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Little Lessons on Life and Life by Rhiannon Waits

ISBN 0-9779502-3-9

 $14.95 US Plus S&H

Rhiannon on beach one week before hurricanes !As long as Rhiannon Waits can remember she was multi gifted, so it is assumed she was gifted at birth. As a child she didn't know when to speak what she saw, so comments were not always at the time or appreciated by those receiving them.

One of her earliest childhood memories is of climbing the steps to the attic with her bottle in between her teeth and her diaper getting in the way. In the attic was a small red rocking chair that she and he doll would rock, sing and speak with the spirits and her guides.

Raised in a secluded rural farm, she made animals friends and spoke with spirit guides while playing in the woods. One of her favorite pets was " Bobbie Darrell", a bobcat that befriended her. Much of her childhood is based around farm work, playing in the woods and communicating with nature.

She is the youngest of four siblings. There is a 9 year lapse between her and her brother and a 15 year lapse between her and her oldest sister.

 Her birth place was very close to where Edgar Cayce was born and is now buried. This is also close to were the supernatural phenomena of The Bell Witch occurred.

Rhiannon was not immune to mistakes or life's tragedies. Her life was filled with many painful events. It is her belief that through these she learned many lessons that enable her to use her gifts compassionately to help others.

At the age of nine, within a 6 month period, she attended the funeral of her friend, Penny Oliver, her grandfather, her grandmother, her nephew, and her sisters father in law. At the age of 18 she buried her first son. In 1993 she had to say good bye to her father, a long time victim of Alzheimer's. She has had many friends cross over but on 11/01/01 she lost her significant other to a massive heart attack. This loss put her in seclusion for a year.

Rhiannon has been a significant role player in many children's life. She took in homeless and troubled children most of her life. She has had the ability to help young people with behavior problems as well as those gifted with psychic abilities.

She is a member of CHADD and has worked with ADHD children in becoming efficient in their lives as well as accepting this  diagnosis as a gift instead of a disability. Although she does not endorse all of CHADDS actions or beliefs, she does endorse the gathering of a group to bring attention to young people who are wired differently then others.

Rhiannon  has four sons to bless her life on this side. Numerous reporters, fans, clients and associates have asked the same question. ARE THEY GIFTED??  Her answer is yes. She raised her sons to be open about their gifts but  does not allow them to use them on a professional level. She strives to keep them in balance without drawing attention to their gifts. With her younger sons, she says she wants them to be able to enjoy childhood without many judgmental people viewing them  as "evil". Her past has seen gifted children made the object of ridicule and rejection.

Like one tale of the Goddess Rhiannon, this Rhiannon also has moved many times. She adores travel and seeing new places. Her goal before crossing over is to become as evolved as possible and to see every place in the world. Knowing she will never see every place, she still plans to work on this everyday of her human existence. These are just two of her many goals for daily self improvement.

Rhia is indeed a southern lady, visiting the New England states this year for the first time. She has always resided in the South with Florida now being her home. She possesses a southern drawl that has put a smile on many a clients face. As a child, speech classes to rid her of this didn't prove fruitful. She would say " Listen to WHAT I say not HOW I say it".

Even though Rhiannon is world renown for her Psychic and Medium abilities, her main objective is spiritual enlightenment and counseling.  Her desire to assist others in spiritual awakening and in receiving positive energy in their life is her priority.

Rhiannon has noted the harmonic Concordance is an event of great spiritual awakening, not only to her home country but the world. She encourages all to study and research the planet alignment November 8th through the 23rd. She plans to attend local events to share spiritual awakening and evolvement with her local kindred spirits.

Rhiannon is a Libra and displays the need for justice and balance in all things she encounters. She is open and caring with all she counsels. Yet because of stalkers and over zealous fans, Rhia's security is very careful in releasing too much information about her personal life.

She recently appeared in her local area for the first time, breaking her own rules. She felt a call to to reach out to people in her area and to meet other gifted individuals close to home. She feels this has been a very rewarding experience. She has become close with Joan Scott, Melissa Cleary and Terry and Jo Greybeal.

Rhiannon has become known for her disdain in what she calls "Wannabees". She explains, wannabees usually fit one of the following molds:

1)People who are fascinated with the paranormal and  variety of psychic gifts whom imagine or portray abilities they do not possess. They then set forth to make money with these imaginative gifts giving clients information they wish to hear or warn of impending doom that has been manifested in the mind of the wannabee after a complex or trying day.

2) A complex form of schizophrenia in which - they not only listen to the voices in their head ... but has the client paying to listen to them too. Since they label themselves "Psychic" the voices are now name ANGELS or SPIRIT GUIDES.

3) AN individual who sets out to make money off of others misery or worries. They inside truly believe they should "Get a piece of the pie" too. Many times in this case they will ask for large amounts of money to remove curses or cast spells in behalf of the client.

4) A person who learns to work an individual or a crowd by reading facial expressions.

Along with readers, products are also an area Rhiannon is very selective about. She simply refuses to endorse any product she feels is not true to its word or beneficial to the consumer. She recently came out with an endorsement to Kell Lee Products . Her friendship with Dr. K.C. Lee began as a Medium Client relationship and developed into a close friendship. This friendship allowed Rhiannon to not only to use these products for skin care - but also allowed her the ability to make suggestions to help create a multi beneficial product. The Kell Lee line not only addresses skin care but offers herbal and spiritual assistance in a consumer. These all natural products has Rhiannon not only endorsing them but promoting them world wide.

Rhiannon predicted the hurricanes that hit Florida recently over a year ago. She predicted Ivan and the mass destruction it would leave to her home City of Pensacola Florida. 3 days before Ivan hit, Rhiannon was on stage at Okaloosa Island speaking to a large audience about the hurricane asking them to please leave. Past shows she spoke of volcanoes to hit the US and Japan. If one was to have watched video news clip - they would have seen plywood with a message spray painted on it " Rhia said you would come - Now go away IVAN !"


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