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We are committed to the active practice of compassionate service through the worldwide mobilization and training of volunteers to provide a loving presence for those approaching death, thereby ensure that no one need die alone.

Compassion In Action embraces the open and honest examination of the continuum of life and death. This openness creates a space in which people can participate in the expression of unconditional love.

We believe that caring individuals can serve to help relieve suffering, respect personal dignity, and provide the opportunity for people to find meaning in in death.


When we come to the last moment
of this lifetime, and we look back across it,
the only thing that's going to matter is
"What was the quality of our love?"

                                   Richard Bach


If people could understand that if they would pay more attention to each other, to care and to have faith and hope in each other, then we could also begin to believe and to have faith and hope in the true nature of the love of God—not God in the religious value, but God in a spiritual value; that through love all things are truly possible.

-Dannion Brinkley