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Music for Yoga  Pg. 6

"Steven Halpern's music makes your yoga
practice a meditation in motion"

–Baron Baptiste
Founder, Baptiste Power Yoga Training Center, Cambridge, MA



"Steven Halpern's music is like a stepping stone on the path toward wholeness, immediately putting you into "the zone." In this heightened state of calm awareness, you integrate your mind and body with your breathing, and with the movement of each asana. These albums fine-tune your consciousness, so that you can hear, feel, and sense your whole environment -- which is ideal for the practice of yoga.

"In this deeply relaxed state, your muscle fibers can really relax and let go. As you disengage from tension, you feel the space expand inside of you.

"Halpern's music is a very powerful tool for anyone who is looking to deepen his or her experience of yoga. It provides you with an external healing sound that leads you gently inward, anchoring you into the moment at hand. As you listen, you feel connected with your innermost being, and your yoga practice becomes like a meditation in motion."

–Baron Baptiste
Founder, Baptiste Power Yoga Training Center, Cambridge, MA

"Of all the people I could do yoga with, Steven Halpern is my favorite."

"I've been using Steven Halpern's music in my yoga practice ever since I initially heard Spectrum Suite in 1977. When I first played it for my class it was a revelationit immediately eased my students into a state of deep relaxation.

"Steven's music helps the postures flow effortlessly, one into the other. It is perfect for people just getting started with yoga, as well s for those who have been practicing it for years."

–Lilias Folan
Master Teacher & PBS series host


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MUSIC FOR YOGA   New! Eternity

Many people are discovering yoga as a means of reducing stress, enhancing relaxation and experiencing inner peace and harmony.

Halpern's peaceful compositions feature keyboards, flute...and a subtle pulse attuned to the rhythm of a long, yogic breath. Composed in a deeply relaxed and meditative state, the music strikes a resonant chord in each of us as we tune in to our true nature.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or just starting out, Music for Yoga helps your yoga practice become a meditation in motion.

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Music for Savasana is specially sequenced to provide the ideal soundscape for completing your yoga session in class or at home. As you lie on your back in Savasana pose, the music carries you inward.

Steven Halpern composed and recorded these selections while in a state of meditation. As you listen, the peaceful music resonates with the eternal and peaceful center of your own being.

This recording features keyboards, silver flute, bamboo flute, tambura and Tibetan bowls. The songs are arranged in sections of approximately 15 minutes each, followed by 15 seconds of silence.

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