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 LifeArts Expo Atlanta is managed by:

LightStream Productions
Mel Minitor - Producer
Dr. Chris Lowe - Volunteer Services
3056 Augusta Rd. Warrenville, SC
 (PO BOX 757 Warrenville, SC 29851)

803-593-0355 of. 10-6 eastern
803-593-5515 fax


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Atlanta LifeArts Expo

April 2-4, 2004

LifeArts Expo Program Guides will be distributed to the local Atlanta areas:

The following cities within a 3-4 hour drive.

Asheville - Charlotte, N.C.

1/16 page (3.00w x 1.12h)


1/8 page (3.00w x 2.25h)


1/4 page (3.00w x 4.00h)


1/2 page (3.00w x 9.00h or 6.00w x 4.50h)


Full Page (6.00w x 9.00h)


Full Page, Back Cover


Inside Back or Front Cover
Ads 1/4-page & larger

Add 10%

Classified Ads $15.00 for 30 words or less. $.40 per word above 30 words. $2.50 for box. Website URL and email address count as 2 words. Phone number counts as one word.

Color Display Ads

$365 - additional to above price


8 x 10 Corner $ 600
8 x 10 Inline $ 500
5 x 10  half booth $ 275

Note:  All exhibit booth space and advertising space is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.   If locations requested are not available, we will reserve your exhibit space as close to your choice as possible.    Full size booths come with 1 table and 2 chairs. Additional tables are $20.  A Minimum Deposit of 50% is required.

Above rates apply to:

Atlanta  Austin  *   Las Vegas  *    New York

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