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Are you prepared to experience the most exciting events scheduled for planet Earth? Join Robert Perala with Tony Stubbs as they share the startling yet intelligent wisdom revealed to Robert by extraterrestrial emissaries. Dubbed a "messenger," Robert reveals the mysteries of UFOs, ETs, near-death experiences, crop circles, mystical people, magical phenomena, angelic visitations, secrets of the pyramids, extraterrestrial wisdom and much more.

The Divine Blueprint, the ancient memories which lie deep within each of us, are now being awakened as we approach the Earth's ascension. Perala and Stubbs make a great storytelling team, and Perala's experiences roll out one after another in sparkling detail. From his abduction in 1977 by "angels in spacesuits" to his gut-wrenching but illuminating visit to Egypt, the lively writing makes this a real page-turner. One of the best of its kind, this is a book for those New Age "pathfinders" who are preparing the Earth for its anticipated ascension.
- NAPRA Review, Vol. 9, No.5

There are many blueprints in the world but this blueprint is special. Whether you're into UFOs, spirituality or personal growth, this blueprint has got it all. It's a fantastic book.
- Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved by the Light

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