau in France, and the lost history of the Cathars, brutally eradicated as heritics a thousand years ago.

What did they know about real human power and the true potential of your soul and mine? William Henry takes us on a journey deep into the world of lost science and the miracles of the ancient mind in Blue Apples. Learn the meaning of its enigmatic title.


City of Peace
by William Henry


Surely Nashville, the music city, couldn't be an important occult site and a repositiory of ancient knowledge? Well, think again, advises William Henry, who points out, for example that "in 1997 a temple resembling the ancient Pillar of Mount Mery was constructed on a former Mandan Indian religious center in Nashville, Tennessee. It was built to commemorate Tennessee's bicentennial. No one noticed its striking similarity to the Central Asian original." But William Henry noticed this and many other strange things about this perfectly ordinary American community and the ancient place of power upon which it is situated. Find out the secrets of the City of Peace.

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