Computers for Veterans

NOTE:  The company we were receiving computers from, is now out of business.  If you would like to start a program in your area, we would be happy to explain what we've done in the past...


How this program came to be....

Mel Minitor has worked Dannion Brinkley of Compassion In Action, "The Twilight Brigade" with hospice within the VA system around the country for the last 6 years and discovered a need for veterans to communicate with others and also have a source to research their benefits and medical needs.

With help from from Mr. David "Chico" Nieves, Officer of Community  Youth  Affairs for the Second Judicial Circuit, we were able to bring in youth through our "prevention" and "intervention" programs to refurbish computers and get them Internet ready. 

Our Goal

Our goal, is to implement a program where veterans can work along side our youth.  The veterans get to once again work to save America, by teaching the youth about honor and respect.  In doing so we begin a pilot program to work in co-ordination VAVS and the many volunteer support groups for the  Department of Veterans Affairs .

We are now focused on providing a source of communications for America's veterans.  Through this program, it is our goal to provide a computer system, teach the basics of operating a computers and give veterans a means of communication.  

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) - provides information on VA programs, veterans benefits, VA facilities worldwide, and VA medical automation software.

             Our first "Computer for Vets" goes out....


We presented the first internet ready computer to Mr. Paul Menzel. He is a 76 year old vet who had to sell his computer (his source of communications with the outside world) to pay for food and medicine for his wife.

The computer was presented by Mel Minitor of LightStream / Phoenix Computers,  Mr. Jyrell Shedd of American Legion Post 153 (Bath, S.C.) and Mr. Detron, a youth in our prevention program.



 Organizations who wish to be involved in the program should contact Phoenix Computers, 3056 Augusta Rd. Burnettown, SC   803-593-0355


 Donations of your old computer parts, software, speakers, sound cards, etc. are being accepted!!


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Computers for Veterans is a pilot program with Youth Council, The American Legion, VFW, DAV and VAVS.   This pilot program is currently in the Aiken - Midland Valley - Augusta areas. Known locally  as the CSRA ( Central Savannah River Area )

American Veterans fighting to save America and America's Youth!!


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