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Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan

Antoinette Moltzan better known as Toni to her friends and clients was Antoinette (Toni) Moltzanborn in Chicago, Illinois.  Raised in strict upbringing with parents from Holland she has a strong religious background.   In her early years, she sang gospel as well as playing the piano.  Married during her twenties she gave birth to five children and was a full time home mom.   Born with a congenital back problem known as Spinal Biffida, she often coped with extreme pain.  Along with this, she developed Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Today she has healed so much of this difficulty because through the meditations and A Course in Light her Rheumatoid Arthritis healed. 

 After a move with her family to a new neighborhood, she made friends with interesting neighbors.  They were exploring the field of psychic phenomena, encouraging her to see a psychic.  Toni was reluctant to do this, but did manage to make an appointment.   To her surprise, the counselor said.   “Well I see your grandmother brought you here.”   Now the grandmother had been dead for quite awhile. Toni had an incident one night awakened by the presence of her grandmother.   She sat straight up in bed and there was her grandmother standing in the doorway.   This was what her psychic counselor saw.  He described her exactly as she saw her years before in the night.

 This prompted a deep spiritual quest.   As a result, Toni is a psychic channel, teaches lightwork, and authors books.    She is a source of inspiration and spiritual guidance for many people.   Her master guides are of the Order of Melchizedek, a council of light of ascended masters and angels. Included is Andrew the disciple of Jesus, as well as Azreal, Marcus, and others.  Through these years, A Course in Light, a Spiritual Path to Enlightenment, developed through Toni.  It is a guiding path studied by people through out the U.S. and abroad.   Translated now into Chinese she travels to Taiwan , Hong Kong and soon into China.  Toni is an author of other books including Open to Light and O.O.M, There is a Greater Reality.   Now she is introducing a program called LIGHT FLIGHT FOR KIDS.

 In a world of high tech and instant gratification, are we introducing our kids to a world almost void of personal interaction and instruction? It seems as though there are so many distractions and actions for body and mind but what about their soul?

This is the time when many are entering our earth with highly developed senses and acute perception as in psychic abilities. What insight can they receive to aid their highly developed soul? 

 Wonder if children are in the opposite stream of life and have very little to stimulate them or understand their frustrations.  Their games are the tools for learning.   Some of these games are disturbing with the emphasis on violence and revenge.  

 As a mother of five children, I am concerned for the kids today.  I want to contribute to helping all kids grow up with a good start in their life.  Sometime ago I created a fun program for kids to help them develop in a wholesome way.

LIGHT FLIGHT FOR KIDS by Toni Moltanz The program consists of five cds and each contains two exciting flights in inner space for an adventurous experience.  Led by a narrator and caption of the Starship, the kids through their imagination go to places in space for wonderful experiences.  The five cds professionally produced have actors for the Captain and narrator with sound effects in the background.  

The program also consists of an activity book for coloring, pasting, word puzzles, mazes and places to draw and write.  This is educational for all kids.

 I see it especially beneficial for children in hospitals or those with difficulties in their life.   I am so excited to share this I would like you to be a part of this service. I know you would love to have this for your grandkids, kids, nieces and nephews.  It is wonderful program for summer fun. Antoinette (Toni) Moltzan  go to

  O. O. M.  There is a Greater Reality

O. O. M.  There is a Greater Reality by Toni Moltanz9-9710490-7-6     $9.95        Antoinette Moltzan 

  Messages from the Order of Melchizedek include Journey of the Soul regarding the Akashic Records along with the lessons of spiritual growth.  Essays of Azreal is insightful into the beginning of consciousness of humanity with questions and answers from inquiring light workers.  A Healing Process is a practical guide for all healing.  The section of Readings reveals universal lessons in spiritual wellness.



Open To Light By Toni Moltanz0-9710490-0-9       $9.95       Antoinette Moltzan

 A fresh perspective on personal transformation weaves the process of Antoinette’s own awakening to the gift of channeling with Andrew, the disciple of Jesus.  His profound wisdom awakens the heart.   True stories of lives changed and touched by the masters of the Order of Melchizedek are exciting.


A Course in Light – A Spiritual Path for Enlightenment

A Course in Light by Toni Moltanz0-9710490-1-7    $39.95        Antoinette Moltzan

Series 1

A Course in Light is a series of books with meditation processes given by The Order of Melchizedek.  Activation of Soul Body of Light and the chakra centers brings healing and new awareness to each and all.  Studied by thousands it provides a personal experience with the masters.  The course brings insight, wisdom and practical application of principles of ligh

   Antoinette (Toni) travels extensively through out U.S. and abroad.  Thru radio, T.V. and book store signings she has delighted audiences with her personal stories and the messages from the masters.   A Course Is Light translated into Chinese has many students of Taiwan and Hong Kong studying this course.


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