Processes for Setting Oneself Free 


                 Dr. Albert Schweitzer is quoted as saying that each person has his own doctor within, and the greatest service we can render is to assist another in discovering and activating their own inner doctor.  The Gakati'yi Foundation has functioned with this idea as a basic premise from its very inception until now and will continue.  As discussed earlier, it is paramount that each person empower themselves from within rather than seeking  to empower from outside the Self.  Yet, there are also the principles that no one is healed alone, and we are all healing together.  Each person anchors in human form a part of the wound, a part of the healing process and a part of the totality of all Truth.  There is a healing process for the emotional body of each person, and the resources of  Gakati'yi are devoted to supporting that process.   Each successful experience of emotional body healing contributes to the whole process of healing the human race and the human condition at this time.  Arnold Patent, Attorney-at-Law, expressed the problem and the solution this way.  "As long as a single human being is still incarcerated on Earth, we are all incarcerated."(25)  We long to believe that we are not so interrelated, so interdependent, so intertwined with others and their dramas.  This approach asserts our interconnectedness while holding each person responsible for the creation of their own reality and their own dramas.  Jo Buchanan of Australia decided to work with women inmates in prison, sharing her skills in meditation, healing and consciousness expansion.  Jo has observed that this work led to humility, healing for herself and much expansion of her own consciousness.  She discovered that the persons with whom she worked were remarkable people, regarded by society as the "shadow" to be avoided, hoping to remain distanced from itself, even unknown to itself.  The healing of the shadow, the opening of the heart of the shadow, to the acceptance of the shadow, holds open the prospects for healing the whole, opening the heart of the whole race.  Jo Buchanan and her clients are in the process of setting themselves free. (26) Dr. Black's experiences in incarcerative settings were similar to hers, from 1964 through 1982, and the Gakati'yi Foundation continues and expands such experiences of Spirit expressing as freedom and sovereignty.   

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