The Resources of the Gakati'yi Foundation

              The beautiful legend of Gakati'yi was introduced to the Founder and Director of  the  Foundation in the late 1960's.  During that period of time Esalen Institute had become world famous, and people were developing growth centers everywhere, after their transforming experiences at Esalen, to expand what was transpiring at Big Sur, California.  The Founder and Director of Gakati'yi is Dr. W. G. Black.  Esalen was his stimulus for transformation in 1968.  Like so many others during that time,  he brought the process to his home and community after his own experience was so transformative.(22)  Dr. Black's doctoral training in clinical psychology and his life's work have involved deep explorations into human freedom.  Juvenile delinquency, adult prison inmates and special focus on drug abuse are extensive in his training and repertoire of professional experiences.  He was deeply  influenced by "A Day with the Staff of Esalen," an experiential day at Del Webb's Townhouse in San Francisco in August of 1968.  Gestalt therapy and encounter group therapy were introduced to him on this trip, and they became major features in his life and work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Fritz Perls, M.D., was the colorful and flamboyant founder of Gestalt therapy.  He mastered the art of working with polarity and moving toward synthesis.(23)(24)  Perls nicknamed two parts of us as "Topdog" and  "Underdog."  He was very adept at helping people to identify these parts, work with them, interact with them and move to a resolution, a synthesis, a new place in personal development, a new realization of the Real Self, identifying the Real Self as living in equality rather than superiority or inferiority.   Decisions to change judgments and the release of emotional attachments to the past allowed people to move into present time and become personally empowered there.  Perls emphasized that anytime we give our power away to another, through projection, or attempt to live vicariously through another by attempting to take power away from them, we diminish ourselves and our own empowerment.  To that extent and in that way we are not free.  The growth processes of Gestalt therapy activate and enhance the Real Self of the person to heal from within, change from death trend to life trend, and move to creative self expression in the Great Now. In traditional psychoanalytic terms, a person who is in a state of personal limitation and diminished freedom, i.e., neurosis, can free themselves, empower themselves and become emotionally sovereign.   

                     In addition to a long and enjoyable career use of Gestalt therapy,  Dr. Black also has extensive training and experience in Transactional Analysis, Psychodrama and Bodywork.  Through the years he has attended seminars and workshops which acquainted him with most of the methods and approaches to growth and healing in the realms of psychology and psychiatry.  It is interesting to note, since victim consciousness is so prominent currently, that Dr. Black was introduced to victim consciousness and how to overcome it very early in his career.  Dr. Karpman of  San Francisco, a student of Eric Berne M. D. and Transactional Analysis, developed the Karpman Drama Triangle.  It was available to Dr. Black as early as 1969.  The model of the drama triangle presented the idea that all dramas include the roles of a persecuter or perpetrator, a victim, and a rescuer.  Once identified, decisions can be made which will free a person from the role(s) in which one is trapped, enslaved or stuck.  Currently, today, the focus on victim consciousness, victimization, the need for self empowerment, etc., is just phenomenal and enormous.   Dr. Black added a Gestalt therapy idea to the drama triangle by exploring the polar aspect of each of the three original roles.  He observed that the drama triangle seemed to be like an X-Ray of the body.  It shows where the bone is broken, but what is the cure?  So, for example, he decided to view the polar side of the rescuer as real help, the polar side of the victim as discovering one's inner strength and empowerment, and the polar side of the persecuter as loving confrontation with the truth.    This idea made it possible to utilize the drama triangle as a holistic, Gestalt therapy model, moving from helpless victimization to fully empowered, personal sovereignty.   Thus far Dr. Black has not seen any exact duplication of this model, so it appears to be an original model of personal growth and personal responsibility expansion.                                                                                                         

             A unique part of  Dr. Black's history is that he is a graduate of his own daughter's massage and energy-healing training.  Cathy Black codeveloped the School of Intuitive Massage in Santa Barbara, California, with her mentor and friend, Ann Parks.  Dr. Black completed that training in 1988.  Through the '90's, Cathy Black developed the Taos branch of the Jay Scherer School for the Healing Arts in Taos, New Mexico, an extension of the original one which Mr. Scherer spent 40 years developing in Santa Fe. 

          The current Board of the Gakati'yi Foundation is composed of Dr. Black, Mr. Jack Karhu of San Antonio, Texas, and Ms. Suellen Brown of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Mr. Karhu and Ms. Brown are also remarkable resource persons and have rendered infinite services to others through Gakati'yi.  

            Mr. Karhu had polio at age six, one year before the vaccine was available.  He was in the hospital ten months and one day.  His survival included six weeks in an iron lung.  During the time in the iron lung the doctors told his parents that they "might as well plan to live the rest of their lives without him."  He lost the normal use of his legs for life but  has been remarkably functional through braces and crutches.  Mr. Karhu has had a phenomenal life and a most successful career in sales, advertising, public relations and fund raising.    He is especially inspirational to all who are struggling with obstacles, problems, limitations and potential or actual losses.  He attributes part of his excellence in life to his personal growth processing with Dr. Black, beginning in 1969.  In 1983 he did a psychodrama which revealed and transformed the limiting, unconsious  programming of his experiences in the iron lung.  The expanded freedom achieved through this session led to even greater accomplishments and creative joys.   He has contributed in many ways to the development of Gakati'yi and remains an outstanding part of the resources of  the Foundation.   

              Ms. Suellen Brown has mastered several areas of life.  She is a beautiful person, a beautiful woman with mastery as a wife to her husband, now deceased, David Brown, as a mother to 3 children, and as a business woman.  Ms. Brown became a computer programmer in the earliest days of the industry and is among the best in her field.  She is also very interested in health, nutrition, longevity enhancement and seems to be ageless in her own right. Ms. Brown was involved and successful with Innovative Computing.  She is currently participating extensively in Arbonne International which emphasizes longevity enhancement, skin care and personal beauty.  She has assisted countless people in their quest to free themselves, attain liberation and become sovereign.   

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