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Eva Herr always had a normal career, that of being a litigation paralegal.  But since May, 2003, she started a career as a health and emotional intuitive.  As a result of a “dark night of the soul” in 1992, when during a six week or so period her son was kidnapped by her own mother, she lost her job, she became pregnant and wasn’t married and her father died suddenly

 “An experience like that would bring anyone to their knees and that is exactly what it did to me.  Unfortunately, it takes it though most of the time in order for one to understand that the real mission of life is simply submission to God, the Oneness, the Consciousness of all there is.  You can feel it within you, your frequency begins to raise and you begin to “hear”.   Follow it, minute by minute, for it is the wisdom of All There Is.  When one does this, amazing things will begin to happen in your life.  It will even begin to happen synchronistically without any action having been performed by you.  It is all about vibrational frequencies.  Everything is vibrating at an exact frequency.” 

 Eva experienced an afterlife encounter in 1996 and underwent a paradigm shift in consciousness that forever changed her life. Since the shift of consciousness she has been able to feel the Oneness and peace of the fourth dimension and the pure understanding that we are indeed all One.

It is an amazing experience.  I hate to put it this way, but it is the best description that I can come up with.  It is like trying to describe an orgasm to someone who has never experienced one.  It’s impossible to describe.”

 As a result of the consciousness shift, she can now detect vibrational frequency changes within the bodily organs and systems on a cellular level.  She is able to discern the underlying emotional cause of the illness and the person in your life connected to the emotion.

 She woke up knowing things and people she hadn’t known before, specifically Dannion Brinkley and Dr. Raymond Moody, who she says are now friends and that “they are both wonderful people and have both been a tremendous inspiration for my life;” and the works of Caroline Myss, though she didn’t know Myss specifically.

 Through the consciousness shift, a wonderful gift evolved through Eva.  That of health and emotional intuition.  She can channel vibrational frequency issues and emotions of your body and give suggestions on how to heal them, all of which begin with forgiveness.  She can teach this ability to others but notes that it would take great dedication and hard work.

 Her comments as to Vibrational Medicine:

 “Everything is made up of atoms and we all know atoms vibrate.  Each type of specialized cell within your body vibrates at a different frequency.  If this vibrational frequency gets off, which it does over time, it can cause mutational changes to take place or heart disease to manifest due to various chemical reactions that occur within the body.  The vibration has to be maintained at a healthy frequency to prevent illness -- for vibrational medicine is preventing illness, not treating illness.”

             Her Comments on Consciousness and Oneness:

 “I suddenly understood total submission and agape, unconditional love for every person as you love yourself.  That loving another was in fact, loving yourself, because we are all One.  Also to trust, simply trust and don’t resist.  Don’t worry about what is happening next week.  Just be in the moment, for whatever is happening in the moment is what is supposed to be happening.  It is perfect for the experience that the Consciousness of all there is, is attempting to experience through you.  Follow that attraction that draws you deep inside it will lead you to peace and happiness for you will find that you need nothing but yourself to be happy.” 

 “…there is a major shift of consciousness taking place right now and we are all gravitating to one another... we are all students, though not required, if necessary, find a teacher whose understanding exceeds your own and learn something new.  Take advantage, learn how to manifest, learn how to hear the Consciousness of all there is.  Manifest your reality and perfect health by learning forgiveness and raising your consciousness.  Through forgiveness you can control your emotions, thus controlling your health.  For your emotions ARE your health!”

 Her Comments as to Shifts in Consciousness:

 A shift of conscious is real, something really happens, it cannot be denied for those that have experienced it. And “NO” you are not going crazy!   It can take over and change your life as you now know it if you are not careful.  That’s where a good mentor comes in handy.

 For example, some indications of an approaching shift in consciousness are:

 Intermittant thoughts that “there must be something more”;  “there is a void in your life which cannot be filled by anything you can buy” or “a sudden extreme compassion and agape for all living things” or “a sudden vast understanding of the “big picture.

 A “dark night of the soul”, which to best describe is to feel you have absolutely no hope and no where to turn. You give up. And then, something happens that changes your life, an understanding, a feeling of contentment and an “I can do this!” attitude takes over because everything is perfect.  It was nothing that you could have caused to happen.  It just happens and you become “different”.

A sudden knowledge that you know things that other people don’t know and they don’t know they don’t know it.  However you know the instant they open their mouth...

 You find yourself “seeking” hopefully to “find”...

 Sickness erupts, surgical issues, depression, obsessive compulsions and sensitivies to external stimulation;

 Synchronicities occur, lots of synchronicities.  Pay attention to these.  They are the green lights that you are on the right road.  Miss one, and you will find yourself on a bumpy dirt road; and

 You find that loved ones resent the new you.. they don’t understand the “change” and conflict occurs.

 All of these things are vibrational frequency issues.  When these things happen, the frequency of your body is changing in preparation to raise your vibration.  Are you ready for the shift?

 If you are interested in individual or group mentoring, satsungs, workshops or readings she may be reached at 404 513 2895 or by email at:  evaherr@gmail.com.  You may also visit her website by doing a google keyword search for Eva Herr.

Introducing Eva's new Book

AGAPE The Intent of te Soul by Eva Herr


For an intuitive description of your soul and life's process through spirituality you will not find a better description than in this book.  For your life's path and the work that you're meant to do, you will find guidance.  This book is life's handbook to peace-not just in your life, but in the lives of the masses.  For agape, my friend, is what it's all about.

Eva Herr is a Medical Intuitive who currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  Eva does private consultations via phone and in person.  For more information, visit: www.evaherr.com

"This book is a great read!  Eva tells a story of one person's search to understand their reality, thereby helping us better understand our own.  Thank you, Eva!"
 - Dannion Brinkley
 Author of bestseller Saved By The Light

"Intuitive descriptions of physical reality came long before scientific theories of the universe and had their specific origins and ancient spiritual practices.  Eva Herr's account of her inner explorations of the cosmos make absolutely fascinating reading!"
-Dr. Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.,
Author of bestseller Life After Life

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in 1995, Eva Herr, Health and Emotion Intuitive can detect the vibrational frequency of your cells.  She can detect if disease is manifesting within your body.  The vibrational frequency of your cells get off balance because of emotional issues that have buried themselves within your body's organs, soft tissues and bony fragments.  Detect these vibrational problems before they manifest into complicated issues such as heart disease and cancer, before they are too late to treat.
Once vibrational illness has manifested, you can learn how to reset your cell frequencies by use of forgiveness techniques.  It works, its real and it costs you nothing to use once you have the technique.  Healing is the start of a new life.  What are you waiting on?  It's only time slipping by.

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