Whatís Up For 2002?

 By Carrie Shubert


I normally donít predict Global Events because the timing of them is tricky. Many unusual events took place last year so I thought Iíd take a peak.

Since Europe changed their currency, I thought I see if the US would also make a change.  In either 2003 or 2004, we will!

In Spring or Summer this year, the stock market is going to take a major plunge.  I believe the market will crash.

Osama Bin Laden will be found and killed by February or March of this year.

            In February 2002, there will be a major earthquake (not sure what location)

            In the Spring of this year, Yasser Arafat will no longer be the Palestinian


            There will be an assassination attempt on Bush in the Spring

            More Terrorist attacks in US in February and in the Fall

            By Summer of 2002-2003, US in a full-scale war.


2001 was a year of completion.  Many of us experienced restlessness and the need to complete old business.  We have the same opportunity this year.  In order to break old patterns, notice feelings in your body.  Instead of reacting to them right away, pause and see how you can choose to react differently.  Apply this to all areas of your life.  Create a life of value and satisfaction.  Set a goal and keep going for it no matter what.  The Universe will support goals set to make a contribution to Humanity.


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