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Peter Hill - Author of:

Get It to G.E.T. I.T. Together

A simple guide to conflict resolution and the cultivation of knowledge, power, and inner harmony. There are over 72 pages of information, illustrations, and space to practice the pictograms and concepts described within.

I grew up in a number of traditional systems both religious, social and martial, but even though I saw the value of traditions, I also saw the paradoxes and abuse of power that so often were subtly and methodically carried out within them. G.E.T. I.T. was created to help weave through the roles, traditions and worlds you traverse through in your life and bring "light" to confusing situations and people. It blends intuition and reason and gives you a lexicon to explain or speak what you "know" to be true. It is a book with heart and it grew out of years of teaching and listening. Students kept saying to me that I needed to write this down.  It kept gestating until literally it was time to be birthed. I intend for the book to bring light into your life and that you in turn become a B.E.A.M. of light to others through the training of  B.ody E.nergy  and  M.ind as you work to G.E.T. I.T. Together.



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