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Meet the Man Who Died Twice and See What Came to Life Around Him

In Person at the New Living Expo April 25 – 27, 2003     Booth 851

Dannion Brinkley - (Sun. 10:30 -12:30 Meeting Room 4) That first lightning strike, which left Dannion clinically dead for 28 minutes, radically changed his life. Dannion became a hospice and nursing home volunteer and co-founder of Compassion In Action, The Twilight Brigade.  His years of hands-on experience qualify him as a leading expert in the grief and bereavement process as well as being an authority in the field of necrophobic reduction.  Dannion is the author of the international bestseller Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light. Made into a television motion picture, Saved by the Light has been seen in over 30 countries and he is currently one of the best selling authors in the Middle East.

Lisa VanderBoom  (Fri. 4:00 Meeting Room 5) Book Debut  –  “Awakenings: A Story of Love for a New Consciousness”   (ISBN 0-9729162-0-2)
Bay Area Author, co-founder of LightStream Productions, and on staff at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (   Meet the woman who was given psychic guidance about furthering Dannion’s message years before she ever heard of Dannion.  And how a soul group is now coming to life under LightStream to fulfill this important work.  Lisa provides the flip side of Dannion’s message of not fearing death, with a message of hope for how to fully live the life we intended.

Robert Perala, (Sat. 3:00 Meeting Room 5) Bay Area Author, author of The Divine Architect” and  “The Divine Blueprint”
Robert Perala contends that life is a fantastic cycle that includes a blueprint for who and what you will be while in your Earth life. It happens every 5 seconds or so on planet Earth. A soul incarnates in a new body and begins a new human life, an experience that will last a few seconds to maybe a century. Only the soul and it's spiritual advisors know for sure what that life will accomplish and even then, only the probable outcome. In his lecture presentations Robert explores the 7 Biggest Questions In The Human Experience: Who Are We?  Why Are We Here? Where Do We Come From?  Are There Others Like Us Out In The Universe?  Who We Before We Were Born?  Where Do We Go When We Die?  Will We Meet The Creator? All these questions have not been answered until the last 10 years or so. And, we have only begun to discover the basics. Near-Death Experience studies like that researched at The Noetic Sciences Institute in Petaluma California have found a phenomenal amount of evidence that life is a much vaster cycle than we thought. And that there is not only life after death, but a very long life before we are even born! Prebirth planning, the challenges and lessons of life, inevitable death, and eventual rebirth. Sound Fantastic? The Research Speaks For Itself! 

Steven Halpern Ph. D. (Sat. 5:00 Meeting Room 6) - has produced over 60 recordings in the Inner Peace series and SoundWave 2000 Subliminal Self-Improvement series.  Halpern’s music is used in hospitals, hospices, holistic healing centers, homes and businesses around the world.  He is honored to contribute to the work of leading health professionals, psychologists, educators, business leaders, massage therapists, cancer counselors, success and creativity coaches.
Music is an invaluable component of hospice work.  "Some of the most spiritually uplifting music I know of", says Dannion Brinkley, "is Steven Halpern's Chakra Suite, Gifts of the Angels and Transitions.  They create an aura of peace and harmony, and help both caregiver and patient connect to their spirituality and surround them with a halo of love and light. In addition, we recommend Halpern's music for general use, to create an uplifting environment of inner peace and harmony in your home and office."

Kristina Catalina  (Sat. 6:00 Meeting Room 5) -  Author of Man Woman Relationships Made Easy.  She is a ‘Relationship Humorist’ and deserves this distinction because she uniquely applies humor to a serious and sensitive subject. She hosted her own radio talk show called “Man Woman – The Mastergame” in Southern California, and has been featured several times on local stations. For 18 years Kristina's been teaching men and women how to Communicate and Connect through understanding their unique and powerful differences.

Art Martin D.D., M.A., (Sun. 3:00 Meeting Room 2) Booth 921      -Art Martin is a healer and therapist who, since 1980, has developed Neuro/Cellular Repatterning-a powerful new technique for healing the mind/body/spirit connection.  He is also author of seven books.  Lecture title:  Parenting Ourselves and Our Children for Self Esteem, Self Worth and Self Confidence 
Lecture is on his new book about healing our childhood dysfunction so we can succeed in own life and not put a negative parenting model on our children.  We can not provide a loving supportive parental model if we are not to love and receive love ourselves.  90% of us do not have an operational love model in our mind.   Our traumatic birthing experiences have destroyed  our self esteem in the first three minutes of our life.   Meet the software developer for your mind who can release, clear and heal any dysfunction totally.  This is not magic, hands on healing, prayer, or shamanism.  He uses a computer model as our mind is a network computer.  Your Mind will heal anything if we change the negative programming,  love and forgive the person we let cause it and ourselves.  He will demonstrate this with participants in his lecture.


Affiliate Institute of Noetic Sciences Speakers

A nonprofit membership organization that conducts and sponsors research into the potentials and powers of consciousness.  Located in Petaluma, CA.

Dr. Christian de Quincey (Sat. 2:00 Meeting Room 2) - Philosopher and award-winning author Christian de Quincey, Ph.D., is an international speaker on consciousness, spirituality, and philosophy of mind at conferences and workshops in the United States and Europe. Dr. de Quincey, explores how mind and matter are related, and he proposes a radical and surprising answer: Consciousness goes all the way down! Not only do animals have minds or souls, but so do plants, even single cells like bacteria . . . all the way down the "great chain of being" as far as molecules, atoms, and beyond.

 Dr. Lee Klinger  (Fri. 4:00 Meeting Room 2) -  Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences speaking on “Gaia’s Remedy - New Hope for Our Dying Oaks.  From a Gaian perspective, forests are considered the “lungs” of the planet.  Yet, as more and more pockets of dying oak trees appear in our native woodlands, many of us wonder whether humans have stressed our forests to their limits of tolerance.  Are the lungs of the earth about to collapse?  The concepts of Gaia and complexity shed new light and offer a new cure for our dying trees.

San Francisco New Living Expo       April 25, 26, 27, 2003
at The Concourse Exhibition Center (Concourse, 8th & Brannan)

 Meet other authors on the same subject like Dannion Brinkley Robert Perala and Lisa VanderBoom and learn more! See you there.....

Jack Canfield, Sondra Ray, Lynn Andrews,   Dr. John Lee,  Dannion Brinkley, John Gray, Master Sha, Margot Anand, Sean David Morton, Colin Andrews, Peter Levine, Robert Perala, and Caroline Casey, Jean Houston, Joan Borysenko, Robert Thurman, Dr. Pankaj Naram, among others.

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