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Tony Trupiano at www.LightStreamers.ComTony Trupiano is an accomplished broadcaster and author.  His broadcast career has been honed in the trenches of syndicated talk radio. His eight years behind the microphone has seen him hosting mornings, evenings, and most recently overnights. Tony has always been the host and producer of his many shows, taking great care to research, prepare and respond to the interest of his audience. As broadcasting professional, Tony's keen interest has always been to create an atmosphere of community where his listeners and his guests have a platform to express themselves free of hatred. Although there may not always be agreement on the issues, providing a space of expression and tolerance is paramount to Tony.

Tony is an insatiable reader and information junkie, not as a vocation but as an avocation. Tony simply needs to be informed. It's just who he is. Comfortable talking Alternative Medicine or Monday Night Football; Metaphysics or mechanics, to Tony is all fair game.

The Emancipation of Thomas J. Everyman: Ten Steps to Discovering Your Personal PowerAs an entrepreneur, Tony has owned two restaurants, a Public Relations firm, and has authored two books (The Best Deals In America Today, Empowerment Press, March 1996 & The Emancipation of Thomas J. Everyman: Ten Steps to Discovering Your Personal Power). He has coveted his self-employed status, not wanting to give up his independence. The American Dream, to Tony anyway, is the ability to dream.

Some of the many guests on Tony’s show include:

¨ Deepak Chopra
¨ Nancy Cartwright (The Simpson's)
¨ Betty Eadie
¨ Dannion Brinkley
¨ Alternative Medicine Guru Dr. Andrew Weil
¨ Kenny Loggins
¨ Congressman John Tierney
¨ Best selling author Dr. Wayne Dyer
¨ Musician John Tesh
¨ Syndicated columnist Jack Anderson
¨ National President of the ACLU Nadine Strossen
¨Country Music star Kathy Matea
¨ CNNs Roger Cossack (Burden of Proof) & Bill Press (Crossfire)
¨ Bob Rusboldt & Paul Equale, two of the top five Washington Lobbyists
¨ Paul Popowich (PAX TV's Twice IN A Lifetime)
¨ Sen. Carol Mosley Braun
¨ Academy Award winning actress Mira Sorvino
¨ Broadway Composer Steve Schalchlin
¨ Sen. Jim Bunning
¨ Congressman Mike Oxley
¨Kathy Joosten (Mrs. Landingham, The West Wing)
¨ Musician Ronan Hardiman (Riverdance)
¨ Getty Lee (Rush)
¨ Eric Roberts
¨ Fred Dryer
¨ Rob Morrow
¨Jonathan Silverman
¨Matthew Lesko
¨ Presidential Candidate Harry Browne
¨ Presidential Candidate & Vice President Al Gore
¨ Daniel "Rudy" Ruettiger from the Tri Star Motion Picture "Rudy"

This is but a small sampling of the world-renowned guests who have appeared with Tony, many of them multiple times. Tony is highly regarded and respected nationwide for his knowledge and abilities behind the microphone. Tony has hosted the nationally syndicated radio programs, "America, Good Morning", "Give It Some Thought", "The Tony Trupiano Show", "Your Health Alternatives", and "Connected with Robert Petro." He has guest hosted for the dean of talk radio Gene Burns, and Republican heavyweight Armstrong Williams. Tony's programs have been heard in more than 350 markets worldwide.

He has been heard on the Talk America Radio Network, the Michigan Talk Radio Network, i.e. America Radio Network, and the Syndicated Solutions Radio Network.

Tony is also a freelance writer and a prominent Media Trainer (www.effectivemediatraining.com), and he continues to expand his professional resume keeping active fighting his own weight loss battle while assisting others in theirs.


Tony Trupiano

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