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December 23, 2005 Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf made his transition into his beloved spirit-world in the early morning hours of Solstice, December 21, 2005, while visiting his daughter in Oakland, California. The family has arranged for a private Memorial Service in Oakland and it was Robert's request that they, along with us......his greater spiritual and greet each other during the next year in Ceremony in his honor..  (to be announced at a later time).  Below is the Christmas Message he sent the day he left for California........and we pass it along to you, as it was the out-pouring  of his heart for all of us. In loving memory of our father, father-in-law, Grandpa, brother, life partner, spiritual teacher and friend. Robert's Family

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Something wonderful to read at Christmas timeThe Golden Braid May the Blessings of Our Lord touch your soul Dr. Ghost Wolf  and his vast works on the internet will remain available for all the years to come.=========================We have established a memorial fund to assist the family with these unexpected expenses. Mail payable to:Gabrielle Richey (his lovely daughter)c/o Wolf Lodge223 N. Guadalupe St., #178Santa Fe, NM  87501Or or

Author, Artist and Shaman of the Metis People

Dr. Robert Ghost Wolf is an internationally recognized author, speaker and artist. As well, he is quite well known and sought after for his many explorations in the field of Krypto-Archeology and the ancient civilizations of the Americas.   His earlier books, Last Cry • Native American Prophecies • Tales of the End Times and Winds of Change established him as a mainstream author internationally and are in their fourth printing, and about to be published in Spanish and distributed in European market!   In addition to this Robert has two new works that are available as original Author’s manuscripts through most major book stores and can be obtained through Barnes and Nobles, and or go to the Wolf Lodge Web Site and buy them directly. These are Through the Eye of the Shaman, The Nagual returns with the gift of Kryah and Days of Destiny Cosmic Prophecies and wisdom for the 21st Century

He is a Metis, being of Native American and European heritage and strongly advocates the Spiritual rights of the many millions of Metis people here in the Americas..   He has, as well, worked intimately as a human rights activist and Shaman with Indigenous Spiritual Elders of the Native Nations for many years, and the wisdom keepers of the Celtic peoples. These relationships have earned him a high degree of respect from many spiritual leaders of the world, and access to knowledge not commonly known by others outside of those circles.   It is his intimate knowledge of their spiritual teachings and wisdom teachings that have made him a highly sought-after advisor in these realms of higher understanding.   Mostly, Ghost Wolf is known for his activist work for Spiritual and Racial tolerance which includes, but is not limited to, working with the elders of the Apache, Lakota, Osage, Hopi, Ojibwa, Dene, Chippewa, Cherokee, Yaqui and Mayan-Toltec.

About his work he says: “We must build bridges between peoples now. There has been enough separation. That separation has only caused confusion, and results in fear-based beliefs, that are really no more than superstition and illusion.   We are all God.  We must reconnect to our hearts. What will occur tomorrow depends upon what we choose today, in this moment, as our path. The Sacred Hoop and the Holy Grail - these are one and the same. They represent the Human heart… There is as much Celtic History here upon the Turtle as there is that of other races.   Soon this will become common knowledge to everyone.. The time has come for the truth to be known by all people.”

Robert Ghost Wolf carries a very unique body of knowledge that sheds a bright light on our forward movement in this time of great change and appearing chaos….. A time, perhaps, of the most dramatic changes ever to effect the course of human evolution…..  A time where, as we walk with a foot in two worlds, we are approaching the reality that we are about to take a hallo leap into our foreverness.



Robert's new book new is "Changing the Tides of Fear". 

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