STEVEN HALPERN is an internationally acclaimed composer, recording artist, sound healer, author and educator whose music is specifically composed to support relaxation, wellness and ďsound healthĒ.  He is a passionate advocate for the healing powers of music for spiritual growth, inner peace and world peace


Halpern has produced over 60 recordings in the Inner Peace series and SoundWave 2000 Subliminal Self-Improvement series.  Halpernís music is used in hospitals, hospices, holistic healing centers, homes and businesses around the world.  He is honored to contribute to the work of leading health professionals, psychologists, educators, business leaders, massage therapists, cancer counselors, success and creativity coaches.


In recognition of his expertise and contribution to the field of therapeutic music and sound, Steven is now a member of the Board of Advisers for several leading online health and wellness websites.


Stevenís music has been heard on CBS-TVís 48 Hours, and ABC-TVís 20/20. Steven Halpern, Ph.D., is the author of Sound Health (Harper & Row) and the forthcoming Sound Healing in the New Millennium.


In July 2000 Steven Halpern received the Music Healing Century Award from the International New Thought Alliance.


Dr. Halpern was a featured presenter at the Sixth International Conference on Stress, the 1999 and 2000 Conferences on Science and Consciousness, and the annual conferences of the International Alliance for Accelerated Learning, the American Music Therapy Association, the American Worksite Health Promotion Association, and the International Center for Attitudinal Healing.


In September 2000, he presented the keynote speech at the annual American Massage Therapy Association, speaking to an enthusiastic standing-room-only audience.  With his new recordings, books and online presence, he continues to set the standard of excellence in the genre.


TRANSITIONS - music for comfort and solace

Each year almost every other person in America will be touched by the loss of a loved one.  In the aftermath of the recent events on September 11th, many of us are think about issues of life and death with a different perspective.

Nearly 80 million baby boomers are becoming aware of their own and their parents' mortality.  In times of illness, grief and loss, many people turn to music for comfort and solace.  Music can transcend words, touching us in ways that directly communicate to our heart and soul.

TRANSITIONS creates a safe and supportive ambience that lends grace and dignity in these times.  Ideally suited for soft, continuous play in the background of home, hospice or hospital room, the music creates a sacred space for prayers, meditations, and mindfulness.

These heartfelt compositions by Steven Halpern, the world's leading composer of healing and relaxing music, featured grand piano, electric piano, flute, and wordless choir.  Praised by Dannion Brinkley and many others!!  TRANSITIONS helps you reach a state of deeper understanding, inner peace and closure in your time of healing.

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