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Art Martin, D.D., M.A.  -Art Martin is a healer and therapist who, since 1980, has developed Neuro/Cellular Repatterning-a powerful new technique for healing the mind/body/spirit connection.  He is also author of seven books.





"Journey Into The Light" The Path to Enlightenment and Transformation: An Ascension Manual for Apprentice Earth Masters.  The path to enlightenment is not just a deja vu experience where suddenly you have a new reality in your life.  It is a committed and very structured path that we set when we discover that our life is not working the way we have been living it.  You do not just step into your Spiritual Journey without some direction and preparatory work to build a solid foundation before you embark on this path.  There are twelve steps to transfiguration into a light body, and this book lays out the path, starting with step one on the path to enlightenment. Forgiveness is the key to peace, happiness, harmony, joy and unconditional love.  You have have it all now.  Are you ready for ascension?  This book is dedicated to all those who have committed to the Spiritual Path.



Becoming a Spiritual Being in a Physical Body - A Manual For Your Spiritual Journey  - This book is an operator's manual for apprentice earth masters who are embarking on the spiritual journey, and shows you how to listen to the messages that we receive each day to guide us on our path.  Following universal laws and spiritual principles that govern the spiritual journey requires committed discipline, but the rewards include the end of duality in your life and all the limitations, needs and expectations that drive our lives.  So stop being a human having occasional spiritual experiences, and become a spiritual being having the occasional human experience.





Opening Communication With GOD Source - Accessing Your Akashic Record - The author's search for God uncovers a shocking truth - that it's actually a group of wise and ancient beings who have been involved with Earth since the beginning.  And following the author's guidelines, you can easily contact them.

Packed full of usable and powerful techniques, this book will take you beyond the blocks that most of us have, put you on the spiritual path, and teach you to access your personal pages in the Akashic Records.

Opening Communication with GOD Source culminates in a fascinating dialogue between the author and the Source that resolves many profound mysteries of life.


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