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Music for Massage  Pg. 5


"As soon as I put on Halpern's music, my clients begin.
to relax, and everything starts to flow... read more "
Gretchen Spiro
faculty member, The Boulder School of Massage Therapy.
A note from Steven on music and massage


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Treat yourself to an hour of the #1 rated soundtrack for massage!

The soft caress of the keyboards, flute and angelic choir is the perfect accompaniment to your massage therapist's hands. The synergy between touch and sound nurtures you at a deep level. As the music plays in the background, you'll find that it enhances rapport, receptivity and bliss. You'll return to the world renewed, relaxed and refreshed

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CHAKRA SUITE  (IPM 8000)1st Chakra: CSonic Satori7th Chakra: B

New!    Chakra Suite is the expanded incarnation of Spectrum Suite, Steven's award-winning, classic recording which was recently named "the most influential New Age healing recording of all time."

This landmark recording resonates each chakra with the corresponding keynote of sound which entrains your body, mind and spirit to a higher order of coherence and overall well-being. The luminous tones of the electric piano and ethereal harmonies spiral up your spine to the top of your head, making it ideal for relaxation or meditation.

New Age Voice calls Chakra Suite  "...One of the standards in the field of
sound healing."
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GIFTS OF THE ANGELS  (IPM 7855)Radiance The Light in Your Eyes

The most exquisite and inspirational angel-oriented recording we know of. This anthology features the sound of a celestial choir in consort with piano, harp, and other ethereal textures. Excellent for hospice work and meditation. This work will also help you connect with your personal angel.

Gifts of the Angels is Steven at his best, with sweeping passages including piano, synthesizers and a digitally sampled Angelic choir. In addition, Georgia Kelly adds harp on "Ode to Orpheus" and "Sand Dance," while Diana Allen provides a vocal for "Angels on High." Lush, heavenly, innocent, peaceful, Gifts of the Angels never fails to provide the best of Steven's artistry.

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THE SACRED CHORDE  (IPM 7860)Keynote F (major mode)Strings of Light

French sound healer Fabien Maman created an extraordinary 77-stringed instrument, the monochorde. Its drone tone produces a breathtaking array of harmonic overtones that transmits healing vibrations and attunes body, mind and spirit. On grand piano, Halpern is inspired to add elements of Celtic, Indian raga and blues to create a historic and emotionally uplifting duet.

Overtones are now attracting a great deal of attention as an important factor in transmitting the healing power of music. Like the tambura in Indian raga music, the monochorde produces a drone effect that attunes you to "the field of infinite possibilities." The monochorde's drone tone, however, is unlike any other you've ever heard.

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Enhancing Massage - Subliminal Version  (IPM 2010)

Enhance the pleasures of recieving or giving massage at home or in a therapeutic setting. The music is like a warm caress of sound that perfectly compliments any massage. Steven's recordings are used by more bodyworkers than any other soundtrack. Subliminal suggestions include: You enjoy being massaged. All areas of tension now relax.

"It seems like I have been listening to Steven Halpern while teaching massage ever since I joined the faculty here. I remember when I first played his music while giving a treatment - it was like a revelation - it immediately eased my client into a state of deep relaxation. In a matter of moments, her tension was virtually gone!

His music relaxes the body, opens the heart, and soothes the soul.

Steven Halpern's music immediately creates a healing atmosphere that is truly ideal for massage. It soothes a person's inner being, while I am massaging their physical being. His music helps me attune with my client's breathing rhythms - it's as if we actually share the same breath. When I play Halpern, my clients say 'the music is absolutely perfect,' which is what I like to hear.

While my clients relax, I become energized - even after back-to-back sessions!

The wonderful thing is, his music is good for my own health too. I notice that after a series of back-to-back sessions, I don't feel as tired as I would have normally otherwise. Instead, I still have lots of energy, even at the end of a long day. It's the perfect way to complement each session that I do."
Gretchen Spiro - faculty member, The Boulder School of Massage Therapy.



A Note from Steven on Music and Massage

In 1969, shortly after I had arrived in California, I received my first "official" massage. I recall vividly the music my masseur used; it was a classical "masterpiece" that featured violins and oboes. The sounds really grated on my nerves, put me on edge and made me feel very uncomfortable. It really defeated the whole purpose of getting a massage.

When I mentioned this, the massuse challenged me, "If you don't like what I'm playing, why don't you compose some of your own?"

Just several weeks before, I had experienced an intuitive breakthrough and had begun to compose a new form of music for meditation and yoga. Of course it could also be ideal for massage. There was a major problem, though: I was the only one playing such music, and I couldn't play and get a massage at the same time! Remember, in 1969, cassettes were not generally available, and there were no recording studios where an independent musician like myself could professionally record an album.

The seeds for the INNER PEACE series were planted at that time. I am delighted to say that massage practitioners were some of my very first--and most loyal--customers. I am honored to contribute to their important work.

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