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Celestine Vision Dannion asks you to please become an active part of the Celestine Vision.
Marianne Williamson Noted author and lecturer Marianne Williamson has emphasized the importance of service and participation in the political process in her recent book "The Healing of America".
Dr. Ira Byock Resources for patients and families facing life limiting illnesses.
Hospice Hands This web site provides you with detailed information on hospice.
Last Acts Last Acts is a call-to-action campaign designed to improve care at the end of life.
National Hospice Organization This site includes information on NHO activities and a locator of NHO agencies.
Hospice Web This site provides you with general information about Hospice.
Ohio Hospice Organization This site provides you with hospice information for Ohio.
Eldercare Web A collection of resources available on the web for the aging and their caregivers and advisors.
Deathnet This site includes an international library specializing in all aspects of death and dying. A wide range of materials related to the legal, moral, medical, historical and cultural aspects of human morality.
Alternative Medicine The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.
Inner Peace Music Steven Halpern is a member of our Advisory Board. His music helped our Chairman heal from his lightening strike.