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"Within moments, I was relaxed, peaceful and felt good all over. Coping Skills for Caregivers is an essential self-care resource for everyone."
– Tore Steen, Inventory of Skills Foundation



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Feeling Good Well-Being

Being a caregiver can be highly stressful and an emotional roller-coaster.
This spoken word with music CD empowers you, as a caregiver, to maintain an attitude of love, compassion and acceptance while keeping your own life in balance.

Coping Skills for Caregivers combines Madeleine's exquisite voice with Steven's specially composed music that relaxes the body, opens the heart and soothes the soul. She becomes your personal coach as she guides you into peaceful realms of understanding and inner peace.

For your convenience, this CD is organized into 8 segments which you can listen to all at once or individually. So anytime you want a lift, just play your favorite track(s), and "do life with a smile."



    About Dr. Madeleine Singer

Dr. Madeleine Singer has produced and hosted two television series, The Holistic Approach and Energetix. She is also a health columnist for several magazines and the author of four books: Insights, The Psychology of Synergy, Power Up for Success and Phenomenal Women: That's Us.

Dr. Singer is a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with majors in education, health, creativity and leadership. She also has a doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Her training includes herbology, nutrition, acupressure and myotherapy.

She is the educational director, media spokesperson and public relations advisor to Senior Track.

Globally, she works with Fortune 500 corporations, universities, professional athletes and seniors in the areas of creative thinking, stress management, and effectiveness training. Her forté is facilitating change through humor and information.

She has extensive experience in speaking to seniors on subjects ranging from stress reduction, preventive care and health issues, life enrichment and relationships.

By helping others help themselves, she has come full circle in her own search for the ultimate self. Her philosophy of Changing Ordinary to Extraordinary has served to make her a dynamic and effective educator for personal productivity and performance.

For information on Dr. Singer's books, tapes, speaking schedule and media availability
go to or email her at

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