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By Art Martin   Becoming a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body - A Manual For Your Spiritual Journey  - This book is an operator's manual for apprentice earth masters who are embarking on the spiritual journey, and shows you how to listen to the messages that we receive each day to guide us on our path.
$15. 95


   Improve Your Life Through Dowsing

Dowsing is much more than locating a site to drill for water.  It connects us to universal knowledge to improve the decisions we make regarding our lives.  Health dowsing expands our knowledge to improve our diet, determine proper dosage of supplements and protects us from eating unsafe food.  $12.95


by Art Martin 

"Journey Into The Light" The Path to Enlightenment and Transformation: An Ascension Manual for Apprentice Earth Masters.  The path to enlightenment is not just a deja vu experience where suddenly you have a new reality in your life. $15.95





by Art Martin  Opening Communication With GOD Source - Accessing Your Akashic Record - The author's search for God uncovers a shocking truth - that it's actually a group of wise and ancient beings who have been involved with Earth since the beginning.



by Art Martin  Your Body Is Talking; Are You Listening?

The Mind/Body Medicine Connection is the first book in a series on Psychoneuroimmunolgy, healing yourself with the power of your mind.  $14.95




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