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                          November,  2006

By Rhiannon Waits

Inspiring America



            I have been writing articles for Rhia’s Corner, my books and numerous publications on and off line for two years. I have encouraged others to write articles and publish their works anywhere they can. I sincerely believe there is a book inside of everyone, and that it can touch and assist countless people in our world. It was because of this belief that Steve and I founded our publishing company, which can assists everyone in getting their work out to the world.

My talk show interviews new authors that endeavor to facilitate the spiritual evolvement of each person on this earth. It is through this show we reach thousands of listeners as they reach out to awaken, learn, and progress. The show is diverse as it reaches out to assist everything from holiday blues, attacks on our children to lifting your spirits through some of the most awesome photography and art one could envision. I was happy to reach so many amazing people who were interested in listening to not only what I had to say, but my new authors and my famous guests as well.

It was through the many endeavors, that numerous new writers found ideas through my teachings and started writing and quoting me (not always correctly, but is anyone always quoted correctly?). As I addressed one topic after another with my budding new authors, they begin to write about the things I taught, the things I write. I seen that in many of these writings, my words were not used as quotes or my name not mentioned at all. However, I figured it doesn’t really matter who ultimately gets credit, but instead that the words each as many as possible. I studied my lesson in private as I set aside my ego and realized that the message I try to deliver are truly ancient and not one that I, myself, can really claim. What truly mattered was that I touched these people, gave them a message to share and set them on the road to reach thousands.

With my head and thoughts adjusted, my ego pierced and shrunk to its proper size, I begin to read and review many new articles and poems sent to me by those I had encouraged. My e-mail begun to fill up each day as my exuberant new authors sent their new writings in hopes of receiving my approval and encouragements. However, it was then I was taught a new lesson to learn once again. As my students were growing spiritually, so was I. My students had become my teachers as well, thus proving my own belief that we learn until the day we leave this plane to inhabit another.

My latest lesson in life appeared to me one morning as I settled into my comfortable chair with my cup of warm coffee in hand. I pulled my laptop onto my knees to commence my morning ritual of checking and reading my e-mail. I read across a few that made me smile and laugh as my new authors followed my lead in writing for the Holidays that were quickly approaching.

Deadlines generally are a couple months ahead so it gives you a month to read about the Holidays before they occur. In addition, they have to allow for a two-week mail delivery time so it can reach the hands of their subscribers. With this in mind, I work diligently to meet my deadlines and get the articles submitted in time to review, edit, and insert into their publications.

Each piece of work I read this morning would either make me smile or spur me on to correct their work like a schoolteacher while endeavoring to be as gentle with their feelings as possible. As soon as I finished with one, I would open the next e-mail like a child with a wrapped present, since I was eager to see its contents.

The next e-mail I opened contained a poem that referred to my country, and how disappointed the author was in its people and leaders. Although a citizen their self, the poetry spoke harshly and I could feel negativity permeate my every cell as I was shocked at the message it delivered. Although I do not agree with everything my country or its leaders do, I didn’t feel as strongly as this author did. Although at times I feel very disgruntled at actions, laws or decisions our leaders make, I treat it as I would my family by standing by it publicly, and chastising it privately. This poem was going beyond chastising as it emptied its frothing bile upon the unprepared reader of its prose.

I gently pushed my laptop onto the stool in front of me, as I absorbed the content more thoroughly. I took slow sips of my coffee as I gazed into space and sunk deeper into contemplation. I was torn between my indignant defenses of my beloved country and the need for my unbiased opinion on the literary work displayed before me. I knew this e-mail was one I would hash through several times before I could attempt to type a reply.

Although, as I stated before, I always stand up for my country publicly, I understood that this work was being submitted for my approval concerning their writing skills and not for the validity of the contents. The reflection of their opinions would be one I would have to view objectively in order to offer an unbiased review of their work. I also realized, after a long period of contemplation, by loving America and what she stands for, I had to stand as she does for freedom of speech and the right to articulate our opinions.

With my recognition of these constitutional rights directing my actions, I begin to eradicate my convictions and replace them with non-judgmental views of the work that lay before me. I swallowed hard through several parts, and bristled at the picture painted by the words before me. At times, I muttered about the variation of our right to freedom of speech and the abuse of it. However, gradually I worked through it and managed to email a proper reply back to the author praising them for their ability to reach the “core” of the people who read it. I commented on the use of words and the order in which they were used whilst ending the review by telling them it was well written.

The lessons that were demonstrated that morning were ones that will always be difficult to embrace. However, being spiritually evolved, I will have to advocate the principles that have made my country and my belief system one in which I am devoted. Everyone has the right to communicate his or her beliefs without my endorsement. Just as I speak with reference to positive energy, loving thy neighbor, and keeping your integrity others may prefer to evoke anger, resentment and action into what they believe is a political fiasco. The line between the right to and the abuse of our freedom of speech is narrow and shaded with grey areas. I will not be the one to define or compose it, yet like the soldiers who lay down their life for it, I will defend it. It may be a difficult task to encompass into daily life yet that ability would be a reflection of moral integrity and tremendous patriotism. If countless soldiers can give their life for this freedom, I will not take it for granted nor will I try to squelch it nor will I abuse it –  I will appreciate it, use it and attempt to teach the responsibilities that go with it.


I realize that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness towards anyone.

Edith Cavell, last words, before her execution by the Germans, 12 October 1915.


People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.

Soren Kierkegaard (1813 - 1855)

The price of freedom of religion, or of speech, or of the press, is that we must put up with a good deal of rubbish.

Robert Jackson

If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything. Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)

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