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Judy  Collier's book, Quit Kissing My Ashes is the culmination of a loving sonís determination to comfort not only his family, but also the many friends Kyle left behind.


John Edward, host of TV's Crossing Over, "A family's story of love, death, tragedy and triumph. A MUST-READ for any parent dealing with the loss of a child." Price $24.95 US




Linda Hullinger's A Puzzle Without A Box, tells the story of how she was led to use her abilities to help those who are grieving.
Linda is currently rewriting this book and it should be available in a few months!! -LS

How would you feel if a stranger came into your home, opened a puzzle box, scattered hundreds of pieces and said, ďLetís begin, we have work to do.Ē Thatís how Linda felt when a young spirit who calls himself Edgar turned her home into a halfway house for children from the Other Side. For two years, Edgar trained Linda by way of symbolism, helping her discover the many young souls who had come into her home in hopes of connecting with their parents. Piece by piece, Edgar gave her glimpses of the bigger picture: her future as a psychic/medium. Price $14.95 US


Conversing with the Future

Visions of the Year 2020

It is incredible that humanity has been mislead all of these years, thinking the only way to know is to look at where we've been with little regard to where we could go.

Jenna Catherine illustrates time travel by leading the reader with flair and excitement into the year 2020, where life has changed dramatically into a vastly more loving society.

By telepathically conversing with residents of the future, she inquires into the future of mental health, families, humor, communication, business and learning, as well as daily life.

The book shows how to physically manifest this amazing society, beginning with enormous perceptual changes. There is fascinating information about telepathy, in a guide, in the back of the book.Price $16.95 US

Darrell G. Yardley, Ph.D., teacher and author of WindWalker: Journey into Science, Self, and Spirit

Read the inspirational, true-life story of one man's journey-- and learn about--

  • Enlightenment and the world of Zen.
  • What its like to do a Native American sweat lodge and vision quest...and walk on fire.
  • Why chakras, Jugian shadow-sides, personality are all important in our life choices.
  • Martial arts and quest for authentic personal power.
  • How the Spirits and the world of the shaman will call you when you are ready. Price $14.95 US
Laurel Savoie




his multimedia package includes a book and CD. Children of the Sun is a spiritual journey for children of all ages, teaching universal spiritual truth and principles through the power of written word, story telling, rhyme, music, performance and illustration.

The CD contains an audio theatrical performance of a magical story complete with narration, ten character voices, eleven original songs, orchestration, affirmations, prayers, nature and sacred sounds. Price $39.99 US

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