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DAVE HALL, from the Center for Cellular Health with his amazing  CELLERCISE program! 
CAN  THIS MAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY??   You’ll never look at exercise the same way again!

David, a sought after speaker, travels extensively spreading his message of 'jumping for joy" and "flexing your cells."  His powerful concepts and wellness program called "Cellology-the Four C's of Anti-Aging" continues to attract more and more attention, and more and more believers.

  David is a living testimony of health & fitness at the cellular level. Harnessing the natural forces of the Earth, he incorporates aerobics, calisthenics, and isotonic into a 10 minute per day program being used to revitalize energy levels, stimulate body functions, increase circulation, reduce body fat, improve indigestion/elimination, revitalize vision, strengthen the immune system, improve lymphatic drainage, heighten sexual responses, increase flexibility, strengthen the lower back, and much much more. “Don’t just flex muscles-flex your cells; 75 trillion of them a hundred times a minute. In the convenience of your home, at the office, or while you travel. All over the world children do it naturally-let’s relearn it together!!! David Hall is a health fitness consultant and a living testimony to the benefits of exercise and health at the cellular level. 

Mr. Hall has been seen numerous times on Good Morning America, CNN, radio and TV programs and was featured on the front cover of “Natural Health & Fitness Magazine.

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