Why War?

By Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold

We asked, "Dear angels, the wars all over seem to be escalating. Everyone thinks they are right and they have to prove their point by killing and destroying. Yet every faction preaches peace. Is there a way to understand this insanity?"

The Angels Speak
Yes, Dear Ones, 
You are right; it is foolish to kill to prove a point. "Thou shalt not kill" is one of the most ignored of the commandments, which leads us to our teaching today.

All religions have "commandments" of one type or another that tell you to love each other and help the less fortunate and to be kind to each other. They say you must not lie, cheat, or steal. And yet people do. So what is wrong?

In every faith, divine wisdom has always been given with a spirit of love behind every word - just as it is today. Over the centuries, negativity gradually entered. For instance, in the language and script of the day when Moses received his messages from God, the meaning of the words "Thou shalt not kill" really meant something closer to "Thou shall preserve." The meaning of the word "husband" came from this commandment. "To husband" meant to manage with thrift and economy.

Back in the far away days, there was no concept of love as it is thought of today. People banded together out of need, not love. What then was the reigning thought that made people want to help each other? It was the need TO SURVIVE. People joined together in groups so they wouldn't die. Protection was the most important need. The strong protected the weak. The men protected the women and children.

Gradually, the tribes created belief systems that all adhered to. Leaders were born who understood the concept of God and "plans" evolved that told mankind how to behave. We, the angels, helped with these plans and great civilizations were born. Gradually, however, the concept of "RIGHT and WRONG" replaced the need to protect each other. "My clan is better, bigger, smarter, more important, than yours," became the way, and this is still so today. "My belief is right, yours is wrong, and I will fight you unto the death to prove it." And so began the cry of the warrior. The men would still protect the women and children of their own tribe or clan or nation, but not of another's. Eventually the strong groups began to enslave the weak and took them into their own tribes to do the hard work.

Today, no country or ideology is truly protecting its own people. Even the women and children of one's own religion and nation are not being cared for. Children are being taught to sacrifice themselves in order to kill the enemy. Women are being murdered because of intolerant ideas of what is right and wrong. Starvation is rampant. Disease is devastating the world. Mothers are murdering their own babies. Men are leaving their wives and families destitute. And these truths are happening IN EVERY NATION ON EARTH!

You are even killing your own planet. What was once so abundant that there was no end to the gifts that could be obtained from it is now diseased, weak, and burning. Smoke fills the skies. Chemicals defile the water. The Earth is two-thirds water surrounded by air with landmasses of many types and climates in which to live and reap food. God gave you your lovely planet in a clean and abundant state. It has become an embarrassing victim of how mankind thinks. It has become the testimony of your "progress."

This is why there is war. There are more people today who TAKE on earth than there are those who GIVE. There are more who burn than there are those who plant. There are more who use than there are those who replenish. There are more of those who HAVE NOT than those who HAVE. Therefore, there are more who HATE than those who LOVE.

You who read this are trying to do God's will. You understand the idea that if it is to be changed, you must be part of the change. Keep up your good works. We are helping you to understand and to become loving warriors for God. Don't give up your zeal to save your planet. It is people like you who are creating the balance and tipping the scales for the greater good. Have faith and believe we are there with you.

GOD is trying to get earth's attention. It is not His desire that your world is in such chaos. It has been your choice. As it stands today, Earth is a dying organism. You are all at a turning point.

Faith Builder: Go within and ask God what help He needs from you.
Trudy and Barbara are sisters. Both were awakened by their angels and have since been teaching people all over the world how to work with their own angels. They are authors of three best-selling "Angelspeake" books. Ordering information for copies of their latest book, "Heaven and Beyond," is available on their Website,

(c) Copyright 2001 Barbara Mark & Trudy Griswold
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