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*Over the past 25 years, I have worked in management within the metaphysical community, Traveling all over America. I have met hundreds of psychics...Rhiannon is a rare jewel!! I personally have found her to be extremely accurate and detailed. I would recommend and put Rhiannon up against any of the other international known psychic's in her readings. We hear from many people who are pleased with her readings.
Mel Minitor
LightStream Productions


*I was really amazed it how Rhiannon knew everything. There was no way she could except to be psychic. She was talking to my family member and knew things only they and I knew. I have never had a medium reading before, I now believe

Debbie McGowan


*I have had many readings with Rhiannon before. I have tried many places and different psychics. As far as I am concerned, Rhia is the only true psychic I have ever had a reading from.
I have spent hundreds of dollars on others I wish I had saved to spend on Rhia.

Patricia M, - Canada


*I had the best reading with Rhiannon. She was so kind and caring and I felt very comfortable talking to her. She knew so much about my life and me. It was a very uplifting experience. You could never meet a more genuine, honest woman.

Carol Reiner - Wisconsin


*Rhiannon is by far the most skilled psychic it has been my pleasure to come to know. Her accuracy is only exceeded by her love for humanity and desire to help people. She is indeed a kind and gifted person. She entered my life at an extremely painful time and has helped me immensely to over come some of life's most difficult hurdles.

Dr. Kelly Crego Lee, Dayton Ohio


*I went to meet Rhiannon at Navarre. She was amazing, the line to her was long but I got there. Her whole person was made up of love and she was scary accurate. One young man was screaming how amazing she was after his reading and brought more people to watch. I loved this and wanted to yell at everyone how great she was too.

Nola Wilson -Navarre Florida


"I found Rhiannon to be exceptionally gifted.  She assisted me with past life details that allowed me to make significant progress not only emotionally, but also in my search for physical proof of reincarnation.  She is warm and caring and I felt her to be connected to a source of love that was compassionate and fully present.  I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Lisa VanderBoom
Author, Awakenings: A Story of Love for a New Consciousness


*I had heard about this amazing psychic in the panhandle area. Everyone was talking about her show "Hello Again”. I made an appointment with Rhiannon through Christina and I was amazed. She not only Talked in my grandmothers language but had facial expressions like her! No way this lady is not for real.

Sheila Feil– Florida


*I have known Rhiannon Waits for the past several years.

She is the only true psychic I have met. As a star witness for the FTC regarding phony psychics, I have come across many that make the claim of being 'real'. Rhiannon is the only one that truly is.

Barbara Melit- Jupiter Florida


*I am a well-known local intuitive in Shalimar Florida. I consider Rhiannon Waits a Super psychic. She is beyond being intuitive she is phenomenal.

Melissa Cleary


To say Rhiannon Waits is any less than remarkable would be a lie. I was present when she gave her predictions of a Tsunami killing hundreds of thousands 3 weeks before it happened. I have been present during her 2005 predictions, which I know 4 has already happened. I would trust anything she forewarned me of as a fact.

Charles Broadwater

President of Blue Mountain Inc.

Suwannee, Georgia




Rhiannon Waits donated her time to assist me in working a cold case file. She came highly recommended by psychics in my area. Her gifts were evident and extremely helpful in my work. I found her gifts truly astonishing.

Duane Wood, Detective - Louisiana

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