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  Joy and Expansion                        



     The Staff and Associates of the Gakati'yi Foundation have done their best for many years to evolve, to develop the highest consciousness and become "the best possible versions of themselves."  We are quality beings with the best levels of consciousness that we have been able to attain so far.  There is no "better than" or "less than," just equality.  We are available to assist any who request it on their journey.  The Resources of the Gakati'yi Foundation are available for the enhancement of personal growth, evolution of consciousness and infinite expressions of joy.

     A Staff of approximately Twelve persons is proposed as an optimum for the future.  Eight to ten persons in addition to the current Staff of Dr. W. G. Black, Mr. Jack Karhu and Ms. Suellen Brown provide a very exciting set of possibilities for the Staff and the Planet.  A wide and powerful range of professional training and vast histories of personal growth and spiritual evolution will enable Gakati'yi to offer and render great service. 

    Spiritual evolution, personal growth, physical life extension, programs for consciousness raising and consciousness expansion for children, all will become realities as they are expressed through the dreams, intentions and sharing of talents, training and devotions of this expanded Gakati'yi Staff.   These additional staff members have been preparing for a long time.  They are well prepared, poised and eager to enter this new phase of service.  Great joy is present now as the project unfolds. 

The Purpose of the Gakati'yi Foundation 

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