The purpose of the Gakati'yi Foundation is to help people set themselves free.  Enslavement and tyranny have a long and painful history on our beloved planet, Earth.  The worst case scenarios projected as our future have indicated probable destruction, annihilation and even  the possibility of our ending up as a black hole.(1)(2)(3)(4)(5)  The great importance of this matter was demonstrated when, in 1992, over 1600 senior scientists, including a majority of the living Nobel laureates in the sciences, collaborated, signed and publicly issued a document entitled "Warning to Humanity."  They asserted unequivocally that the human race and the natural world are on a collision course which could alter our environment and ourselves in such a way and to such degrees that it cannot continue.  They issued the following warning. 

"We, the undersigned senior members of the world's scientific community, hereby warn all humanity of what lies     ahead.  A great change in our stewardship of the earth and  the life it is required, if vast human misery is to be avoided and our global home on this planet  is  to be irretrievably mutilated."(6)                     

 An alternative to eventual destruction and/or annihilation is for humans to choose to free themselves through creativity, redecision, love, healing at all levels, especially the emotional body, and expansion of consciousness. (7)(8)(9)(10)  The Gakati'yi Foundation supports the idea that such processes are available, possible and indeed mandatory if we are to succeed in deterring destructive scenarios.  Liberation is possible, attainable and totally valuable as it will result in joy, peace, happiness, pleasure, infinite creativity and abundance for all. (11)(12) The challenge is enormous.  The obstacles to success seem overwhelming, perhaps making  the goal appear beyond attainment.  Yet, it must be attempted, and there are many supportive energies and positive aspects for potential success.(13)(14)(15) 

         Sovereignty is a beautiful word, a beautiful concept.  The history of our consciousness on Earth has been so saturated with tyranny, control, fear, pain and suffering and destruction that sovereignty can seem to be an unreachable, unattainable goal on Earth by the human race, or even a single individual.  However, it is asserted that sovereignty is an idea whose time has come, it is the Zeitgeist.(16)(17)(18)  Liberation of Self and Other is here for the duration.  The famous and ever charismatic attorney, Gerry Spence, states it this way:  "We have become the new American slaves: but there is a revolution coming.  It is a revolution of individual liberty.  It will free us without violence.  It will begin with the self.  It will spread to the workplace.  It will turn our corporate masters into our servants.  It will free us of government's tyranny.  The revolution will spread to all corners of the nation, and at last, we shall be free."(19)   One author who is willing to speculate about our possible future has suggested that we will be in the process of change of consciousness and deciding what we want to do and are willing to do for the next 50 years.(20)  Another author suggests that the next 25 years will be very crucial. (21)  Regardless of these longer term future projections, the immediate future appears urgent and very busy.  It is time for us to be totally committed to and immersed in the processes of healing ourselves, freeing ourselves and protecting our Planet.

           The energy and resources of the Gakati'yi Foundation are particularly focused upon the healing and freeing of the emotional body.  "As inside emotional health and consciousness are, so shall outer health and consciousness be."  As just introduced in numerous references, vast literature is available on how and why the negative pole of experience became so real, so heavy and so seemingly dominant in human consciousness, so dominant that it has been considered as potentially leading to annihilation and destruction of Earth itself and all life upon it.  For now, in this treatise, the negative pole is placed in the realm of unconditional loving acceptance.  The negative pole can be regarded as friend rather than enemy, as source of wisdom and experience, as a teacher, as a university where creators in the process of learning how to create can learn what to generate and what to avoid, as a stimulant for transformation.  When balanced with the positive pole,  a third position emerges, the center point, the point of poise, the point of power, compassion and unconditional love.  Evolution of consciousness has been achieved!  Sovereignty is present here, in the "Great Now" even in the 3rd Dimension.  The emotional body has been moved from inflexible, stagnant, stymied energy due to trauma through the negative pole which left hurt, fear,  judgment and defenses in primary position, to freedom, openness, flexibility and new, dynamic options. 

             Persons who have gone through the processes of transmutation, transformation and transcendence will become more and more sovereign, attain and retain more consistently states of  joy and  happiness and move toward youthfulness and healthier states of physical well being.   The process itself  is also important - the journey is just as valuable as the destination and the results.  Much suffering, pain, or agony may be involved as the emotional body heals itself and expresses all that has been and currently is, but the self awareness, increased consciousness and infinitely increasing pleasure tolerance and expressions of joy will make it worth it all and more.   

     1)The Resources of the Gakati'yi Foundation 

                 2) Processes for Setting Oneself Free                 

  3) The Problem and the Solution       

4) Joy and Expansion 

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