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Carrie Shubert    Carrie believes that psychic ability is a spiritual gift meant to provoke joy, not fear.  You will laugh with her while being truly amazed at what she "sees" from the other dimensions.  You can count on an unforgettable experience from this renowned clairvoyant, psychometrist, and medium.   Carrie is best known for her infectious sense of humor and how she is able to restore faith and hope in those she works with through her characteristically "light" approach.  She has found this to be most effective when people are attempting to resolve painful issues, particularly around feelings of loss.  Carrie has appeared on radio and television, hosted a psychic series for United Artists cable television  authored a book, and has a variety of celebrity clients.  She was a contributor to a well-known national publication on the O.J. Simpson case.  She performs on stage and participates often in charity events.    You'll enjoy Carrie's psychic stage performance and learn much about yourself, from Carrie's workshop on "Developing your psychic abilities."

Carrie's CD now available via our online store.      

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