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Rhia’s Corner

                             April 2005

By Rhiannon Waits

             Communication, or lack of, seems to be the root of major battles among mankind. The spoken word can be very precarious so we have an obligation to treat our mouth with as much respect as a loaded weapon. Similar to a discharged bullet, words are something you cannot take back. Forgiveness is extremely difficult when the wound is deep, and forgetting is almost an impossibility. You can never truly undo the effects of the potent spoken word. Treat your ability to use speech as a gift not a right.

          Numerous people use the art of speech in a negative form. They twist and pronounce words in a different tone as to imply numerous things. In this manner, they can portray their statement to fit the general consensus or mood of the conversation. Changing the tone of voice and placing emphasis on different words will make the sentence resound a completely new meaning. By using “Word Twisting”, many people find themselves comfortable in any conversation. They can be in the presence of “friends”, take their side of a disagreement, move to the opponent, and agree with them using the very same words. Besides the Karmic reaction that is sure to befall them, they are denying their self the rewards of true friendship.

          An additional verbal disease commonly referred to as “gossip”, runs rampant in our society. No one ever sees his or her self afflicted with this malady. It is a disease one can see in others but not themselves. A gossip becomes apparent after engaging in conversation with you, you find they are no longer interested in exchanging ideas, news events, or belief systems. Instead, they have submerged you into the life and times of someone else you are both acquainted with. These same people get very indignant when they find out someone has been talking about them!  Many times one or the other will get angry and the “Friendship is dissolved”.  However, an interesting question one could pose, would be “When can I speak of someone without it being gossip?” Where does one truly draw the line to what is gossip and what is merely observation?

          In all truth, there seems to be numerous people who feel nothing should be spoken about them unless it is flattering. They believe any words spoken out of their presence should be all praise. They technically do not have delusions of grandeur yet indulge their self in the belief they do no wrong.

          Lets face it, if we were to allow those not guilty to stone, all the population that has ever participated in any of the above mentioned acts – there would be no one throwing stones. We have to practice a few morals in life, exercise integrity, and virtue when we speak. We will fail at times because we are human, but we should succeed 90 percent of the time because we are civilized.

          If you can only see these verbal disorders in others, then try inspecting yourself in the mirror. Start by looking yourself in the eyes. Think about the last time you mentioned your friend’s names in conversations with others. From the time you read this article until the time you cross over, I implore you to use your words with forethought and respect. Speak not of someone what you would not want spoke of you. Respect their privacy, treasure their trust, and forgive those that have fallen into the same acts you have been guilty.

          If you are indeed a friend, one can air their thoughts to you without you repeating them to others.  Do not use someone’s trust in you to gather juicy tidbits to impart with others

          Even your best will not please everyone, someone will always find fault. There are people in this world who look for flaws in others so theirs will not be as obvious. Do not point out their flaws; instead look for their beauty. Karma works, when you start finding beauty in others they will find beauty in you. When you speak make sure the words sound the same no matter whom you speak them to. If you do not, eventually others will catch on and there will not be an audience to entertain.  Remember what you want in a friend and then be one.

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